Antidepressants make you gain weight

Greetings to you, dear readers!

After a long lull, I finally resumed work on the blog. I announce the opening of a new season of commentators competition. All conditions of participation and prizes remain the same. Those who joined us recently, please read the rules on this page . During the summer holidays, I managed to write only three articles and they all concern carbohydrates. You can already study them and comment in the comments.

I present to your attention three articles that are continuations of each other, so I advise you to start reading from the first. On the way, a series of articles on proteins and fats, so subscribe to news and be the first to know.

Today I want to touch on the subject of the physical structure of a person, namely, to tell you about the types of the human body. You probably already read my article about the types of figures in women , but this article is a little about something else. Knowing your body type, it will be easier for you to accept yourself as your nature created you and to find the right physical exertion and nutrition.

I did not come up with body types, this division is taught already in the third year of a medical institute. For the first time this concept was introduced by the Russian doctor V. M. Chernorutsky. And now all doctors also pay attention to the structure of a person, assessing the patient’s somatic condition at the reception. Thus, it is possible to avoid unnecessary nervousness and demand from a person what he cannot physically give or do. Because we are all different and the body type implies not only our appearance, but also a special, different from other types, hormones, which means that there should be recommendations on nutrition and exercise.

Traditionally, women and men are divided into three groups by body type:

  • ectomorph (asthenic physique or asthenic)
  • mesomorph (normostenic body or normostenic)
  • endomorph (hypersthenic body or hypersthenic)

But pure types are very rare, types with qualities of two different types are more common. For example, the combination of the first and second types is ectomesomorphism.

Surely in your environment there are people who eat everything, do not do any sports and remain thin all the time? I also have such friends. One of the reasons for such happiness is the particular constitution and work of the endocrine system. Looking ahead, I will say that these are people with asthenic type or ectomorphs. And now I will give a description of each type, but since the blog is female, we will talk about the female body.

Ectomorph, asthenic, woman with asthenic physique

These are the most happy owners of thin and slender figures, who, it seems to us, never grow stout. But this is only at first glance. In young years, these women are really slim, but over time, fat can be deposited not very nicely, mainly on the waist and back, as a result of which a disproportionate figure is formed. It is easier for women of the ectomorphic type to keep track of their weight, fat accumulates rather slowly.

But despite the slow weight gain and ease of maintaining the figure, these women also have their own problems. Usually these women are thin, wiry, and rather energetic individuals, but the untrained ectomorphs have a low level of strength and endurance. Since fat accumulates more slowly, muscle mass also grows very slowly. This is their problem – it is very difficult to give a sporty look to the body and quickly develop muscle muscles. They are often devoid of pleasant roundness and relief forms, angular and similar to teenagers. A thin model from the catwalk is a typical example of an ectomorph.

Physical parameters of the female ectomorph:

  • The short upper body and long limbs create the illusion of “feet from the ears.”
  • Poorly developed fatty tissue, as a rule, affects the size of the breast, and sometimes on its absence.
  • Narrow shoulders and chest, narrow hands and feet, and, what a happiness, narrow waist!
  • Solovyov’s index, which corresponds to the circumference of the wrist, is less than 15

But despite the difficulty in gaining muscle mass, these women have one big advantage – in most cases they do not need to lose weight. While endomorphs and mesomorphs sometimes require weight loss training. A female ectomorph can immediately begin strength training and work to increase muscle volume.

With regard to workouts, a person with this body type should avoid aerobic workouts. Training should be strength training and include basic exercises with large weights. Training to build better in the form of a split, that is, training should be on separate muscle groups. In order for the muscles to grow more intensively the food should be more caloric and contain more complex carbohydrates and proteins.

Such women can almost not deny themselves anything, because they gain fat slowly. Naturally, with hypertrophy of the muscles, a certain amount of fat will accumulate, unfortunately, this is normal human physiology. However, when you reach the desired volumes, you can go through the so-called “drying”, in which the fat layer leaves, and the muscles remain. “Drying” includes special training with a special diet.

If asleep astenic wants to lose weight, then this can be a problem for him, because first of all, not fat, but muscles will go away. Therefore, a simple calorie restriction is not a good idea for losing weight for astenika. It must be present strength training and properly chosen diet.

