Complex exercises for the eyes

Most people sooner or later face vision problems. The lifestyle of a modern person adversely affects his health, especially in his mature years.

Complex exercises for the eyes

The most common are eye diseases such as fatigue after exercise (reading, working with a computer), myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and others.

The special technique developed by professor Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov can effectively fight with many similar illnesses.

The essence of the technique Zhdanov

The main postulate of his methodology consists in the inseparability of the connection between the spiritual and physical health of a person.

Professor Zhdanov is opposed to wearing glasses because of their harmfulness to human health and suggests eliminating his own vision problems without a medical technique.

Gymnastics for the eyes according to Zhdanov is only part of a whole philosophy, which includes separate meals (with separate consumption of proteins and carbohydrates and the restriction of fat), as well as the rejection of negative emotions and bad habits that are harmful to health.

The main goal of Professor Zhdanov is to achieve the restoration and revival of the spiritual world of man, which then will have a positive effect on the functions of all his organs and systems.

A full set of exercises to restore vision according to the method of Zhdanov, you can learn by reading our article.

Indications for the application of the methodology and rules of execution

  • Eye strain
  • Myopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Farsightedness
  • Strabismus
  • Prevention of eye diseases

Gymnastics for the eyes of Professor Zhdanov is suitable not only for people with visual impairment, but also for those whose work is connected with visual tension. Healing “palming” helps to relax the eye muscles. Regular exercise allows you to restore the work of the eye muscles, improve cerebral circulation.

This technique is simply necessary for those who wish to restore vision according to the Zhdanov method independently., without surgery. Patients with common vision problems who exercise regularly report on the effectiveness of therapeutic exercises. They refuse points and correct the work of the most important organ of the visual system.

The main conditions for the effectiveness of this technique are the systematic and correct execution of each exercise. Only then can a striking charging effect be achieved.

Rules for doing exercises:

  • Exercises must be performed by removing glasses.
  • Exercises are done smoothly, without sudden movements.
  • Exercises for serious pathologies are limited in the number of repetitions (3-4 times with severe myopia and 1 time after retinal detachment).

In the breaks at work, you must also give your eyes a rest. This can be done with the help of small classes: just look with your eyes in the air a few lines and pictures:

Restoration of vision according to the method of Zhdanov contains many exercises, we consider the most popular.

Palming (from “palm” – palm) – an exercise designed to relax the eye muscles.

Sequence of execution:

  1. Rub your palms to feel warm.
  2. Tightly fold the fingers of each hand in the form of a ladle.
  3. Cross fingers palms at right angles.
  4. Cover your face with your palms so that the crossed fingers are located in the center of the forehead, and the nose is located between the little fingers.

special instructions:

  • The palms must be tightly pressed together and have no gaps in order to achieve complete darkness.
  • Breathing nose is calm, eyes closed.
  • Elbows fixed: either stand on the table or pressed to the chest.
  • The head is kept straight, being an extension of the back.
  • Emotional state when performing exercises should be calm, relaxed. It is important to say aloud or mentally the phrases: “My eyes are good, they give me joy, happiness, allowing me to see the beauty of this world. Every day my eyes see better than before. ”
  • It is important to present your eyes healthy and sharp-sighted.
  • To remove residual visual images, remember how slowly the lights go out in the theater box, and how the hall plunges into total darkness.
  • The most important condition for successful palming – “dipping” into pleasant memories that were in life.

Out of palming:

  • Sitting straight, you need to squeeze and relax your eyes under the palms of your hands.
  • Without opening the eyes, without tension, move your head to restore cerebral circulation.
  • “Wet” fists eyes, copying children.
  • Inhale and exhale and open your eyes, blinking fast.

Standing palming

Held after solarization to relax the eyes and get rid of solar “bunnies”:

  1. Close your eyes and turn your back to the sun (light bulb, candle).
  2. Palms warm by breathing on them, or by rubbing against each other.
  3. Open your hands over closed eyes and relax. The legs are shoulder-width apart, the arms are bent at the elbows, and the head leans forward.
  4. After the disappearance of the image before the eyes (“bunnies”), it is necessary to blink several times.

Complex exercises for the eyes

Comments to the exercise

This exercise is contraindicated after:

  • Any surgery on the eyes, before 6 months have passed since the operation;
  • Detachment of the eye retina.

Solarizing the eyes with a candle

Full version of the exercise:

  1. You must stand facing the sun with your eyes closed. In this case, the initial position is standard: the legs are located at the level of the width of the shoulders, the arms hang freely.
  2. The face and chest turns to the right, scrolling on the right foot and turning the heel of the left foot up. The sun remains on the left side.
  3. Turn to the left. The sun is now located on the right side. Twist turns 20-25 times. We repeat aloud the phrase: “The sun is on the right, the sun is on the left …”
  4. Eyes closed. There is a feeling of solar “bunnies”, about ten or twelve flashes. It is through the eyelid penetrating the rays of the sun, which activate the work of the retina.

Comments to the exercise:

When cloudy weather use a candle. It is necessary to sit down and at a distance of a meter to fix the view on a burning candle.

Turns the head to the right and left in the amount of 15-20 repetitions.

It is possible to replace a candle with a desk lamp.

Exercises near – in the distance

The essence of this exercise is the alternate translation of the look from an object located close to an object located at a distance.

