Classes on the treadmill for weight loss

Greetings to you my dear friends. Everyone who wants to lose weight and look good try to play sports. I, too, is no exception. To maintain a good physical form at home you need a sports equipment. An excellent choice is an exercise bike or a treadmill. They are not only effective for weight loss, but also beneficial to overall health. But at once 2 simulators are obviously a bit too much &# 128578; Therefore, many are faced with a choice: what is better treadmill or exercise bike?

In order to understand this question we will go through the main characteristics of the projectiles and features. And also read the reviews.

Treadmill or exercise bike

Both of them belong to the group of cardiovascular machines. Properly using them, increases the endurance of the body and carried out the correction of the figure. But in order to figure out what is more effective, let’s look at which muscles are acting projectiles. And also how many calories you can burn per hour, practicing on them.


I will go through its main characteristics. In detail, how to engage on a treadmill can be found in this article. First of all, classes on it have a beneficial effect on the vessels and the heart.

The shell consists of a running belt that moves and handrails. To increase the load, the canvas rises, imitating the rise uphill and other types of relief. Modern simulators are equipped with different programs and there is the ability to adjust the load.

The calf muscles, gluteal and thighs receive the greatest effect. The press is also involved in this process. When running, do not forget to keep him in good shape.

This simulator is a leader in calorie expenditure. If you go at a fast pace for an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories. With an intense run for 60 minutes, 500-900 calories are burned.

It is not that you can get a relief silhouette on the treadmill. But a toned body – yes.

The simulator has large dimensions, although today the models have folding structures. So it is convenient to fold and hide in the corner. &# 128578;

  • Imitation of natural running, the ability to change the load
  • Intense calorie consumption
  • Almost all muscles are involved.
  • The stabilizer muscles are trained, thanks to which the coordination of movements is improved.
  • More effective exercise bike,
  • Shock load on the spine and joints when running. People with high weight can damage the spine, hip, knee, ankle joints
  • Contraindicated for problems with breathing, musculoskeletal system
  • Treadmills are more expensive than exercise bikes and much larger (in working position)


Exercise bike

This projectile simulates a bicycle, only it stands still when you pedal. Also, as the treadmill refers to aerobic exercise.

Being engaged on the exercise bike, you get slender legs and elastic hips. Basically, the hamstrings and calf muscles are loaded. And also hips, abdominal muscles, quadriceps.

An exercise for the press with the support of the hands will be the most effective on this apparatus.

Lean on your arms, tear the ass off the seat, pull the belly inward. And in this position, spin the pedals. As if you are going up the hill with effort. At first it will be very hard. But the elastic tummy you provided &# 128578;

The cost of calories depends on the weight and speed you choose. Also important is the frequency of training. If you exercise for at least 60 minutes, you can spend 300-600 calories. Professionals with a very intense workout burn even up to 800 calories. I advise you to read my article on how to exercise on a stationary bike to lose weight.

Classes on the treadmill for weight loss

  • Very well loads the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  • No impact load on joints, like on a treadmill
  • Safe, it is difficult to get some kind of injury. Practically no contraindications. Suitable for people with more weight, older, having health problems.
  • Small dimensions, ideal for home
  • More affordable price compared to the treadmill
  • Effective for lower body.
  • Less calories consumed

Shells are vertical, horizontal, portable and hybrid. For older people and with back problems, it is better to do on a horizontal exercise bike.

What is more effective

We have decided on the main advantages and disadvantages of the simulators. Now let’s see who needs a track, and who needs an exercise bike.

Track first of all suitable for those who want to tighten all the muscles of the body. If you have fat not only on the hips and you need to lose weight everywhere. Running guarantees a uniform and fairly proportional weight loss. So it does not work that the top has lost weight, but the priest has remained full &# 128578;

Exercise bike will be useful for losing weight to those who have problems with the “ears” on the pope. In addition, it does not have such a traumatic effect as a walkway, which is especially important for people with high weight. Plus, this projectile can also be used by cores. Since the heart and blood vessels load is significantly lower than that of the treadmill.

Overview of popular treadmills

The sporting goods market offers many interesting models. I want to introduce you to the two that interested me the most.

Dender T-1007 Smart

This is a folding treadmill with a minimum set of functions. For professionals will not work, but for beginners will be perfect. The simulator is electric, rather quiet. Its plus is compactness. Very simple management. Running speeds of up to 10 km / h will be enough to conduct an intense workout.

