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To lead a healthy lifestyle in modern times is not only useful, but also fashionable. People who have realized the relevance of this rule lead an active lifestyle, regularly go in for sports and, of course, watch their weight. Keeping himself in good shape helps them not only excessive activity, but also proper nutrition.

But individuals, who at least periodically forget about this rule, face a number of problems, not only aesthetic, but also physical. Only systematic fasting days, which help a person to adapt to a more correct diet, can save not very strong-willed people.

A diet that will help you to say goodbye to bad eating habits forever is called “English.” What is its uniqueness and why this technique is considered one of the most disciplining and effective, despite the incredible abundance of other diets?

Basic principles of the English diet

As a result of this well-coordinated action of healthy products. the body gets rid of toxins, toxins and excess fats and suddenly begins to decrease in volume. In addition, in humans, pressure and the degree of cholesterol stabilize, and health begins to improve literally before our eyes.

But it is worth considering that the English method, with all its positive aspects, is not as simple as it seems. The dietary course lasts 21 days, and is divided into three alternating stages:

  • First stage It is called unloading, and is one of the most difficult. Since at this time, according to the method, it is allowed to take the minimum amount of low-calorie foods, a person begins to experience an eerie feeling of hunger, but the body during this period is maximally unloaded from the accumulated excess substances.
  • Second phase called protein, it passes for losing weight much easier than the first. Products that are allowed to take in this period, replenish the reserves of those nutrients in the body that were lost during the days of unloading.
  • Third stage called fruit and vegetable, it is he who aims to stabilize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, due to the maximum saturation of the body most useful for him element – fiber. It is important to remember that such a diet becomes an incredible stress for the body, especially on fasting days, when not only harmful, but also useful substances are derived from it. That is why, before adhering to the technique, you should consult with your doctor and take a multivitamin, according to his appointments.

Sample menu of the English diet for 21 days

Psychologists say that in order for an action to become a habit, it must be repeated daily for 21 days.. Accustom your body to a healthy diet, you can, if you strictly follow the instructions of the English diet menu.

For convenience, it is listed in the table. In order not to stray from the schedule it is better to get a calendar in advance.

The rule of optimal drinking in 2 – 2.5 liters. clean water per day acts on the renewal of the body’s cells flawlessly, so do not forget about it. Adhere to the time of eating should not only during the diet, but also throughout life, because this way you teach your body to work like a clock.

Recipes for the English diet for 21 days

Diet menu seems to you meager? Show imagination, because of the products that are in it, you can cook delicious dishes, especially on vegetable and fruit days. For orientation you can see several original recipes:

  • Cocktail for vegetable day – Take two apples, four oranges, two grapefruits, a couple of lemon leaves and mix their juice with two liters of pure water. Drink this drink throughout the day, and you will contribute to the speedy elimination of toxins and wastes from the body, and the result will positively affect the scales.
  • Vegetable soup light – Take white cabbage or cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, celery pods, sweet peppers, cut into cubes and cover with water so that all vegetables are covered. Boil until the vegetables are ready. You can season the soup with black pepper, thyme, parsley, basil, cardamom or olive oil.
  • Beijing cabbage rolls – Peking cabbage is divided into leaves and boiled until half cooked in boiling water. Three on a coarse grater, two medium-sized carrots, chop onions, boil until ready 200 grams of asparagus beans and also chop it. Mix all the vegetables and simmer them in a skillet without oil, then wrap the resulting vegetable mass in lettuce leaves and boil the cabbage rolls in tomato juice until the leaves are soft.
  • Vegetables from the oven – cut into small cubes zucchini, onions, two sweet peppers and mushrooms and mix. Add chopped garlic, greens and seasoned with soy sauce or olive oil in the resulting vegetable mass. Put the vegetables on the foil and turn it into a bag, then put it in the oven for half an hour.
  • Chicken in kefir sauce – 150 g of chicken pulp cut into cubes, pepper, season with herbs and spices and pour 50 ml of kefir, diluted in the same amount of mineral water. Send the mixture to the fridge for a few hours, then simmer it in a heated frying pan for 10 minutes.
  • Curd omelet – 100 g dietary curd mixed with two egg whites and 3 tbsp. l water. The resulting mass is seasoned with greens and spices, whipped with a mixer, laid out in a frying pan and baked in the oven until done.

Coffee Cellulite

If you want to cook the aforementioned dishes while out of the diet, boldly season them with a small amount of salt and other favorite spices – so they will taste better.

Rules of nutrition after the diet

To three-week diet marathon did not go down the drain, you should accustom yourself to more ordinary portions and diet gradually. To consolidate the results for another 10 days after the diet, it is imperative to use 200 g of cottage cheese. You should also increase the caloric intake of food by 5 -10 units daily, until you achieve the optimal amount.

Especially carefully it is necessary to treat the amount of salt and sugar consumed.. It is quite possible that you’ll break away a little from them in 21 days, and this will not be such an ordeal for you. Repeating such a diet is recommended no more than once a year, because it is quite hard.

Reviews and results of the 21-day English diet

According to the reviews on the forums, this diet is quite tolerable, especially when using this technique for years, and you already know about the results. People who have long tried to get rid of excess weight, call this diet just as magic, because, they argue, it was on her that they managed to say goodbye to 10 – 12 kg in such a record period. And absolutely everyone strongly recommends not to forget about multivitamins, otherwise hair will start to fall out, and nails will break.

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