What to wear with a leather jacket

With the advent of heat, I want to quickly try on fashionable novelties. Finally, beautiful clothes do not hide under coats and fur coats, which means it’s worth a hundred times more serious to update your wardrobe than in cold weather. In winter, you can forgive yourself for an old stretched sweater and outdated jeans – anyway, a long down jacket will hide all the nuances. But when the sun warms, every minute you have to look spick and span.

Fortunately, the fashion "spring-summer" 2019 fully provides us with interesting trends. Leaders of all current fashion-reports of the year are practical, but often unusual things. The tendencies are still multi-layered image and a combination of motley, seemingly incompatible, prints. It is worth noting that the trend of multi-layered clothing has changed a bit, evolved. If earlier we independently connected trousers with long tunics and T-shirts over, now clothes factories have taken this function upon themselves.

Here you will get acquainted with fashionable blouses fall-winter 2018-2019 variants of the photo.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – pastel colors

The dresses of pastel tones, which fashion designers recommend to wear to women of fashion in 2018-19, are special for them: Blurred and subtle colors. The combination of delicate salad tones with ashen – pink. Peach and beige. In general, we can say this: the main thing this season is to create a feminine image. It is difficult to overdo it; fashion 2018–19 permits the use of an abundance of such elements of clothing that enhance and emphasize women’s fragility, tenderness, and vulnerability. One should not neglect the further advice of fashion experts. Although forecasts change extremely rarely, sometimes this still happens.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – classic

Classic – it would seem that everything is already clear to everyone, well, why describe everything all over again? However, today the classics may become something new and unusual. First, it is important to determine the colors for the classics. These are: burgundy, black, white, brown, beige shades, dark brown, neutral and pastel colors. The combination of colors is insanely beautiful, which is to say about things. Classics have become an integral part of our life, we can already say a certain element of everyday life, used at work, at school or at university.

What to wear with a leather jacket

In the trend of the spring season 2019, there will necessarily be pants, a pencil skirt, shirts, all possible pastel colors, and most importantly, strict lines that emphasize the appearance of the lady. Trousers never go out of fashion, because they are the main attribute of strict clothing. The main thing is to choose pants that perfectly emphasize your silhouette. The skirt should be given no less attention, since it is its length and shape that will help both to hide and highlight any of your shortcomings. The combination of a skirt or trousers with some official shirt, having thrown over a jacket, will look elegant and beautiful.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – chess prints

The sets of women’s clothing made up of skirts, trousers and blouses, dresses and jackets made of black and white fabrics look elegant and very elegant. It does not matter, it is a cell or a strip, a small black flower or pea, the main thing in combination of black and white. Everything is possible, but within the framework of these two colors: Classic white blouse with black lace and black skirt, pleated to the floor. Classic little black dress in combination with white accessories (scarf and shoes, while the scarf can be in small black polka dots or striped). Black trousers with white pockets, zipper, and also stitched with white threads. They can be worn with a black blouse.

What to wear with a leather jacket

Fashion bows boho spring 2019

Boho is a combination that is not compatible at first glance, however, it is not. This style allows you to combine expensive dresses with absolutely cheap things from the market, while all this nonsense only complements the image and in no way spoils it. The boho style resembles a matryoshka, as many would say, but in fact, ideally combined correctly selected things will not look like you on a doll. That’s all. In the spring of 2019 it will be nice to wear a flared dress with some shoes or a skirt to the floor with a turtleneck and a wide coat. Boho style consists of a combination of different colors, hats, jeans, skirts and everything that you want. The main thing is not to be afraid to combine and then you will succeed.

Here you will get acquainted with fashionable evening dresses fall-winter 2018-2019 with new photo options.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – flared

So, the summer fashion of 2018-19 years makes it possible to recall all the fashionable elements of women’s clothing of the late 70-80s. Well forgotten flared pants. Now they can be sewn from fabrics of monochromatic and floral colors. The main thing to observe the basic rule of cutting pants of this type, namely, actively narrowed at the top, they dramatically increase the volume below the knee from the bottom. The same with skirts. The long-forgotten flared skirts are back to the streets of all cities. The thicker the skirt, the richer the volume, the better!

It can be sewn from silk or cotton fabrics with the addition of synthetic threads. Advice: it is not recommended to sew sun flares from completely natural fabrics, in everyday life they are not very convenient, as they undergo shrinkage and deformation when worn and washed. Bottom flared items can be decorated with ruffles, ruffles or lace. In this case, laces and frills can be sewn several rows.

Fashion bows grunge spring 2019

Grunge – a kind of fateful style for brave and confident girls. This style includes cowboy hats, leather jackets, oversized jackets, boots with thick soles or shoes with a square thick heel. Considering the spring 2019 season, it is worth noting that in order to prepare for it and be the most beautiful and stylish, you should buy a pair of three black denim shorts in different shades, boots, a checked shirt and some leather with various emblems. This image is impressive, isn’t it?

Is the grunge style a bad taste or a fight with fashion? Your bold outfit will complement the scarlet lipstick on the lips, loose and slightly disheveled hair and all sorts of jewelry. For parties, choose a black dress, lace or not, depending on your taste. Add to the dress choker and handbag with a thin strap. This style attracts views, because not everyone will dare to take a risk and choose something new for himself exactly today.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – closed and open areas of the body

The idea is that summer women’s clothing, combining simultaneously chastity (length to the floor, hands closed) and accessible openness (high cuts, deep cleavage), helps create an image that excites the male imagination. The shoulders remain open in the summer of 2018–19, there are high cuts on the sides of the long dress, you can bare even the shoulder blades – all this will be very sexy.

What is fashionable to wear in the spring of 2019 – 3 things in one

Much has already been said about multi-layer clothing. This trend is a real test for those who are afraid or shy of combining things in non-standard ways. If you are not confident in your abilities, or you think that a warm sweater is not combined with thin T-shirts that look out from under it, or are completely worn over it, this fashionable trend will interest you at least. Many famous designers are using the opportunity to demonstrate in one thing – a blouse, a sundress or trousers – several of their ideas at once. Feel free to choose pants with different trousers – for example, combining denim and guipure, wool and leather. Closer to the summer will be very relevant thin dress-shirts, sewn from large patches, and the May holidays can be found in a sundress with a jacket, "tied" on the chest for the sleeves. Yes, in fact, it is sewn.

Here you will get acquainted with fashion gloves and scarves autumn-winter 2018-2019 photos.

What is fashionable to wear in spring 2019 – court shoes

There is no such female wardrobe, in which there would be no shoes, boats. According to all the fashionable rules, the presence of black, red and beige (in skin tone) boats is a must! In 2019, non-standard shoes will be added to this row. Fully covered in sequins, made up of several types of leather, with prints and patterns – nothing to do with a single classic. In trends of boats with transparent plastic inserts and large bows, shoes with voluminous satin ribbons and unusual stiletto heels, often from the most unexpected materials.

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