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Our visitor under the name Ravshan reports the following information:

Good day! Want to write the truth write about Nougat Best, Happy dream, Ceragem. Their halls are located throughout Russia, and under the guise of medical devices they sell ordinary household products! They do not have registration certificates issued by the Ministry of Health. It’s interesting that their goods produced in Korea are sold in Russia at inflated prices! In Korea, these products are 3 times cheaper. Even in China, one more information even to all these companies imposed a ban on distribution, while in Russia they quietly engage in charlatanry and extort money from pensioners.

Indeed, Russia has recently been swept by an epidemic of therapeutic massage beds and related accessories based on tourmaline ceramics. Promotion of these techniques is rather unusual for our country – it is not just advertising and selling: In many large cities centers are being opened where you can try various procedures for free. Of course, in this way, multistep processing of clients, especially pensioners, is carried out. Unfortunately, against the background of our not very advanced and caring official medicine – people are drawn to friendly and conditionally free healers. As a result, retirees do not noticeably go into debt, but this is a business model – nothing free just happens.

Numb toes

The Korean company Nuga Medical Co., Ltd is widely known in its homeland and has been active in many countries of the world for several years. A business model with salons, free trial procedures and attentive staff was invented in Korea, and in the same way is exported to other countries. This even underlines the company’s motto:

We serve humanity in harmony with our hearts, bringing health, integrity and love. In our stores, using new technologies of health and unique marketing, we achieve our main goal – to make people happy!

However, our visitor in his critical message is largely right:

International medicine is skeptical of these treatments, for example, Ceragem beds are prohibited in the US. I must say that Russia, represented by Roszdravnadzor, prohibits entire lists of tourmaline therapeutic devices, and even specific products of Nougat Best. About this we regularly write on the site. The vast majority of the salons in Russia do not have medical skills and education, and the Nuga Best products themselves are not registered as medical at all, the salons often do not have licenses for medical and preventive activities, and the certificates of medical devices are written out on electric heaters (!).

Many practicing Russian doctors are critical of the Nuga Best procedures, although there is still no consensus. Doctors reviews about Nuga Best do not inspire optimism:

I have a lot of patients on the site who went to these “nougat-bestes”, moreover, to its different departments in the city where these beds stand. