Complex exercises for cervical osteochondrosis

Restorative gymnastics after a shoulder fracture is the fastest and most reliable way to restore strength to the arm.

Fracture of the humerus is a trauma that almost anyone can get. For its formation enough mechanical effects on the bone (for example, a blow during a fall or a fight).

How fast is the rehab

Whatever the cause of mechanical damage to the humerus, its treatment can be delayed for different periods, significantly different from each other.

The treatment time depends on such factors:

  1. Whether offset is present;
  2. Where exactly the bone broke;
  3. Whether the integrity of the muscle tissue and skin has been compromised;
  4. The general condition of the patient;
  5. Age of the patient;
  6. Whether surgical intervention and much more.

Rehabilitation period

After the removal of the plaster comes a period of rehabilitation. Changes in the work of the injured limb are immediately visible: an incoordination of the movements of the arm that underwent a fracture, weakness of muscles and tendons. This hand is difficult to take a small object or squeeze the ball with sufficient force.

This state of the hand leads to problems at the household level, because in life we ​​do a lot with our fingers, without even noticing it. For a return to the hand of forces, as well as accuracy of movement, it is necessary to conduct a recovery course.

The doctor conducts a detailed briefing of the patient after removing the plaster fixer of the bone, telling him about the methods of developing the affected limb at home.

In addition, the doctor prescribes:

  • A diet designed for athletes who need to recover quickly from injuries;
  • Massage;
  • Exercise therapy after fracture of the humerus;
  • Manual therapy

During the rehabilitation period, it is very important to use vitamin-mineral complexes if they include iron, calcium, and vitamin D.

Physical therapy in case of fracture of the neck of the shoulder or another part of the humerus is an obligatory part of the rehabilitation stage. First, the load on the hand can not be given, so the first exercises should be aimed at developing fine motor skills. To do this, you can use the following exercises:

Massage is the first thing to do after removing the plaster. Naughty fingers should be gently but persistently rubbed, forcing to work. This work is best done by a master massage therapist. Make sure that the massage does not bring pain, so if there is discomfort, then immediately tell the master.

Squeezing fingers. Do this exercise several times a day, simply bending and unbending your fingers 10 times. This will cause an improvement in blood flow to the fingers, and also activates their work. Muscles will become more elastic.

Work with the expander. Such a small simulator will help restore strength to the arm, but not immediately. In no case do not bring the exercises to great fatigue, because the injured hand to overstrain is extremely harmful.

Acupuncture is a delicate science, therefore putting the body under the specialist’s hand is safer under the roof of the hospital, where there is a staff specialist in manual therapy. This can save you from the consequences of unprofessional acupuncture, which can be very frightening.

Hydrotherapy is very popular among patients looking for additional ways to develop a hand after a humeral fracture. And for good reason. Water itself has a positive effect on the state of the tissues of the muscles and skin, and if this is done with simple exercises, the result is simply amazing.

A little later, when the hand is a little stronger, you can start to gradually float, and also make small swims in a small pool. First, exercises aimed at rehabilitation after a fracture of the humerus with or without displacement should be done in warm water.

A number of physiotherapeutic procedures are used to develop the shoulder joint after a fracture. These include:

  1. Electrophoresis;
  2. Stimulation of the muscles with a laser;
  3. Paraffin shoulder warming;
  4. Magnetic therapy;
  5. The combined use of oxygen cocktail and electrosleep, which affect the overall condition of the patient’s body and improve his health.

The quickest way to restore the performance of the upper extremities is if the patient follows all the advice and recommendations of the doctor.

Rehabilitation exercises

All physical activity for recovery can be divided into several groups:

  • Immobilization;
  • Functional;
  • Training

The separation is carried out and shown here in the order of exercises. The first group of loads is performed even in the presence of dressings. The second is three weeks. The last group of exercises is performed until the work of the injured limb is fully restored.

Immobilization exercises

When the hand is still clamped in the bandage, it already requires careful handling. After the fracture of the shoulder, exercise therapy begins to be performed during this period in order to remove the swelling and prepare the arm for the removal of the bandage. In this case, it is necessary to do 5-8 approaches to therapeutic exercises throughout the day. You need to spend on it up to 30 minutes.

Each exercise is performed 6 to 10 times:

  1. Rotation of the elbow joint and wrist in both directions in turn;
  2. Folds the arms around the wrist and elbow;
  3. Stand, bending the upper body slightly forward. Place your legs at shoulder width. Hands relax, while allowing them to hang freely down. Start gently wiggle and rotate your upper body, while remaining slightly bent. At the same time allow your hands to hang and hang loose;
  4. Fold your arms in front of your chest in the so-called lock, stretching forward. Turn the body to the left and right with arms outstretched, clasped in the lock;
  5. Claps in front of the chest and behind the back.

Functional exercises

Rehabilitation after a fracture of the shoulder at this stage proceeds to the restoration of the functional limb in full.

Complex exercises for cervical osteochondrosis

The load on the injured limb increases, the exercise takes place in the same position, but gradually the back must be leveled.

At the same time it is necessary to perform the following exercises:

  • Raising your hand in front of you. Stop the movement at the moment when the hand will take a horizontal position;
  • Raising and lowering arms vertically (as in an exercise familiar from childhood). Alternate your hands. Try in moments of fixing the movement at the top to bring the shoulder blades together;
  • Breeding hands to the side. Gradually, you can go to the exercise “scissors”;
  • Swing your hand to the side. You can swing forward and to the side;
  • Bend your elbow in front of your chest. Then move your hands back until the shoulder blades touch.

In addition to the complex exercise therapy at the fracture of the humerus at the functional stage, it is necessary to add exercises from the immobilization.

Training exercises

This stage of muscle training is aimed at strengthening muscle tissue and restoring motor activity to the full. Each exercise requires maximum precision and a vertical position of the back.

Since developing a hand after a fracture of the humerus to a normal state for a long time, but you always need to do this as soon as possible, it is better to buy small dumbbells and a gymnastics stick for exercise. Do not forget to get a gymnastic mat.

After that, you can start a set of exercises:

  1. Raising your arm in front of you to a horizontal position. First you need to do it with your free hand, then with a slight weighting, the role of which can be assumed by a dumbbell or a half-liter plastic bottle with water.
  2. Raise your hand up through the position in front of you. This exercise can be combined with the previous one. At first, it is better to do both without weighting, then add with weighting.
  3. Machi and rotational motion of the affected limb.
  4. Climb up 1-2 steps along the wall and then hang on it a short distance from the floor. It is necessary to hang as long as possible, but at the first pain you should let go of the crossbar. The same exercise can be done on the bar horizontal bar.
  5. Take a gymnastic club, and then place it vertically behind your back, so that one arm is stretched as much as possible, and the other is bent as much as possible in the elbow behind the back. Smoothly raising and lowering the stick, make your arms bend and unbend, without letting go of the gymnastic mace from the fists. Do the exercise 6-8 times. Change hands in places.
  6. Place a gymnastic club behind the shoulder blades. For the longest possible time, walk with your hands.
  7. Take a gymnastic club in your hands, placing your palms at a distance slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise your hands first to a horizontal position, and then vertically, without releasing a gymnastic mace and without moving your palms along it.
  8. The following exercise exercise therapy at the turn of the shoulder is performed with a gymnastic club placed behind the back at the height of the arms down. Straighten your arms back, and then lock in this position for 2-3 seconds.
  9. Spread a gym mat on the floor. Place it horizontally. Nothing should disturb you: the horizontal surface should be flat. Pick up a gymnastic club. Place your palms shoulder width apart. Raise your arms above you, bending your elbows, but not lifting your shoulders off the floor. Fix for 2-3 seconds, and then lower it back.
  10. Standing exactly, put your legs shoulder-width apart, and keep your gymnastic gymnastics horizontally with your arms straight and your arms straight down. Raise one arm, rotate the gymnastic club and fix it in a vertical position. The second hand at this time should not release the tool. Its diagonal position relative to the body is fixed for 2-3 seconds. Then return to the starting position. Repeat the movement, but only this time in the other direction. Return to the starting position.

When the functionality of the shoulder improves, it’s time to move to intense loads. To do this, sign up for a swimming pool. Every day, hang on the bar as long as possible, wring out, pull up and do exercises with weights with light dumbbells.

But do not forget about other methods of rehabilitation after a fracture of the neck of the shoulder and other places of the humerus.

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