Children’s songs for educational activities

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Children's songs for educational activities



  • tutor of the speech therapy group Kalinina

December, 2018 (speech therapy group № 6 “STAR”)

Every year in the autumn-winter period, ice becomes the cause of death. Unfortunately, among the dead are often children who are still unable to grasp the full degree of cunning of thin and fragile flooring. The death of people on the water, based on long-term statistics, begins precisely in this period. The main causes of death were the lack of control of parents for children and access to thin ice in prohibited places.

Summary of entertainment on the basics of life safety of pupils (middle group) “Do not joke with fire!”

Objective: to strengthen the physical and psycho-emotional health of children, the formation of health-saving skills through adherence to fire safety rules.


  • introduce children to the fire brigade; teach children the rules of safe behavior in case of fire;
  • to consolidate knowledge of the rules of fire safety, fire extinguishing means;
  • know the phone number of the fire department and be able to use;


  • develop attention, memory, speech; improve volitional qualities (agility, speed, endurance, strength, courage, determination, will).

Workbook on the life cycle in nature for the preparatory group

Ghanaian educator

Guess the riddle and draw a riddle.

What are the words that answer the question: What kind of mushroom is it?

(poisonous, inedible, dangerous, beautiful, harmful …)

But someone is important little white leg. He with a red hat hats – peas

Name the animals and shade.

Which one is extra and why?

Finish the fox on points

Is this animal dangerous to humans?

Abstract of the NODS for the Life Safety “Journey to the Country of Safety” for senior preschool children from 5 to 6 years

on educational field “Cognitive development / OSOM”

Educator group number 10 “Bees”:


  • to consolidate knowledge about safety, rules of behavior in everyday life, on the street, in the forest, the ability to behave correctly in an extreme situation;
  • to teach empathy to heroes of a fairy tale, to cause a desire to help them;
  • develop thinking, ingenuity, fantasy


Children's songs for educational activities

Methodical development of laptop books according to fire safety rules for children 5-6 years old in the group with disorders of the musculoskeletal system

Compiled by:

Teacher Natalia M. Chaykovskaya Syktyvkar, 2018 Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution kindergarten No. 98 of the compensating type.

Purpose. Teaching children to follow basic fire safety rules, develop their sense of self-preservation.


  • Expand children’s knowledge of fire safety rules.
  • To acquaint children with the rule of behavior in extreme situations and with fire extinguishing agents.
  • Refine children’s knowledge of the firefighter profession.
  • Teach safe handling of household appliances.
  • To form the skills of independence, to cultivate responsible behavior.

The laptop contains materials on fire safety rules for developmental activities with children of senior preschool age. It includes 6 developmental tasks:

1. Pocket “Didactic game” What is useful in a fire “

Game program “ABC Security”


  • to form children’s ability to behave correctly in dangerous situations;
  • to increase the competence of parents in matters of children’s life safety.

Participants: 2 teams (parents + children)

Children's songs for educational activities

Host: Every day we meet messages on television, in newspapers, on the Internet about catastrophes, accidents of natural disasters in one or another corner of the globe.

Emergencies that arise in our time require emergency measures to eliminate their consequences. We all know that it is better not to allow trouble than to fight it. And today we will try to learn how to act correctly in such situations, learn how to prevent them!

For this, we divide into 2 teams. (Team name, captains)

Host: And so. Are the teams ready? Then we start.

Directly organized educational activities for children of the OBZh preparatory group “Dangers of a big city”


GBOU of Moscow School number 1454 Timiryazevskaya ADD “Dmitrovskaya 15” Teacher Epiphany

Software content:

  • to develop a sense of responsibility, the ability to behave correctly in a difficult situation
  • remember that you can’t touch other people’s things, and when you discover forgotten things, tell an adult about it
  • give children the idea that good looks do not always correspond to good intentions
  • to learn to understand a situation that carries a danger, to react correctly in such cases: to draw attention of passers-by and adults to yourself, to be able to call for help, to be able to say “not” on the proposals of a stranger adult
  • introduce poems about the service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, about the police, foster respect for people of heroic professions
  • summarize the concepts and express them in the form of a sign prohibiting touching other people’s things
  • repeat the ordinal count to 20
  • fix the address and name of the kindergarten.

