300 workouts

Original rubber harnesses for professional workouts.

Five tubular expanders with carabiners, two handles, two cuffs for legs, a door anchor and a handbag.

Ideal for training the legs, in a set of 4 loops of different loads, latex material.

300 workouts

Specially selected for women’s training load and geometric parameters.

Perfect for beginners and workouts.

Effort is best suited for fitness workouts, the load is palpable.

For advanced athletes, as well as for girls when performing basic exercises.

Well suited for beginners when performing basic exercises, as well as for pull-ups.

Relatively high tension ratio and loop width.

For high-level functional training.

In a set of 3 tapes with a length of 1.2 meters each, 100% latex, ideal for any workout.

Universal. Parallel running handles. Small size and weight. Adjustment of amplitude and effort.

There are three tubes with handles in the set: orange – 4 kg; blue – 5 kg; green – 6 kg.

Consists of two handles, two cuffs and a door anchor. Especially for training with rubber.

Material – polyester. 8 nylon sling around the circumference and membrane mesh hold the dome.

Analogue Elevation Training Mask 2.0; in a set of 3 sets of valves of different resistance.

For workout, gymnastics, martial arts. Ideal for working through the core muscles.

The best professional adjustable expander, you can train your fingers separately.

Reduced version, ideal for training with rubber loops, very comfortable.

Chrome handles, soft and gentle knurling, blackened spring. The ends of the handles are smoothly polished.

Maximum grade, updated military design, user weight up to 180 kg.

The most popular neck extenders, world standard.

Professional rings made of high quality birch plywood with increased strength.

300 workouts

Diameter 70 mm, made of high density polymer composite.

Diameter 70 mm (the largest dilators) length 125 mm, an advanced version of the Fat Gripz.

Reinforced carabiner and improved sling adjustment mechanism.

Wide gymnastic press roller with comfortable handles.

Based on soft rubber with a grooved surface, ideal for horizontal bar, barbells and dumbbells.

Rubber coated steel hooks, sealed cuff, load up to 300 kg.

100% hypoallergenic cotton with a soft neoprene insert.

Rubber stitched "Duragrip" To prevent slipping, rigidly fixed on the wrist.

Professional version, plastic handles with bearings, cables are threaded into swivel heads.

Professional version, wooden handles with bearings, steel cable with PVC coating.

Aviation aluminum handles with cross grooved and integrated bearings.

Velcro elastic wristbands (pair) "Velcro" with a loop for catching the thumb.

Rigid fixation to avoid injury and improve the efficiency of training.

Protection of knees from injuries when squatting, deadlift, weightlifting elements.

Lightweight and high-quality boxing ball, perfect rebound and rigidity

We recommend using neck extenders

Fat Gripz for training with loops.

You can buy here.

Sports rubber band – latex simulator for strength training. Helps to build muscle, improve their tone and bring the body into shape. The harness allows you to increase the load with standard basic exercises and reduce to increase the number of approaches. It is irreplaceable during the warm-up, rehabilitation after injuries and the development of new exercises, where the athlete is even given the first approach with difficulty.

In our online store you can buy a sports rubber plait for training for strength, endurance, and are suitable as warming up shells. Original pure latex HVAT harnesses. Will serve for many years.

  • Advantages of training: the main advantages of training with a sports harness for punches and kicks.
  • Basic exercises with a projectile. The use of sports harnesses for training in basic exercises – deadlift and squats.
  • Sports Rubber Plait – Exercises and Training Features. Exercises with a sports harness – half-amplitude squats, press up with one hand and lift the arm to the side.
  • Use a harness for shoulder training. Exercises with a rubber band for training shoulders.
  • Use harness for training hands. Features of training, problems, use of pumping.
  • Opportunities harness for training skiers. Building a training process.
  • Recovery training after injuries, sprains.

What it is?

Sports harness is made of rubber or a flat piece of latex tape. Thanks to the multi-layer production technology, the tension force and the load at each point are evenly distributed, which allows using it for training of any type. Suitable for both professional athletes and those who want to tighten their muscles, increase the tone of the whole body. Can be used for workouts in the gym or at home and even in the pool.


Sports harness – a simple but effective simulator. Training with a rubber expander is an opportunity:

  • improve muscle tone;
  • work out individual muscle groups;
  • independently and gradually increase the load;
  • complicate or simplify the usual exercises – pulling up, lifting the barbell;
  • to bring the body into shape in any convenient place: in the gym, at the cottage or on the beach;
  • work on the coordination of movements. In exercises with training harness there is tension. This requires stabilization of the whole body, helps to improve coordination and balance, use more muscles;
  • save on trips to the gym and the purchase of expensive simulators – the price of rubber harnesses starts from 400 rubles. and depends on the level of resistance.

What is it needed for?

