Toes hurt when walking

The drug Alflutop has anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective properties. Effective in diseases of the bone, articular and cartilage tissue. The action of the drug is also aimed at eliminating pain and active tissue regeneration in various forms of osteoarthritis. Alflutop is able to establish a healthy metabolic process in cartilage tissue.

The drug is released to patients only according to the prescription of the doctor. Independent purchase and use of medication without prescription is impossible.

Pharmacological action of the drug Alflutop

The main action of Alflutop is focused on removing the inflammatory process and relieving the joint. As a chondroprotector, the drug reduces the activity of certain enzymes, including hyaluronidase.

The drug actively reduces the process of destruction of the connective tissue, and also significantly reduces the permeability of capillaries. Trophic effect due to being in the composition of the drug, proteoglycans.

Due to its properties, the drug quickly copes with pain in a calm state and during movement of the joint. The pain is significantly reduced when walking on a straight surface, and in some cases makes walking on steps easier. Local tissue swelling is significantly reduced.

Alflutop improves the motor ability of diseased joints, and also increases the amplitude of movements. Instructions for use of the drug indicate that already on day 8 of the course of Alflutop therapy the patient feels a significant decrease in inflammation.

The main active ingredient of Alflutop is an extract from marine fish (about 100 mg). The active part of the drug contains the following components:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • chondroitin sulfate;
  • mucopolysaccharides;
  • polypeptides;
  • creatine sulfate;
  • dermatan sulfate;
  • magnesium ions;
  • rosemary essential oil;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • potassium.

Among the additional components emit phenol and water for injection.

Release form

Alflutop is produced under the guise of solution for injection and gel for external use. The solution for injection is packaged in 1 ml ampoules. One cardboard pack contains 10 ampoules. Gel for external use is available in tubes of 30 g.

In tablet form, the drug is not available. However, there are a number of drugs-analogues that produce medicines with similar properties. Most often these are pills and capsules.

Dosing and Administration

The drug is used for intramuscular injections in the treatment of polyosteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis. The average daily dosage of 1 ml. On average, 1 course of Alflutop therapy involves about 20 injections of this drug.

In case of joint damage by arthrosis or injury, the alflutop is inserted directly into the joint. In one joint injected 2 ml at a time. The procedure is performed 1 time in 3 days. After 6 injections into the joint, the drug continues to be administered intramuscularly. Repetition of treatment is required after 4-6 months. A more effective drug is when combined with intramuscular injections with injections into the joints.

The dosage of the drug varies as follows:

  • With osteochondrosis and polyosteoarthrosis – intramuscularly, 1 ml per day. The course is 20 days (1 injection per day).
  • With the defeat of large joints – 1 or 2 ml per day intra-articular. The interval between injections is about 4 days. In total, the course includes about 6 injections in each of the joints. It is advisable to repeat the course 6 months after consulting the doctor.

Ointment, as a means applied topically, is applied to the place of active pain about 2-3 times a day. A full course of treatment lasts no more than 3 months. In case of prolongation of the course of treatment, negative dynamics of the disease may develop.

Indications for use Alflutop following:

  • Spondylosis;
  • Gonarthrosis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Coxarthrosis;
  • Osteoarthritis of small and large joints of the arms and legs;
  • The consequences of injury or postoperative damage to the musculoskeletal system;
  • Dysostosis traumatic type;
  • Periarthritis;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Paradontopathy;
  • Ossification disorders.

If the patient suffers from a herniated spine of the sequestered type, the drug is prescribed as one of the components of the complex treatment. When this disease occurs, the use of chondroprotectors allows you to stop the development of degenerative type changes in the disks. As a result, in a patient with a sequestered hernia, the intensity of the pain drops significantly. The center of the inflammatory process is stopped, and the mobility of the diseased vertebrae is improved.

In those cases where there is no improvement in 2-3 weeks after the start of treatment, the doctor makes a decision about the operation.

Alflutop is also prescribed in case of tissue diseases of the near-tooth zone (parodont). In these cases, the drug can restore damaged tissue, and can also improve the effectiveness of local treatment of dental disease.


The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. Alflutop is not used in childhood and adolescence. Also one of the main contraindications are allergic reactions to medicinal components, including seafood.

Side effects

If the drug is administered intramuscularly, patients may experience some local reactions, including:

A natural reaction after administration is increased pain in the joints and muscle tissue, the development of allergic reactions is rarely observed.

