Breathing exercises for pneumonia

A hip fracture is a dangerous injury, and in order for complications not to limit subsequent articular mobility, a long rehabilitation period must be fully completed.

Breathing exercises for pneumonia

Rehabilitation after a hip fracture is carried out according to an individual scheme, including a complex of various measures. The treatment scheme is developed taking into account the type of operation, the type of fracture, the sex and age of the patient, the presence of diseases and the individual characteristics of the organism.

The rehabilitation program is based on a complex of physical exercises with the use of special devices for the restoration of the motor ability of the joint, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, exercise therapy.

Comprehensive program “Orthopedic rehabilitation”

The list of services provided to the patient The recommended period is 30 days

2 times a day 5 times a week

Saturday: 1 time + 1 time ergotherapy

* The list and frequency of medical procedures is determined by the attending physician and depends on the patient’s health condition.

Nursing care services for sedentary patients who are unable to self-care are paid extra 1000 rubles / day

**Attention! Patronage care is provided by patronage sisters, one patronage nurse serves 3 to 4 patients.

The list of paid additional services

With age, health deteriorates, the joints and the spine make themselves felt. People over 60 need long-term rehabilitation after fractures and injuries. If you do not take a recovery course, you can remain immobilized and forget about your former life. Forecasts are not encouraging. You can avoid the consequences and restore the body completely after the injury at the Sokolniki Rehabilitation and Care Center.

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Breathing exercises for pneumonia

Gukasyan Veronika Aleksandrovna

Therapist of the highest category, endocrinologist of the first category.

Experience – 20 years. She graduated from Ivanovo State Medical Institute. Bubnova in 1990, internship in 1991.

Ageeva Daria Sergeevna

Breathing exercises for pneumonia

Experience 3 years. She graduated from the Voronezh State Medical Academy. Burdenko in 2013, internship in the specialty “Neurology” in 2014. Concurrently working in the city clinical hospital in Moscow, in the department for patients with stroke.

Balan Viktor Sergeevich

Experience – 4 years. He graduated from the University. Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi, Romania with a degree in Kinesiotherapy in 2010. He worked in the Republican Prosthetic-Orthopedic Experimental Republican Center, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Patient recovery schemes

  1. Without an operation. After a hip fracture, it is not always possible to prescribe a surgical type of treatment, because the patient’s health is weakened. It is necessary to apply conservative treatment. First, the patient should adhere to bed rest and perform elementary breathing exercises. Medical physical culture begins with the first days of treatment. The main procedures are aimed at restoring the musculoskeletal function – this is massage and physiotherapy treatment. The exercise complex and physical activity increase for patients two weeks after the injury. Gradually, it is necessary to perform movements with the leg, however, it is impossible to stand up and lean on the injured leg. You can move after a three-month period, relying on crutches. The rehabilitation course lasts several months, its exact duration depends on the dynamics of the patient’s condition. Only six months later, you can fully rely on two legs.
  2. Rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery. Surgeons fix fragments with steel screws and plates. The type of operation depends on the complexity of the case. It is not uncommon for a hip joint to be replaced with an artificial prosthesis. Physical therapy during the rehabilitation period after the operation begins from the first day under the strict supervision of a specialist center. Massage and physiotherapy treatment are included in the mandatory program. Rehabilitation of orthopedic patients occurs in stages. Fully return to the full rhythm of life (physical activity, travel, work, etc.) can be an average of 8 months.

Components of rehabilitation

The program of orthopedic rehabilitation includes:

  1. Exercise therapy (exercises). This may be morning exercises, walking, swimming. What is important is the uniformity of physical exertion on a person who is recovering from injury. The program of physical therapy include mechanotherapy (training on simulators);
  2. Massage. Massage procedures are carried out strictly by a specialist, so as not to worsen the patient’s condition. Only a licensed professional knows what methodology should be applied and which points on the human body should be influenced in each specific case;
  3. Physical therapy (electrostimulation, electrophoresis, heat therapy, SMT physiotherapy);
  4. Nutrition . An important role is played by proper nutrition, enriched with vitamins. During this period, a weakened body needs iron, iodine, vitamin D, mucopolysaccharides. Important ingredients can be obtained through fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. It is necessary to exclude the admission of products that provoke bloating, problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  5. Medicines. After examining the medical history, the doctor selects a drug therapy. Medicines are prescribed taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism;
  6. Mental rehabilitation. The patient’s psychological state is often compromised. Appears depressed. Correction of psycho-emotional background occurs with the help of art therapy, communication and creating a relaxed atmosphere (not the same as in a hospital).

General recommendations after completing the course

When a person after discharge from the Center gets home, the mode of his day changes. There is a risk of lifting something heavy, falling from a ladder, loading yourself with work. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the daily routine and avoid excessive loads. It is desirable that close people take care of yesterday’s patient. It should continue to engage in exercise therapy.

The rehabilitation center in the Sokolniki sanatorium is a reliable foothold where you can complete a full rehabilitation course. Our advantages:

  • individual approach to the patient;
  • affordable cost of rehabilitation;
  • professionalism of doctors;
  • qualified nursing care;
  • admission of patients in the acute period, with comorbidities, impaired speech or swallowing function;
  • convenient location in a park area in Moscow.
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