A set of exercises for the legs

This article will be interesting, first of all, to those who have already successfully got rid of the myth that flat-footedness is a completely harmless disease, due to which the maximum, will not be taken into the army. In addition, flat-footedness, however banal it may seem, is easier to prevent than to cure. If in childhood this disease can still be defeated after prolonged treatment, the goal for adults is to slow down the severity of the flattening of the arch of the foot.

For the prevention of flatfoot, people whose profession is associated with constant standing are recommended to put their feet parallel and from time to time to rest, moving the center of gravity to the outer edge of the foot. It is also useful to massage the feet after a working day, rubbing them. For foot massage, you can use barefoot walks on the grass, sand or gravel. At home, you can use a special massage mat.

And the rest of the people need only rationally pick up shoes and listen to the sensations of their feet. Give up shoes that shake, rubs or just delivers any discomfort.

Prevention of flatfoot in children

Prevention of flatfoot in children begins with the first year of life. At this age, it will consist in the prevention and treatment of rickets and other neurological diseases that can provoke flat feet. In the period when the child makes his first steps, you should think carefully about the choice of children’s shoes. How to choose children’s shoes correctly is described in detail in our article “Footwear with flat feet.” Do not forget that the child no, even the most useful shoes can not replace the barefoot walk on the grass, sand and other natural irregularities. Studies by Indian doctors show that those who spent “barefoot” childhood are three times less likely to suffer from flat-footedness than those who have been wearing shoes since childhood. However, there is one “But” in this rule. Walking a child barefoot on the grass is good, but walking barefoot on an absolutely flat and hard floor is harmful.

A set of exercises for the legs

For older children, you can hold special games with elements of gymnastics feet. Such exercises can include such simple exercises as walking on heels, on toes, on the outer and inner sides of the foot. Jumping in place, lifting the heels (while the toes remain in place), creeping movements of the foot with the help of the toes back and forth. It will be useful to roll foot gymnastic sticks with a diameter of 2-3 cm or tennis balls, pick up small objects from the floor using your toes and climb the gymnastic ladder. All this well develops the muscles of the feet, improves their blood supply.

Any gymnastics will show the best results if it is combined with water procedures. For example, swimming is a good means of stimulating not only the tone of the skeletal muscles of the body, but also hardening.

A set of exercises for the legs

Exercises for the prevention of flatfoot

On the Internet and here and there, you can easily find not only complexes of exercises for the prevention of flatfoot, but also complexes of exercises for the treatment of flatfoot. I must say they are very similar. Many exercises for the treatment of flatfoot are used for its prevention. They are all performed barefoot.

  1. Transferring the center of gravity to the front of the foot. From a standing position, socks and heels together, back straight, holding the support (back of a chair, wall bars), rise to the toes, 5-8 seconds and then go down again on the foot.
  2. From a sitting position on a chair, try to pick up a table tennis ball or other small object from the floor using your toes.
  3. “Caterpillar”. From a sitting position on a chair, with your legs spread wide apart, move your feet apart and away from you on the floor by bending and straightening your toes, imitating the movements of the caterpillar’s body.
  4. From a sitting position on a chair, legs together, feet closed, you should spread your knees to the sides and, tearing the heels off the floor, close the soles.
  5. Walk for 1-2 minutes on toes, then 30-60 seconds on heels, on the inside and on the outside of the foot.
  6. Standing, close the feet together, and then dilute the socks as wide as possible, and then dissolve the same position as wide as possible the heels.
  7. Without removing the feet from the floor, perform 5-10 squats.
  8. Standing on one leg, bend the other at a right angle in the knee and perform rotational movements with the shin and then with the foot. At first clockwise, then against. After 4 turns in each direction, repeat the same with the other leg.
  9. Walking in a goose pitch of 30-60 seconds, then the same in a half-sitting.
  10. Grabbing the fingers of one foot with a pencil to resemble for 30-40 seconds.

Exercises for flatfoot is a preventive measure that allows you to keep your feet healthy and reduce the risk of flatfoot.

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