Mesomorph, normostenic, woman with normostenic physique

It would not have attracted the subtle and fragile figures of asthenic women, but I consider the figure of the female mesomorph to be the real ideal of beauty and health. Such women do not seem excessively thin and angular. A naturally occurring mesomorph is given a proportional body with well developed muscular tissue and a minimal amount of adipose tissue. Such women look athletic by nature, they are sinewy and embossed.

Normosthenic quickly part with fat reserves and quickly gaining muscle mass, the average metabolic rate. If a woman does not play sports, the natural decrease in metabolism does its work with age and the woman gains weight relatively quickly.

Physical parameters of mesomorph women:

  • The upper torso is slightly smaller than the lower,

Women with a normal body type can achieve excellent and fast results in sports. But these women sometimes have problems. For example, due to the dense build it is difficult for them to achieve a truly “aspen waist.” To do this, they need to work on fat burning, as well as work on the proportions of the body in order to illusoryly shape the waist thinner.

Endomorph, hypersthenic, woman with hypersthenic body type

Endomorphs are just the type of women that poets, painters and sculptors of the past centuries have sung in their works. Titian and Rembrandt’s “Danae”, Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, “Venus de Milo”, as well as popular stars of show business of the past and one: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and other women in the body personify the true femininity and sensuality.

If you have learned hypersthenics in yourself, then this is an excuse to drop everything and gain weight further. The fact that endomorphs quickly accumulate fat and already from birth have more fatty tissue in comparison with the mesomorph and even more so with the ectomorph does not mean that these women are doomed to perpetual fullness. It’s just that this type of women needs more time and more effort to reduce the fat layer. And such women can be elastic and slim.

Physical parameters of the female endomorph:

  • The predominance of transverse dimensions over the longitudinal (short legs and arms).
  • Wide chest, wide waist, big hips, large joints, hands and feet.
  • Solovyov index more than 17
  • Fat mass prevails over muscle.

An amazing combination of round shapes and good muscle tone, gives trained endomorph women a sexy, exciting and seductive image. But if such a woman wants to acquire an ectomorph form, it will be very difficult, it will be necessary to make incredible efforts to achieve this. And even if she reaches this goal, then in such a form, thinness will give a more painful look. At that time, the true ectomorphs such a body looks natural and beautiful.

Muscles grow quite easily, but unfortunately all the work is hidden under a thick layer of fat, which must be further burned. As I have already said, a woman with a hypersthenic body type is capable of gaining fat at lightning speed, because the metabolism is slower than in the two previous types.

Gained fat goes with great difficulty. Of the workouts for these women are preferred intense cardio with a moderate load. Meals fit more low carb. For endomorphs, the regimen is important, both in terms of nutrition and in terms of regular training. Breakdowns and relief are not forgiven and the fat will not take long to wait.

So, you learned about the main body types of women and what are the disadvantages and advantages of each of them. As you have noticed, there is no absolutely bad body type, each figure has its own peculiarity. However, all these types have one common feature – the woman’s figure completely depends on the degree of her fitness, on how often and regularly she goes to the gym. If a woman does not actively engage in physical culture, then whatever the ideal figure, over time she loses her appeal.

Personally, I belong to endomesomorphs, closer to mesomorphs. I slowly gain excess fat, but it is very difficult for me to lose it later. Therefore, for me, only one option is a constant monitoring of their food and regular workouts, as well as the right choice of clothes and shoes to hide flaws.

Of course, these types in their pure form are found in real life less often than mixed ones. And here you need to understand and accept what nature has awarded you and to develop your strengths to the maximum. A woman is beautiful in any body if she cares about him. If you do not love yourself and your body, then who will love you?

And finally, a video on how body type affects a person’s character.

I have it all. With warmth and care, Ravila.

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Well, how I want skinny legs. But genetics does not allow … Pechalka (((

Evita, you need not only to want, but also to sweat. And the result will still be, though not so fast. And if you really are not asthenic, you may not need to exhaust yourself like that. They naturally have few muscles, because you need to burn muscles too. Do you need it?

Evita, and where does genetics? It all depends on you.