Rubber harness is designed for:

  • Perform strength exercises. It is used as a weighting agent: it is fastened at one end to the rod, the second – to the floor. This allows you to create additional resistance, to master the proper raising and lowering of the bar, evenly distributing the load on the muscles of the arms.
  • Occupation wrestling. The rubber expander helps to develop the strength of a particular muscle group, to pump muscles, which cannot be increased by training on standard simulators.
  • Training at home. Rubber harness – compact and easy to use sports equipment. With it, you can pump up the press, tighten your arms, buttocks and adjust the shape of the hips. The main thing – to choose the right set of exercises.
  • Reducing stress on the muscles during workouts. Most often used by novice athletes. The expander helps to learn how to push-up and pull up on the uneven bars, the crossbar – contributes to the smooth distribution of the load on the arm muscles.

The use of a sports rubber band is also relevant for rehabilitation purposes – when performing exercises aimed at recovering from a serious injury or operation.

Conventionally, rubber harnesses are divided into 2 types:

  1. training Such harnesses are designed for enhanced muscle training, body contour modeling. Suitable for training in the hall under the supervision of a coach or at home. The color of such harnesses is green, blue, black;
  2. warming up. They create a small resistance, suitable for warm-up and full-fledged training of women and children.

Depending on the purpose of the application, these mini-simulators are distinguished:

  1. gymnastic harness – used to warm up muscles, in bodybuilding, wrestling, boxing and weightlifting to increase muscle strength and endurance;
  2. tubular expander. Equipped with handles. Used to work the shoulders, chest and arm muscles;
  3. rubber tape. Suitable for exercises aimed at training the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs.

Harness training

The harness can be used as an independent simulator or in combination with other projectiles. Can be attached to the horizontal bar or parallel bars, held by the legs or hands.

A set of exercises to perform in the gym

Prepared by a specialist, depending on the level of physical fitness, the desire to achieve a certain result. May include such exercises:

  1. Attached in the middle of the harness to the simulator for working on the shoulder muscles. Holding the expander by both ends (handles), we spread our arms to the sides, lift and lower. In the same position and with the back arched, we stretch our arms forward, bend and unbend at the elbows.
  2. We fix the expander at the bottom of the simulator, its other end – fasten to the leg. Move the limb to the side, then back and forth. We change the leg and repeat the exercise.
  3. Having fastened the harness, bend and unbend arms in elbows, imitating squeezing of a bar. We perform actions in a sitting position with a flat back.

Before performing the exercises, light warm-up is performed to warm up the muscles. Completing the complex is recommended breathing exercises.

Training at home

Classes with a harness at home are almost the same as training in the gym. The following exercises help to bring the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and abs into tonus:

  1. We stand on the harness, take the edge in his hands. Raise and lower limbs. Without changing the starting position, we do the bending with our hands (with two or two turns), then we pull the edges of the harness to the chin.
  2. Holding the harness in the palms at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders, we wound the head. Slowly spread our arms to the side.
  3. Raise straight arms with a harness in front of you, send to the side.
  4. We become feet on the expander, slightly lean forward (keep posture). Grabbing the ends of the harness, raise your arms and direct you to your belt (working on the latissimus dorsi).
  5. We fix the harness behind the back (sofa legs will do), we hold the ends of the sports equipment in our hands. We work out the press – we perform twisting.
  6. We wrap the tourniquet through the upper back, pass the ends through the thumbs, take the position of the “bar”. Holding the abdominal muscles and buttocks tense, gently lowering down. Then, just as slowly, without sudden jerks, we rise up to the full extension of the arms.

For training the lower press, legs, thighs and buttocks, you must use a loop in the form of a loop. Recommended exercises:

  1. We put one end of the harness on the neck, the second – we hold it with our feet. We do squats, bending your knees at a 90º angle.
  2. Fix the simulator on the legs, take the position of “bar”. We take aside the left, then the right leg.
  3. The position of the rubber band is the same as the previous exercise. Lie on your back. Extend alternately legs up.
  4. In a standing position, keeping the loop on the shins, we swing our legs to the sides, forward and back.
  5. We have a simulator slightly below the ankles. We put the legs shoulder-width apart, creating tension on the harness, and bend our knees slightly. We shift the weight to the side, stepping sideways with the foot. We make several such steps with the harness retained in the tensioned state. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  6. We tie a harness around the legs in the area above the knees. We lay on our backs, we place our feet in the floor. Slowly raise the pelvis until the hips and shoulders and will not be on the same line. Hold the position for 4-5 seconds, then smoothly return to the starting position, relaxing the gluteal muscles.

Exercises with a rubber band can be performed in random order 10-15 times. Gradually increase the load to 2-3 approaches. If the classes seem too simple, you can pick up the harness with great resistance.

We offer inexpensive and effective sports training harnesses. These are products of the HVAT brand, traditionally made of very high quality latex. All you have to do is pick up the necessary models and build a training process. Specialists of the company will help to make a choice, advise on the purchase.

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