Cellulite in 20 years

Doctors said that Eleanor is unlikely to survive a 4th degree chemical burn, but she did not give up. A fragile girl with a steel character was able to defeat fate and wrote a book in which she proved by her own example why it is so important never to give up.

At that moment, someone abruptly grabbed me from behind by the hair and poured something burning on me. I did not even have time to realize it, everything happened in one second.

The words that exist in the language are unable to fully describe my pain. It was much more than “terrible” pain than “terrible” pain. It was like nothing excruciating, never before experienced by me, unbearable corrosive burning pain! With every second, she grew stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper into the body. Being in a state of shock, for some reason I ran, not seeing where, and with all my swing I crashed into some kind of rough concrete wall. This kick brought me back to my senses a little.

Groping the edge of this wall, I tried to blink, and although I saw it was already dull, I saw the road. Automatically she ran to the school, to the medical room. Teachers began to run up to me, someone seeing traces of blood, someone hearing a call for help. I pulled the handle of the medical room, but it turned out to be closed. And then a man whom I did not recognize came up to me. As it turned out later, this man was a new teacher of labor. I want to give him his due and express my deep gratitude, which I repeatedly conveyed later through mutual friends. He was not afraid to get burned, took my hand and led me to the first floor, asking me to close my eyes. He understood that I had already seen everything very blurry. All the way, the teacher asked me what happened. But I could not answer anything intelligible at that moment. Only repeated one thing – I do not know, someone poured something on me.

Once again I can’t mention his name, it’s disgusting, but I don’t want to stoop to insults. Therefore, I confine myself only to the first letter of his last name – G.

Alas, nothing could protect me! Although, as my doctors say, with such a concentration — 92% —sulfuric acid, this liquid weapon, even winter clothing would not help.

The next time I came to myself from the deafening sound of a siren. I was rushed, accompanied by Nikolai Alexandrovich and my mother, to the heliport in an ambulance. Later I was told that the car I was on was hit in an accident on the way to the heliport. The participants of the collision, having learned that they were transporting a person who needed emergency assistance, unconditionally agreed to postpone the paperwork for another time, sincerely wishing us all good luck. Since then, human inhumanity has ended its presence in my life …

I did not know what efforts it cost to organize the trip. I am very grateful to everyone who took part in this and acted on an emergency basis, knowing that the time was spent not for days, but for hours, and if even more correct, then even for minutes, because the process of tissue erosion was aggravated.

Physicians could relieve my condition only with the help of painkillers, because with a chemical burn it is very difficult to act. Despite the urgency of all actions taken earlier, it turned out that nothing could be done. It only remained to wait until the process of corrosive end. For all the time the specialists of the burn center have not dealt with such cases. A chemical burn is considered the most severe, since it not only affects the surface, as in the case of a thermal burn, but also corrodes tissue. With such injuries, first aid is extremely important, in case of acid damage – excessive washing with at least water, but due to the fact that the deadly liquid was mixed with oil, these actions were ineffective for me – it was impossible to wash off the acid.

I did not owe him anything. For all the time of his obsessive pursuit, he once tried to give me some outfit bought at a store from a friend, but I flatly refused.

I was afraid for others, it seemed to me that I could manage on my own, that anyway sooner or later he would fall behind — a bitter delusion!

Cellulite in 20 years

When I moved around the city, it turned out that they were already following me, looking for a convenient moment to deliver my acidic blow. But they have not been able to do this for a long time, since I mostly have always been in crowded places. They even tried to buy the concentrated 92% sulfuric acid on themselves, on the arm, and then added oil to it, in order to wash it away was impossible. Later, when representatives of the law enforcement agencies informed me about this, I could not believe the reality of the incident. Some real theater of the absurd!

I was then eighteen years old, and the adult men were preparing weapons, tracking me down, as if they were trying to eliminate a dangerous terrorist, and everything was done on the sly, behind, disgusting and cowardly.

What an abomination – to attack a young defenseless girl who just said “no” to some scumbag!

Perhaps it was my participation in the beauty contest that provoked such a resonance around the whole thing.

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