Well, of course from me, but very thin legs will not work. A lot of muscle, but a lot of fat. I am not asthenic, short, stocky. As the great M. Gorky said, “Born to crawl, it cannot fly.” Probably it is necessary to work with self-esteem …

Yes, here you need to find your own advantages and develop them. And we are chasing after what we don’t have and in fact cannot be. Well, the nature of the legs from the ears did not; after all, some are ready for an operation to lengthen the legs. This is called going against your own nature, as a rule, nothing good ends …

I do not support those who are doing operations to improve something, especially if it looks normal. This is already called, with fat rage)))

Well no

Self-esteem is very important! A woman should love herself, love her body, sculpt herself like a sculptor. If desired, excess fat can always be removed, and leg length can be visually added with the help of a well-chosen wardrobe and heels.

This is yes, I agree that the inner feeling of being a complete woman is important. And the right wardrobe can work wonders.

I agree, the wardrobe works wonders. But no need to rely on it, first of all, belief in yourself. No wonder they say: Meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind.

Antidepressants make you gain weight

Still, completeness can also be transmitted at the genetic level. Of course, you can achieve a lot with the help of trainings, but still, if it’s pledged that your legs will be full, then they, no matter how hard you try, will not become thin with sticks. On personal experience verified. The daughter wears clothes size 38 – 40, and legs for her figure are plump, although she goes to the gym and works with a trainer.

Tatyana, at the genetic level, only a wide bone can be transmitted, but not fat. So let him try to change the diet, first of all. And secondly, depending on the complex exercises in the simulator

Features of the figure are also transmitted at the genetic level, otherwise everyone would be the same. But someone’s chest is big, but someone’s booty.

Well of course it is

Tatyana, it’s not for me to tell you that you could have had weight jumps during hormonal failure. Especially

But it still seems to me that in its entirety not genetics is the main thing, but family traditions of cooking. Mom and grandmother cooked high-calorie food, and my daughter took over the recipes from them)) When I started to get better after 30, I analyzed my diet and started cooking less high-calorie meals. As a result, she became thinner than before. And in my family everything is not bad.

Often people justify with genetics certain flaws in the figure by blaming the family diet and lifestyle. After all, it is not for nothing that spouses become alike with each other over the years.

My husband had some weight 25 years ago, and now he has it in the range of 75 kg. During this time, my weight has changed 20 times. So the family diet plays, of course, a certain role, but not an essential one.

Antidepressants make you gain weight

Husband loves fried pies and buns. Over 33 years of our life together, I recovered from strength by 5-7 kilograms, and I … Although neither pies nor buns I eat.

There is such a breed of people “hound-greyhound”)))

I agree, there is such a breed))) They say when you quit smoking, right away you’ll be wide in width. But no, when I quit smoking, a maximum of two kilos.

Again, my parents are big in weight, and not in terms of height.

I also used to justify the difference in weight with our husband with genetics, and then began to analyze our approach to nutrition. I found that I often “cut pieces of bread” at times, I eat everything (be it watermelon or bacon with onions and a fragrant tomato, only brought from the garden – it doesn’t matter), getting from this gastronomic pleasure. And if you still consider that I love cooking and it turns out quite well – in general, the guard. When I worry or get upset with something – I certainly chew, “seizing” sadness, and the spouse, as a rule, eats only when he is hungry, if his mood deteriorates – he refuses to eat. Here we have different numbers of scales and show …

Well, and found out the reason. By the way, I also eat more than my husband, if you count everything

Here is also an interesting feature.

I agree, sometimes weak-willed people justify themselves with genetics, trying to fool themselves somehow with diets. It says human laziness .. I do not want to offend or offend anyone. I myself am so :))

I also dream of thin legs! I have such … with good meat thighs :)) I wouldn’t have liked myself fat, fat, or something else .. but I always want to be even thinner than you are.

Good day to all! I absolutely agree with the author that every woman is beautiful when she takes care of her body and inner beauty. I know women who look very appetizing with rounded shapes, but they all go to the gyms. As a result, the body, although it remains full, but still it changes, takes more elastic forms or something. And there are girls who are thin, but not boobs or assholes (I apologize). Done does not attract the eye. so thinness does not mean liberation from physical education and proper nutrition. Hello!

Elizabeth, quite right. We not only like external beauty, but also internal. But still you need to care for the body

Here I agree 100%. And thin and plump physical exercise is essential. The figure of this tightened and health should not be forgotten. Without physical activity, it can begin to fail already at a fairly young age.

You have a very slim figure. Probably spend many hours in the hall?

This is more merit food probably.