Preliminary work: to study with children poems about special rescue services (available in the outline), quietly put a bag or a bag under the chairs where the children will sit, have an audio recording of birds singing.

Summary of educational activities in the senior group “School of Savior”

Author: tutor of the highest category Omelchenko Tatiana Nikolaevna

Place of work: Krasnodar region. Village Kuschevskaya MBDOU kindergarten of the combined type No. 1

Objective: To form in preschoolers the basics of their own life activity safety;


  • Organize the analysis of the situation by children, form the experience of children fixing the problem and identifying ways to solve it.
  • To form primary ideas about the objects of the world and their properties.
  • To update the knowledge and skills of children on the rules of safety of life in everyday life, in communication with strangers.
  • Attach to the rules of safe for human behavior in extreme cases and ways of behavior in them;
  • Using the example of folk tales to form ideas about dangerous situations for a person in the outside world and the rules for safely leaving them.
  • Develop children’s ability to see, be aware and avoid danger.
  • Motivate children for inclusion in activities.
  • To form the experience of successful search for overcoming difficulties through the identification and elimination of their causes.
  • To form the ability of children to independently apply acquired knowledge and methods of action for solving new tasks: to create a product (game), in order to acquaint others with safety rules.
  • To develop the gaming experience of playing together with peers, to encourage independent gaming creativity in independently created games.


Children play freely, and the tutor at this time imperceptibly for them places the bag in the group, then moves aside and gives the children an opportunity to notice the subject and speculate.

Kids: What is this? (And whose bag is this? Is this your bag, Tatyana Nikolayevna?)

Formation of the basics of fire safety in children of preschool age.

The problem of human life safety in modern conditions is one of the most pressing. The events taking place in the world testify to the increase of technogenic and sociogenic dangers for human life. Prepare a person for emergency situations, to find ways out of situations that are dangerous to life and health, possibly based on the development of his system of knowledge about the fundamentals of life safety of man and society, learning practical skills to protect life and health, based on the formation of his experience safe life activity. Often, drawing into the cycle of everyday life, we forget how many unexpected dangers lurk a person on a life path. Our carelessness and indifferent attitude to their health often lead to tragedy. But a person will be able to prevent disaster, protect himself and his loved ones from danger, if he owns basic knowledge of life safety basics. These knowledge are formed in the process of education, therefore, teaching children to ensure the safety of their livelihoods is an actual pedagogical task, the solution of which should involve not only teachers, but also parents, the public, various departmental structures that are responsible for the life and health of children. The basics of knowledge on life safety are laid in the preschool years. One of the main tasks in working with preschoolers is to teach the rules of fire safety and to impart the skills of correct actions in case of fire.

Summary of fire safety regulations on fire safety “Do not play with fire! With fire, do not misbehave! Take care of your life and health! ”


  • Consolidation of children’s knowledge about fire safety rules and rules of conduct in case of fire
  • Development of practical skills of children’s behavior in case of fire.

Equipment: cones, hoops, buckets, toys, “Torches”, 2 phones.


As they call people who save people, animals and extinguish a fire. RESCUERS, FIRE.

Today at our teachings a real fireman.

Summary of educational activities on cognitive development on the topic: “Firefighters”

Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution “Kindergarten of the combined type No. 30” Snow Maiden “ Almetyevsk city “

Prepared and conducted: the tutor of the first qualification category Smirnova OP P. Almetyevsk, 2019

Purpose. To form children’s conscious and responsible attitude towards the implementation of fire safety rules.

Refine children’s knowledge about the work of firefighters, about the causes of fire, about the elementary rules of behavior during a fire. Expand children’s knowledge about the hazards in the home (electrical appliances, gas appliances, iron, matches). Develop skills to seek help from adults.

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