Patients are usually recommended a version of this exercise with a butterfly:

Comments to the exercise: In the process of doing the exercise, internal longitudinal and transverse eye muscles are trained. Exercise allows the eye to relax, and can be used as an additional exercise during prolonged work at the computer.

Charging with alternations of eye movements

  1. We hold the eyes in a circle, ending blinking;
  2. Right-left and left-right, ending with blinking;
  3. Mentally drawing a diagonal for 3 times;
  4. “Drawing” a rectangle clockwise and counterclockwise in the number of times, ending with blinking;
  5. Watching the dial with a delayed look at the numbers 3, 6, 9 and 12 (three times) clockwise and counterclockwise;
  6. “Drawing a snake” from tail to head and vice versa, blinking at the end of the exercise;
  7. “Drawing a bow” (repeated three times) and blinking;
  8. “Drawing an hourglass”, blinking;
  9. “Drawing a spiral”, which spins clockwise, starting from the nose and picking up speed to the wall, ceiling, floor, not forgetting to blink (here also apply the options of “drawing” horizontal and vertical spirals);
  10. Spinning the globe with eyes at its equator, leading up to 6 laps, combining with the tension of the muscles of the face, neck, ears and blinking;

Note to exercises charging for the eyes of Professor Zhdanov: for pain in the eyes of an unusual load, you can stop for 2-3 days and then continue the implementation of the complex.

Morning exercises for the eyes of Zhdanov

To strengthen the eye muscles and improve vision, you need to perform special exercises. The duration of the training is from 10 to 15 minutes. During charging, relax and breathe evenly so that oxygen is evenly distributed throughout the body.


  1. Exercise is performed lying down. Breathe smoothly, stretch your arms and legs as much as possible in opposite directions, roll over on one side and then on the other;
  2. Synchronously open your mouth and eyes as wide as possible. Repeat 3 times;
  3. Close your eyes tightly and then open your eyes sharply. Repeat 6 times;
  4. Blink frequently and quickly 12 times;
  5. To relax tight neck muscles, improve blood supply to the eye muscles, draw imaginary letters or numbers with the help of the nose. Repeat 4 times;
  6. Perform chaotic movements with your fingers, repeat 10 times;
  7. Palming is suitable for the end of the morning complex. This exercise helps speed up blood flow and improve visual function. Perform for 3 minutes.

Do not strain too much while charging. Quiet breathing promotes uniform blood supply and recovery of the body. Morning training should last no more than 15 minutes.

Gymnastics with farsightedness

This complex involves not only the eye muscles, but also the hands. The main task of the training is to activate the oblique muscles of the eyes. During charging, you will alternately strain and relax the oblique muscles, trying to see the approaching or receding finger.

Exercises for farsightedness with a thumb:

  • It is necessary to make a fist, pull out a thumb, as if showing “class!”;
  • Stretch your hand forward;
  • Blink 5-6 times, look away, and then look at the outstretched hand (thumb);
  • Continue to look at your thumb and slowly move your hand to your face (at eye level), make sure that the distance between them is 15 cm;
  • At the same pace, move your hand back to the starting point;
  • The repetition rate from 5 to 10 times.

Training with the index finger:

  • With your right hand in a fist, sticking your index finger;
  • Move your right hand to your face so that the extended finger is opposite the eyes;
  • Look into the distance until the end of the workout;
  • At a fast pace, move your finger to the right and left side;
  • Take your arm 20 cm to the left, leaving it at eye level. Return the fist to the starting point;
  • Take your hand to the right side, come back again;
  • Do the exercise for 3 minutes.

Zhdanov’s gymnastics with astigmatism

This complex relaxes the eye muscles, improves eyesight with astigmatism. In addition, these exercises for the eyes according to Zhdanov will help prevent facial wrinkles that occur due to eye strain.

To prevent eyestrain tension during reading, make sure the lighting is bright.

If you notice that the letters blur, it means that your eyes are tired, and therefore you need to drop all the work and conduct a special gymnastics.

When astigmatism is advised to use palming according to Zhdanov, described above.. This simple exercise helps warm the eyes, relieve eyestrain and speed the blood supply.

Reviews on the restoration of vision methods Zhdanov

Exercises to restore vision according to Zhdanov are based on a variety of scientific developments, as well as folk methods. The technique requires serious study and complex application, as the author of the exercises himself repeatedly warned.

According to professional ophthalmologists, the technique is ambiguous. Before performing the exercises, you should carefully read the theory, remember the basic rules.

Patients who tried Professor Zhdanov’s gymnastics on themselves were pleased with the results. With regular exercise, vision is restored in patients with astigmatism, myopia, and hypermetropia.

Palming perfectly relieves stress after reading, working at a computer or watching TV for a long time. The intraocular pressure decreases, the cataract decreases.

Excellent result gives an integrated approach. If the patient switches to proper nutrition, refuses alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, regularly visits the gym, then positive changes occur throughout the body, and vision is restored much faster.

If you have tried gymnastics for the eyes on yourself, then leave comments on the methods of Professor Zhdanov. Your opinion is important for those who plan to try it out, but doubt it.

Video – Restoration of sight Zhdanov

V. G. Zhdanov conducts lectures on the use of his gymnastics and restoration of vision, demonstrates the correct performance of classes and tells the theory of the structure of the eye.

Video with exercises on the restoration of vision and a complex of movements for the eyes, the method of Professor Zhdanov:

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