I understand that family, children,

And I do not want to run, it’s not mine. Especially on the street, I am generally very hard. Especially on a low-carbohydrate diet, you spit light lungs at the end of a run. Here are the glands or dancing is mine, I still love yoga. And running only as a warm-up.

Well, it depends on what glands and what you take off. I have my own complex exercise.

Barbells, dumbbells. The program is constantly changing.

Still, probably, everyone should choose the kind of sport that they like. Through strength, classes will not last long.

I agree, but there is still a habit. I didn’t like it before, I can’t live now.

Well, maybe so. But never ran to shortness of breath. I’m not cross-running, but in

It remains only to find the time to begin to engage or desire. Often we can not find the time, because not really want. True girls?

Oooh. I don’t fit a figure for any of the opunia (I’ve lacked 6 cm of height all my life … Girls, I advise everyone to do water aerobics-swimming! The belly is well tightened, muscles … and the sea is fun!

All my life I lacked 6 cm of height From a psychological point of view? All the same, you are of any type, you are not an alien)))) Simply, we deal more often with a combination of types

It is clear that each figure belongs to some type. Just not that ladies can not decide, well, in short, assess yourself. Need a look from the side.

Yes, we do not appreciate ourselves Babynki. We are priceless. How do we not understand that? &# 128578;

This men should appreciate you. And each in its own way.

First you need to love yourself, and then others can. When you do not love yourself, no one really needs you.

Well, these are the words of a true lady. Keep it up.

Thanks, Igor. I’m working on myself:)

I love to swim! In the water, I can torture myself for hours with distant swims and all sorts of exercises, catching the buzz from it. In the summer I try to get out to the beach as often as possible – the figure reacts instantly: the excess subcutaneous fat goes away, turning into muscles, the skin tightens. It is a pity that summer ends …

The swimming pool this year for me, perhaps, will remain only a dream: the daughter of the 11th grade finishes – all free finances are spent on tutors.

Eh, Natalia, the familiar situation with tutors. My daughter is in the 9th grade, and for the second year we have been teaching her for tutors, we are preparing for

Igor, early tutors began to take. I hired my children only in the 11th grade. Both study on prestigious specialties on a budget. Tutors in the early grades discourage the desire to go to school. It works for children: I have a tutor – he will explain everything, you can not listen to the lesson. And for the money that goes to the tutor, it is better to buy products that promote healthy eating or send children to a circle or section.

Tatiana, we pay attention to this too.

And my parents never hired tutors. They simply said that if I didn’t enter the free branch, I wouldn’t have pocket money, as well as normal clothes. I don’t know if they were right or not, but I went to work with fear and entered the free correspondence department, I also got married just in case)) This is the motivation))

In our time, tutors have not yet been so common, and it was expensive, and they themselves could learn)))

I also swim a lot in the summer and often go to the pool, but recently I began to notice that I can even recover a little from the pool. The fact is that after him, I simply wake up uncontrollably. I’m thinking now more to engage in land sports)

Yes, I really want to eat after water

After training on land, everyone wakes up too.

Well, as a short-term measure, you can sit on the Dukan, but not more than 1-2 months. In general, drying also implies a strong restriction of carbohydrates. They live there practically on squirrels and salads.

Hello, Dilyara! Thanks for the article and accept my compliments about your figure. Bravo, doctor. You are very slim and beautiful girl &# 128578; My figure refers to the latter type. And the formula “growth minus one hundred,” even in the best years did not fit. And now, after a lot of sores, there is a lot of weight loss. Unfortunately, the doctors forbade me to go to the gym because of the joints, and I also stitched the retina. The pool of power is already 5-7 years thinking where to build. Remains walking. I try to do 6000 steps. Not always possible. Tied to the house because of the grandchildren, learn in different shifts, my task with them is to make and feed lessons. When you manage to go a greater distance – glad, like a child. If only the leg did not let. I walk with a cane. Good luck and health to all!

Tatiana, thank you. They are doctors … Give them something to forbid))) And on the contrary, I tend to believe that movement is life for any sore. I can recommend you to pay attention to kinesitherapy, which is delivered by the respected Bubnovsky and Dikul. If you work in their centers under the supervision of instructors, then perhaps it will be even better with the joints. Walking is also good, and it is useful for grandchildren after school to relieve muscle tension and actively move. So grandchildren under the arm and forward.

