Pimple in the navel

The languid looks of oriental princesses, the aroma of coffee and incense, delicate silk and glitter of gold … A party in the style of 1000 and 1 night is a fascinating journey into a fairy-tale kingdom under the intoxicating sounds of Arabic music. A bright flash of the holiday will explode the gray days with colorful fireworks!


Invite guests to the vizier’s chambers or the eastern tent! You can create the right atmosphere both at home and in a luxurious room. The easiest option is to rent tents and relax in nature, although such a party will require considerable expenses.

For your own scenery, you will need a lot of silk fabric or satin in red, gold or lilac. Drape the walls and part of the ceiling, starting from the center of the room. Instead of fabric, you can use brown gilded wallpaper, imitating carpet pattern. Hang up gold beads, serpentine, curtain brushes. Hide modern furniture under the covers or remove all unnecessary, leaving a few soft chairs and low sofas. You can sit on the floor, on colorful silk pillows. Cover the floor with Persian rugs or bright woven rugs.

Hang weapons on the walls – scimitars, sabers, swords and daggers. They can be cut out of cardboard and covered with silver paint (the weapon will come in handy according to the scenario, let it be easily removed from the walls). Place tall earthenware jugs or artificial palm trees in the corners. Place large wrought-iron trays with various fruits and sweets on low tables. Hookahs, peacock feathers, copper and brass utensils, photos of Baghdad, oases, caravans, oriental markets will ideally fit into the situation. Do not overdo it by placing scented candles and incense – not all guests will like the heavy smell.

The costume party “Thousand and One Nights” is an opportunity to boast slender legs, wasp waist and smooth seductive curves. Short beaded tops, silk wide trousers or loose skirts with cuts on the sides, large bright decorations on the wrists and ankles. Bright makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, fluffy curls, long claws, piercing or rhinestone in the navel, headband, large ringing earrings – oriental princess fully armed!

Men’s suits are no less colorful. The image chosen for the party can be any hero of 1000 and 1 fairy tales – a rich vizier, an Arab warrior, or a sneaky city thief (maybe Aladdin himself?). Belted sharovars, a vest on a naked body or over a shirt, a turban – the richer the fabric, the more complex the pattern, the higher the social status of the guest. On the belt of a prosperous caliph hangs a tight purse, clearly stuffed with gold coins, in the sheath of a warrior – a sharp scimitar, the thief hides a bundle of master keys in the folds of clothes.

Pimple in the navel

Serving and menu

Seat guests as it will be more convenient for everyone, any option will suit:

  • low tables and comfortable soft ottomans;
  • pillows around a common couch;
  • several tables for 3-5 persons;
  • common table, covered with a silk cut or woven patterned rug.

The main decoration will be metal dishes. You can paint with gold paint and paste over with “precious” stones a simple set. Meals are common, stuffed with homemade oriental food – meat roast, rice, stewed mutton with vegetables. Surprise guests by preparing several dishes according to national recipes. Do not forget the eastern bread – cakes, pita bread, cereal buns.

For dessert, offer traditional oriental sweets (Turkish delight, baklava, candied fruits, sherbet, halva, etc.) sprinkled with nuts and powdered sugar. Do not do without dried fruit and fresh fruits (peaches, pomegranates, figs, grapes, melons). Fruit and grape wines are in favor, although any drink poured into a stylized decanter will not fall out of topic.


The wise Shakherezad, a thin thread connecting all the novels of the Thousand and One Nights collection, told her husband a fairy tale of various contents. The leading roles were assigned to the real heroes, now to the thieving commoners. But they were all cunning, dexterous, clever. Wait for the script around the main idea of ​​fairy tales: boldly walk towards your goal, and you will certainly achieve it. Under the eastern music that blows the horizon, hold a competition:

Pimple in the navel

1. The most dexterous (cardboard swords, pair fight). The goal is to hit an opponent in the hull three times without letting the enemy weapon “pierce” your camp. More for men, but some women also wish to wave the scimitar!

2. The most accurate. Throw darts or spears at the target with the image of a Persian thug. For a laugh, you can twist the arrow several times before throwing, or even blindfold him (but then the leader should put the guest to the target himself).

Pimple in the navel

3. The wisest caliph. Prepare several oriental puzzles that guests must quickly answer. For example, whom does the caravan meet often, the vizier is rare, and the sultan never? (equal)

4. The most charming princess. Competition for the best belly dancer. It is desirable that the lead or guest animator tells the girls how to move. You can include a video with a clip in the topic.

5. The most articulate vizier (cards with inscriptions – jumped pimple, huge nose curve, bald spot, and other imperfections). A guest who draws a card should, with an oriental flavor, praise the peculiarity of the unfortunate.

The basis of the competitions can be taken stories of fairy tales. For example, in the novel “Sly salesman” a beggar bought a tin bowl, which supposedly turns everything into gold (cook and stir, but in no case think about the dancing bear, otherwise it will not work). Of course, the beggar could not get the dancing bear out of his head and did not make any gold. Offer guests to sell a broken coat hanger, a bald toilet brush and other ridiculous things, coming up with a use for them and in every way extolling the useless goods.

Prepare awards to all guests of the party – books “One Thousand and One Nights”, disks with films in the subject, bracelets, earrings and silk scarves for girls, souvenir daggers with memorable inscriptions for men.

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