Why do the fingers of the right hand go numb

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Good day, dear colleagues!

You took Valdai out of production and, allegedly, replaced it with the Lawn next to it! This is a substitution.

We, the consumer, need a car of the Valdai type, with its Gazelevsky driveability in courtyards and narrow streets, garage arrays and car parks filled with cars, with its consumption of 12-15 liters, its versatility.

We do not need a rattle – Lawn nekst, elephant-like, not agile, gluttonous, not able to go anywhere – opposite Valdai, stop by!

Do you not understand that you are losing a whole niche of consumers !?

We hope that the plant will create something like Valdai!

We read and cry, you keep us for morons! “Valdai is out of production due to lack of demand!” We searched for special equipment factories, telephoned all corners of Russia, and only answered that Valdai was removed, and everyone is calling and looking, looking for and looking for …

The lack of demand for your products is simply explained!

Until that time, the intercooler copper pipes will be screwed to the power parts of the car with the bracket ala GAZ – with a metal tape for a bolt without any rubber gasket between them and it will be there now, demand will fall.

As long as the laborers at the official service will fasten the gimbal without putting the shovel on the rover, explaining – because it was so from the factory, it will still be there.

Change mentality, improve quality. It is not enough to enter the price from one and a half to one and a half; it is necessary to create a product corresponding to the price, and not a miserable likeness!

Sometimes it is hard to believe that Gas 66, 69, the legendary lorry, was produced in the same place as modern cars with the GAZ logo!

250000km drip radiator replacement under warranty, frontal flowed sealed with sealant under warranty, front stabilizer bracket fell off, (ABS indicator was lit and the yellow indicator of the motor stopped working cruise) – cause the brake light switch was unscrewed on the pedal

Why do the fingers of the right hand go numb

Hello everyone, the fact that the gazelle can carry 3 tons is a fact, he drove more than once! but how a gazelle carries these 3 tons is another question. of course, it is not intended for this weight .. truckers told me that they carry 5 tons on gazelles in the Caucasus, the janitor is boosted into the frame and the road goes .. I have no lawn, I have no problems, the vibasta stopped working! mileage of 23,000 km. on the whole, he was pleased with the car, he made a good mater on it, the only thing I want is to put a pneumatic suspension and imported tubeless rubber on it .. my dear child is not childish .. there is no need to smear our auto industry because the price justifies the quality. I know not by hearsay. I had a Valdai himself, he ran through my 120,000 battles, and I know many with the same result without problems.

Seryozh, but almost 4 tons is an obvious bust. Even 3 tons.

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