Alas, we do not have such a center. The closest in a big city., 7-9 hours drive to it. Do not ride (((((

Sorry, well, then look for video lessons or other information in the form of books by these authors. And follow their advice.

My family has a husband and children, ectomorphs, and I am an endomorph. I constantly have to restrict food, I do aqua aerobics, but weight does not decrease, I am in the same size for many years. I always say that if I ate as much as my daughter eats, I would not get in the door.

Tatiana, it’s probably not right to limit food, you need to revise quality Agree, if you eat kg of candy and kg of meat, the same in terms of energy efficiency, the effect will be completely different. This is me figuratively speaking. Well, surely you have already got used to aqua aerobics, if you have been engaged for a long time, for more than 2 months. You need to surprise the body)))

Antidepressants make you gain weight

I have been going to aqua aerobics for 5 years already, because I love to swim. Apparently, it’s time to change to something else.

Yes, during this time the body had time to get used to it. Generally recommend changing the load every 2 months. This may be strength, intensity, weighting, or any other kind of activity. But again, what result do you want? Just be skinny or slim with a good muscular corset? In the second case – it is definitely iron)

Thanks for the recommendations. Dilyara, you have been changing my preserved concept of physical activity, about food, for so many years. For me, this is a different perspective on the problem. I will try to change something. If it is iron, then where to start?

With workouts for the whole body in the gym and it is better to work out a month with a trainer, if you haven’t done it before. You need to put the technique so that there are no injuries from improper performance. After 3-4 months, you can engage in a split-training program, when only 1-2 muscle groups are practiced per day.

According to your comments, I see that you are not having heard about training

I have been doing fitness for 10 years. The experience is eating a little …

In principle, to look good, you have to go in for sports all your life. Yes, and it does not hurt health.

I agree, especially since only some 20-30 years ago we moved more with our feet, and now we are trying to drive everywhere, because there are many places where we need to be in time. Life is faster and faster and you need to be everywhere.

I try to overcome these distances by bike. But again, depending on where you need to go, or even drive a car. Especially family.

Excellent figure. keep it up

Take delight in your abilities. Your projects are attractive and interesting. I admire women who can combine children, profession, their own business!

Rina, thank you. I also admire such people and try to grow to their level, but this is like trying to reach the horizon, daily work and most importantly continue to evolve, focusing on interesting and strong personalities.

And you give us this orientation. Your articles make you think about lifestyle and you start to act.

Tatyana, I am pleased to hear that. Over time, I come to the conclusion that this is probably my vocation and mission in this life, no matter how pathetic it may sound)). And most importantly, I get incomparable pleasure when people manage to get out of their comfort zone and change their lives for the better. This is probably the very happiness when you do work that brings you pleasure.

Hello! DO NOT remove me from mailing lists. I go to the hospital and can’t be in touch for a while. I will try to unsubscribe from some of their mailings. but … I will be away for a long time … The box will be filled anyway … Do not remove me, with respect to you, Tatyana

Tatiana, do not worry. I do not plan to clean the newsletter yet, maybe in the next 6 months yet. Successful hospitalization!

I’m still with you. There are no places in the hospital. And my 22-23 sugar does not scare. Our hospital has other priorities. Therapeutic department, no endocrine.

Tatiana does not necessarily go to the hospital. You need to find a good polyclinic endocrinologist and do everything on an outpatient basis. That’s why you go to the hospital? Probably for diagnosis, not drip after all drip. We in Russia have a common misconception that all problems will be solved in the hospital. Abroad, you only go to the hospital in a very serious condition, when you cannot walk with your legs. Everything else is outpatient. We do not save time and money from the state, and therefore there is no money in medicine.

I absolutely agree and I think that it is necessary to go to the hospital only in an emergency. Houses and walls help. If treatment is prescribed professionally, then you can do without a hospital. The main thing is to find a good doctor, that in a small town is not at all easy. It may be worth going to a consultation in another city. Now find out where there are good experts is not a problem. I am personally inclined lately to paid consultations and examinations.

