A set of exercises for quick weight loss

Leave extra pounds behind bars!

It will be a real prison.

The Russian Clinic No. 1 for weight loss “Dr. Bormental” has created a unique comprehensive weight loss program, which combined all the modern methods of fighting for harmony without exception. Under the close supervision of doctors to save excess weight you will not have the slightest chance! Even “recidivists” lose weight with us, in which:

  • there is no motivation to observe proper nutrition;
  • no time to do your weight loss;
  • there is a fear that it will not be possible to lose weight, fears of losing weight in the wrong places.

So, if you seriously intend to lose weight permanently and without harm to health, “Prison for Fat” opens its doors, from which no one leaves the same.

It will be a real prison.


On a monthly basis, Dr Bormental conducts 10-day and 14-day intensive courses in a sanatorium isolated from the hustle and bustle of the outside world to reduce weight on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

  • 10 days of continuous attack on fat in a specialized suburban medical center.
  • Minus 10 kg of body fat.
  • Disposal of toxins, illnesses and bad state of health.
  • Manual and hardware methods for eliminating local “fat traps”.
  • Deep relaxation and delightful relaxation for body and soul.
  • Round-the-clock control by a team of experienced specialists: our “guards” are the leading doctors of the clinic, candidates of medical sciences.

How it works?

That is – an uncompromising and creative approach to the treatment of excess weight gives a guaranteed result. Tune in to a serious “confrontation” with your Tricky fat – there is no other way in our prison.

From morning to evening experts work with you. Every minute is filled with a movement towards harmony. We will help you lose weight even at night. We know what measures to take to those violators who, on Monday, resolutely go on a diet, and jump off it on Tuesday.

Graduate of the Siberian State Medical University, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Ph.D. Founder of the company and author of the Dr. Bormental method.

Andrey Bobrovsky

A graduate of the St. Petersburg Medical University named after IP Pavlov with a degree in medicine. Chief Doctor of the St. Petersburg Center “Dr. Bormental”.

Andrey Knyazkov

Graduate of the Siberian State Medical University, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Ph.D.

Anatoly Shepenev

A graduate of the Rostov State. University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League and Association.

A set of exercises for quick weight loss

Cyril Bondar

In the “Prison for Fat” under the guidance of experienced “guards” -teachers, you will be able to get rid of 10 extra kg for 1 course with body and soul comfort! Quick start and reset the first 10 kg is a powerful impetus to get rid of the remaining, so after an intense you will continue to lose weight by yourself until the desired weight.

What awaits you?

Total weight loss control and 5 steps to the result.

1 step. Diagnosis: identifying the causes of overweight

Each prisoner is dealt with by a whole consultation of specialists (psychotherapist, nutritionist, aesthetist) under the guidance of the author of the Dr. Bormental method, Ph.D. Andrei Bobrovsky. A complex of psychodiagnostic tests, a metabolograph, a study of body composition and a thorough study of your personal history of the struggle with extra pounds will allow you to assign a complex of therapeutic measures aimed at you.

2 step. Individually selected diet food

Every prisoner has his own diet! Calorie portions are low, and its volume is sufficient to be full, but to lose weight at the most rapid rate. During the course you will find a special diet: detox cocktails, vitamins and herbal medicine, which will switch the body into a regime of rapid weight loss.

3 step. Marathon of 26 psychotherapeutic trainings

Increased motivation, loss of appetite, emotional stress, meditation, respiratory psychotherapy and much more in the process of 26 day and night psychotherapeutic trainings! This is a real slimming supermarathon. You forget about the appetite: you have to force yourself to eat. Your eyes will not light up at the sight of delicious food, but from the mere thought of a slender body!

A set of exercises for quick weight loss

4 step. Non-stop of 44 procedures for hardware and manual body correction

Cryolipolysis, ultrasound cavitation, ozone therapy, LPG, press massage, manual modeling lipomassage, wraps, SPA capsule “Reabox”, therapeutic baths, monitor intestinal cleansing, sauna, biostimulation, andulation bed, acupuncture and much, much more! You are waited by all arsenal of the equipment aimed at fight against local and general fatty deposits. Procedures are carried out by the best cosmetologists, massage therapists and osteopaths of the St. Petersburg Center “Dr. Bormental”.

5 step. Fitness program of 11 cardio

This complex is incredibly effective and at the same time simple breathing and exercise. They are selected specifically to speed up metabolism, enhance fat burning processes – so that weight loss is combined with the preservation and strengthening of muscle tissue. A fitness bracelet of the latest generation will allow specialists to conduct round-the-clock online monitoring of your physical activity and calorie consumption.

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