For the user there are 12 automatic programs. They can not be customized. But I think they are more than enough for a full-fledged training. The only negative – the angle of inclination of the canvas is not adjustable. You can not run uphill, for example. Also, the track will not suit tall people with a big step – the size of the canvas is small. Otherwise, this is a complete simulator.

Clear Fit Eco ET 16 AI

This simulator has all the features for professional and long-term use. Suitable for those who have decided not just to lose weight or maintain their shape, but go jogging for results. On it you can prepare for the competition.

The model can not be called light and compact, its weight is 63 kg, but it folds. The size of the canvas is suitable for people with a wide step. It is possible to adjust the angle of inclination, as well as programming a workout. Good shock absorption system for comfortable running.

Included cardio sensor, as well as the ability to connect a wireless sensor. The simulator allows you to reach speeds of up to 16 km / h. The disadvantages can be attributed perhaps to the errors in the measurement of the pulse. Also, not all fit the size.

Overview of popular exercise bikes

I want to introduce you to the vertical and horizontal models. These are the most popular options that are in demand.

Oxygen peak u

Compact vertical model. Autonomous battery operated. Suitable for those who want to maintain the shape of the buttocks and legs. Here, the magnetic system of the load, the weight of the flywheel is sufficient for effective training. Suitable even for those who have problems with joints and tendons. The projectile has 8 levels of load.

The main advantage of the simulator is an affordable price and compactness. On the electronic scoreboard you can see the distance and speed. There is a built-in pulse meter, which is very convenient.

The disadvantages include the fact that for people high projectile does not fit. Bears weight up to 110 kg. So that obese people better look at a more sustainable, and better to the horizontal model. There is no possibility of programming a workout. In some reviews, people complain about uncomfortable sitting. But at first, the “fifth point” hurts on all the seats. Nobody makes a pillow under it &# 128578;

Classes on the treadmill for weight loss

Hasttings Wega RS4

In this exercise bike horizontal landing. It is suitable primarily for people with a large body mass. And also those who have had spinal injuries. On this projectile there is no load on the spine and joints. It has 32 load levels and 24 training programs.

What I liked, the simulator has a function “BodyFat”. This is an estimate of the percentage of fat in your body. Sometimes the weight goes well, very slowly, but this figure is melting before our eyes. This is a good motivation to continue training. &# 128578; In addition, the seat is very conveniently adjustable horizontally. Therefore, the projectile is suitable for any growth. Weight withstands as much as 160 kg.

The disadvantages include the rather big size and large weight of the simulator itself – 57.5 kg. Such a unit can not be moved, for it is necessary to allocate a separate place. Although to achieve the result a separate corner I think everyone will find.

Reviews and results of training on simulators

I decided not to become attached to any specific simulators. And just look for what they write about efficiency in general. I tried to find for you the most informative reviews.

Vlada: I am engaged on the exercise bike for 3 weeks, I lost 4 kg. I trained every day. Only on Sundays did she take a break. I twist the pedals in special breeches for at least an hour at a speed of 22-28 km

Annie: I have a dusty Kettler – did not like at all. Engaged in a month – zero sense. Bought a treadmill weight in a few days began to go. Maybe I was doing the wrong thing, of course, but I don’t want to move from treadmill to bicycle anymore.

Tonya: For two months of training on the exercise bike, my legs and hips have decreased in volume. Plus tummy decreased. It was very hard at first. Monotony killed most of all … but I adapted. I turn on the film or music and train))

Nelson: Do 6 months. Weight loss on a treadmill is very effective. I bought it initially for recovery – I have hypodynamia + sedentary work. I began to study and my weight dropped, I lost 5 kg. although initially such a goal was not even, the figure became slim.

Sergei: My weight is 90 kg. I am engaged on the treadmill for several days – minus 1.5 kg. Like very, smoothly adjust the angle of inclination. Load adjust for themselves. It is very convenient, I set the speed to 10 km / h. Power did not change. Recommend!

If you summarize all of the above, it is more effective for even weight loss yet a treadmill. But it has more contraindications than the exercise bike. People with a lot of weight, sore joints or spine on it will not be able to do. Then it makes sense to buy an exercise bike.

Therefore, no matter what type of projectile you choose, the effect will be. It is in any case better than sitting on the couch butt, loading only the eyes in front of the telly. &# 128521;

Do it with pleasure and be healthy! If you have not subscribed to the update – be sure to do it. You can also find me on social networks. Waiting for new meetings. Bye Bye!

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