I agree with you completely, houses and walls help. For all the time of his life, only three times he was in the hospital. When I was born, in my opinion with rubella and appendicitis, and that was all up to 8

I just want

Well, when will this delusion leave our people’s heads))) How are droppers better than tablets? Because it hurts and uncomfortable? I still can not solve this purely Russian phenomenon. Well, nowhere is this, only in Russia. How much I already work in honey. sphere, and I less and less want to appear in the hospital as a patient, and as a doctor too))) God bless everyone, to bypass the hospital side.

In general, you need to be treated with folk remedies. Different decoctions and herbs. And it’s better not to get sick.

Yes, it is better not to hurt. Unfortunately, folk remedies are not always adequate))

I went to the hospital to go to bed. Well, with insulin to decide. Dropped, supported the kidneys, that’s good. Yes, and did not lay almost, went to the procedure and bypass. There is a hospital doctor banned, in the morning carrying a breakfast from home. There is no money in the state, not because I went to the hospital once every 4 years. He has no money for people like me. Pills already do not ask the pharmacy preferential. I buy it myself, now I also need to look for insulin in pharmacies, not in the preferential one, and not in others, I have to go to another city. Here we have such a motion))))) we do not sit in place. In search of insulin went around the whole city, not in one day. of course. but 1.5-2 hours a day passed.

Tatiana, the most important thing is get well, and mail is no longer a problem. After hospital rake everything

If you stay in the hospital for a long time, then you can purchase a trijik and then you will stay in touch, and the time will pass more interesting.

I agree, you can take yourself. In general, Tatyana herself will find something to do.

Thanks for the advice, ask the store what it is and the price.

Thanks Igor! You health.

All good

Valya, come to visit more often.

And it seems to me that you, normostenik in its pure form. Your figurine, dried with relief muscles, is a role model!

Yes, where is dried? I just keep myself in good shape (I try at least), but it is worth relaxing so I gain weight, especially the waist and sides. And then it is very difficult to remove all this. I certainly can not complain, but there is no limit to perfection)))

Ha, and me today during honey

you imt 25.3. The upper limit of normal. Then there will be an excess of mass.

From the age of 20 my weight plays from 80 to 85

If weaving, then it is a mouse. weight and nothing is superfluous

Well, then according to

For ordinary people, there is a primitive formula for calculating the ideal weight: height minus 100, with growth more, it seems 165 take away 105 kg, more than 175 – 110. These calculations more or less fit the average population that does not bother to exercise. The main excess weight of them – body fat, and athletes and centimeters of circles and normal body weight – the concept is very individual.

Well, in principle, how to approach these formulas. It depends on what to build on.

Yeah, if everyone so dried in the gym)))) That would be perfect. And then sitting with a sandwich in their hands, they are wondering how I would lose weight)))

And what if the doctors banned the gym, there is no pool, the summer is sooo short (Siberia), and the sandwich is not so often allowed as bread, and you can only lose weight by dreaming?

Tatyana, what motivate the doctors, what prohibit moving?

Tatyana, I will not be clever much))) Well, why only the gym and the poolin. I don’t go to the gym, I have my own complex exercise. Well, at least you are engaged in sports. Well, at the expense of swimming, I do not know where you live in Siberia, but I almost all of Siberia went from there and swam in Siberian rivers almost until October, and even October

For Igor the answer. I live in a beautiful small town among the mountains. We have two rivers enveloping the city. Mountain rivers. , that is, cold until the upper reaches. The swimming season is very short. This year it began in July. in early September already ended, even in August ended. In the cold water, I will not swim. in a cool one, more or less, yet I am a woman and there is no desire to catch a cold lower abdomen and kidneys. I was banned from the exercise machine because of the joints (I have limited movement of the shoulder joints), in addition. I did laser coagulation of the retina in both eyes (forged), to run – I walk with a cane. after surgery, a muscle disappeared on my thigh. Well and the main thing. because of what the ban went – a hernia. Not intervertebral (these are also complete), but inside the vertebra near the brain. Operate the doctor said it is impossible. load is impossible. You can flit and admire the flowers. Heavier spoons and cups can not be lifted, otherwise it will start to grow and everything will be paralyzed.