Some patients may experience anaphylactic shock. Since this complication is dangerous to the health and life of the patient, it is recommended to begin therapy in a hospital or clinic environment. Thus, it becomes possible to provide medical care.

Most patients are interested in the possibility of combining Alflutop with strong drinks. Experts indicate that during the period of the disease any alcoholic beverages should be excluded.

Instructions for use Alflutop has no data on the ban on the reception of strong drinks during the passage of therapy with this drug. Competent doctors recommend limiting alcohol intake to a minimum and be sure to monitor its quality.


If the patient clearly observes the dosage that was prescribed to him by the attending physician, an overdose of Alflutop is ruled out. In cases where the dose of the drug is much higher than necessary, the characteristic suspicious symptoms occur only in those people who are especially prone to allergic reactions and have any allergic diseases. In such situations, all sorts of side effects of drugs appear in a strengthened form. So, it is necessary to urgently stop the use of Alflutop and contact a medical institution for help.

Often, Alflutop is tolerated by patients normally. It is worth noting its compatibility with other drugs.

Storage conditions

Store the drug should be in a dark place, hidden from sunlight. The temperature at which Alflutop should be stored is from +8 to +15 degrees Celsius. Do not store medicines in a place accessible to children and animals. If ointment gets on the mucous eye, it is worth rinsing them under running water.

After the expiration date, the use of Alflutop is not possible, as it may harm the patient. If the drug is stored incorrectly, the expiration date may go well ahead of time. The spoiled drug changes its structure. When it is applied, allergic reactions and side effects may occur.

The average price for Alflutop injections (10 ampoules) is:

  • In Russia – 1580 rub.
  • In Ukraine – 690 UAH
  • In the Republic of Belarus – 50 rub.

The price of the drug may vary depending on the region where the drug is sold, as well as from the country of origin and the specific pharmaceutical company. In Russia, the most affordable prices for the drug are in the city of St. Petersburg.

Toes hurt when walking

Analogues of the drug Alflutop

Under conditions when, for whatever reason, it becomes impossible to get Alflutop, doctors prescribe analogues. By their properties, they are not inferior in their effectiveness to the original drug, but may differ slightly in price.

  • Rumalon – a drug that is closest in its properties to Alflutop. The composition of the product includes glucose-glycine-optic complexes obtained from the cartilage tissue of young calves. Rumalon has similar indications as Alflutop. The drug is produced in ampoules.
  • Chondrogard – synthesized from chemical raw materials. Used by patients in the form of injections. The drug has actually similar indications for use as Alflutop. However, due to the fact that the tool is not made from natural raw materials, it has several more contraindications that should be taken into account.
  • Mucosat – a natural product made from the tracheal cartilage of calves. Strengthens the synthesis of cartilage in the joints that were affected by the disease. The tool affects not only cartilage, but also bone, which allows to increase the amount of synovial fluid.

Recall 1: Stepan

Toes hurt when walking

I have suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee for 12 years. Rather, due to age and the fact that he worked half his life at a metallurgical plant. My doctor prescribed Alflutop ointment. I have been using for about six months. In comparison with other drugs, the effect is much better. The pain goes away for a long time and does not torment for a long time. In the past two years, I could not even normally go down from the 4th floor. Now, before going out, I rub the sore knee with the gel and calmly go shopping. I advise people with the same problem to contact their doctors and suggest this drug to continue treatment. The result is very good!

Recall 2: Svetlana

I had a sports injury after which I was prescribed Alfotop injections. There was a fracture of the patella and a strong sprain. Injections in the knee, of course painful, but the result was very good, I recovered quickly enough. More than a year has passed and only the pain “for the weather” remained of the residual effects. A good drug and as for chondroprotectors is not very expensive.

Recall 3: Anna

My mother began to have arthrosis of fingers on her hands when she was 45 years old. He progressed rather slowly, small bumps began to appear, his fingers ached, and his wrists ached a lot. They tried to be treated by one of the city doctors, but the disease didn’t stop and even accelerated. Cones on the joints began to hurt her so that she did not sleep for several days in a row. Then we went to another clinic and we were prescribed Alflutop in combination with other drugs. The price of the drug is not the smallest, but the effect is good. Now we use ointment to relieve pain and seasonal inflammation. Well, be sure to recommend everyone to review your diet. Porridge with milk, cottage cheese and vegetables – that’s what you need to eat with such a serious illness as arthrosis.

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