Can i do pushups every day

The diet of the athlete – what you need to eat to achieve success in the development of strength and muscle mass. Do not forget that a strong, healthy body is built not only by physical exercises, but also by a full-fledged healthy diet.

Nutrition of an athlete for the collection of muscle mass: Protein + energy + vitamins and minerals, that’s what you need for health and muscle building and strength! Protein is a building material, muscles are built from them and the whole body is the basis of good nutrition for athletes. Many people in the diet do not have enough protein, because modern foods are pumped with cheap fat and sugar, and there are very few full-fledged proteins. In addition to proteins, energy is needed for strength training and muscle growth, which is provided by the correct carbohydrates, and important trace elements are also needed. Here is a list of products that will give everything you need to increase muscle mass and strength, this is the basis of nutrition for athletes:

1. Egg whites Eat 3-10 eggs a day, 1-3 of them with yolks, the rest are only proteins

Can i do pushups every day

2. Dairy products If your milk is normally absorbed, drink 0.5-1 liters of nonfat milk every day. Milk proteins are very nutritious and valuable for muscle growth. Also pay attention to dairy products – cheese, kefir, cottage cheese. Low-fat cottage cheese is an excellent source of a large number of proteins! Content of fat and protein on 100 gr. low-fat cottage cheese: fat 0.1-2 grams., proteins 16-18 grams. I personally eat about 400 grams every day. low fat cottage cheese.

3. Proteins from meat, fish, poultry Use low-fat products – it is a good source of proteins and other important substances for muscle growth and strengthening of bones and ligaments. Meat, fish, chicken with porridge is the right food for security forces athletes. Example – chicken breast, turkey, squid meat, lean fish, lean beef. The nutrient content of foods, see more in calorie table foods .

4. Fruits Fruits help develop strength and gain muscle mass, in addition, fruits increase stamina, contain many vitamins and minerals. Fruit is also a source of healthy carbohydrates. After the main meal, try to additionally eat some more fruit. Ordinary pears and apples are great, but variety does not hurt, eat peaches, oranges, bananas, melons, plums and

5. Carbohydrates Without carbohydrates, nowhere … this is energy, and if there is not enough energy, the body will not build anything, on the contrary, it will start burning proteins. Carbohydrates are a necessary source of energy for training and growth. On the other hand, excess carbohydrates can be processed into fat, for example, large quantities of sweets. It is important which carbohydrates you eat. The main sources of carbohydrates for athletes are buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, vegetables and fruits.

DAY DAY OF ATHLETE TO SET MUSCLE MASS For each meal, I give an example of three options. Choose any of the options that you like best. Do not forget that these are just examples to show you the right diet. You can change the proposed options on your own and create your own individual diet using my examples. Try to supplement your diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables and berries! Always try to eat less fatty foods, because you want to build muscle, not fat. My nutritional recommendations are for healthy people. If you have abnormalities in health, then perhaps you are not recommended to eat certain foods. Build your power system based on the personal characteristics of the organism. In addition to the diet, diet is important when playing sports, read more in the article “Diet for muscle growth”

EXAMPLES OF FOOD FOR SET OF MUSCLE MASS (I give an example of three options to choose from)

Can i do pushups every day

Breakfast 1. Oatmeal, a glass of cocoa with a piece of black chocolate, a pear 2. Buckwheat porridge, a glass of milk, an apple 3. Omelette of egg whites with black bread, tea with honey, banana

Intermediate food 1. Low-fat cottage cheese with honey or raspberry jam, black tea 2. Nuts or dried fruits with tea (dried apricots, raisins, prunes), apple 3. A glass of kefir, a cheese sandwich

Dinner 1. A portion of soup, buckwheat with chicken, vegetable salad, dried fruit compote 2. A portion of soup, rice with fish, tea with honey, fruit – orange, apple, grape 3. Rice or potatoes with meat, scrambled eggs, juice, fruit

Intermediate food 1. Two bananas, tea with a piece of dark chocolate 2. Oatmeal, a glass of milk 3. Low-fat cottage cheese with honey or raspberry jam, black tea

Dinner 1. Buckwheat, fish, orange or apple, green tea 2. Low-fat cottage cheese with raspberry jam, banana, black tea 3. Vegetable salad, egg whites 5 pieces (without yolks), fruit juice

To achieve high results, I developed a ready-made solution for you – a detailed nutrition plan! Nutrition Guides for Muscle Gaining – for athletes who find it difficult to gain weight. The nutrition plan is fully built on conventional products without the use of sports nutritional supplements.

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