Tanya, do you know about callanetics? Its author, Callan Pinkney, developed exercises for himself,

Sorry Tatiana, did not know. My mother had two operations on the eyes, and many other sores and operations, even telling not

Natalia you are right. You need to consult with experts. But everyone judges and repels from

Nataliya k, there are probably good doctors and clinics. but not in our city. There is in the regional. to him 6-9 hours away by bus. Previously, the train went. It was very comfortable at 23 with something checking out. at 7-30 in Kemerovo. He ran to the doctors, and after dinner you go home on the bus. Now the train has been canceled. need to go by bus. look for where to spend the night. then pay the doctor. And besides. Recently, everything falls on the shoulders of a diabetic: I buy everything myself. give that. which does not help, but this month they did not give insulins either, you have to go to your neighbors, buy there. While I live by giving away my acquaintances (insulin didn’t fit them, but it helps me). This is me to the fact that the handicapped is not so big a pension. also do not take on work. Sometimes you think, after buying drugs, buy more meat or buy a new thing for yourself. Yes, there are children, but they have mortgage loans. How to ask for their help? I regret that I can’t get a job. We mainly mine and cuts, where I would not be taken for any price. There are no other productions. In the guard? There guys work. These are the realities of small towns.

Igor I enjoy walking. Plus the fifth floor in a house without

Aah Tatiana, so you have a life in the coal element, on the Kuzbass. Well, I have never been to Kemerovo, only on the border of the region in oil production.

I have lived practically all my life on the 1st floor – for me, now walking up to the 5th floor is a kind of feat, a whole cardio training &# 128578;

Forget about the elevator – walking light on the 5th floor.

You are gorgeous! Very cool work and look!

All good

Join Phys. activity taxis. He says that you need to move anyway, even through pain. And this is so, at first it is very painful, but then better. Verified a thousand times on yourself.

A neurosurgeon told me that twisting, bending is not possible. sooo much “can not” voiced. When asked: And what can? To breathe and drink is not from a full glass. She laughed, but … the grain of doubt was thrown … I try to walk, and now I have to sit, for winter I have to put socks on my grandchildren (there are 4 of them) and for my husband – children. In the course are light slopes, stretch my shoulders, sip.

Tatiana, move based on your feelings. Doctors prohibit a lot just in case, because you do not know. But you know yourself and you know that you can or cannot. Although of course you need to know what your problem initially.

I am apparently a mesomorph, since I definitely don’t fit to endomorphs and ectomorphs. I easily lose weight and gain weight easily. Once I start eating all sorts of rubbish – hello, kilograms :) And if I eat right, I lose weight instantly. )

This is the most appreciative body type. What a score

How many new terms and phrases I read today. But I did not fully understand what type I am)))), but definitely not the ectomorphic type

Nina, pure types are rare. If you have no signs of an ectomorph, then probably you are closer to the mixed type between normostenik and hypersthenic. If you quickly recover and tight bones, then the advantage in the direction of hypersthenics.

Today I watched one of the entertainment programs for women in which a peasant woman and a rich young lady exchange roles for 3 days. Once again, she was convinced that successful people look great thanks to titanic work and serious dietary restrictions. Probably, this rule also works in the opposite direction: a untidy and flabby person is unlikely to cause trust and interest in his person. The first conclusion about him will be: “Yes, he is just a bummer!” Any type of physique with proper diligence can be brought closer to the ideal.

Natalia, did you receive my last letter?

Natalia, I fully agree with you. After 30-35 years old, if a woman looks great, it’s probably not a matter of genes, but of everyday work on herself.

The last letter from you is dated February 3. I checked the same folder “spam” – nothing.

I have something in between a mesomorph and an endomorph. And my breast in general behaves like a pig)) As soon as I gain some weight, I become the owner of the third and fourth size. But now I dropped 4 kg and hello second breast size)

Well, she is such a chest. She brings all slimming)))

I, too, still still can not understand who

Anna, do not “go to the bath” You are above your appearance, all your troubles are in your head! Accept yourself as you are! Love yourself! You will succeed!

All my life high, thin. Always caused a moaning sigh of others. never tried to get on the ball either

We will assume, Rufina, that nature has generously rewarded you. And what about regular exercise and proper nutrition ?! And at the expense of appearance, I do not agree, within reason, always need to pay attention to appearance, while not forgetting about the soul. As they say – they meet by clothes …

Ravila, I’m not worried anymore! I re-read my comment, but I made a mistake. That’s what it means to write with

Alain, thank you for the frank conversation. I wish you to “collect” yourself, to find your core in life again, if you have laboratory tests without deviations, pay attention to the spiritual side of life …

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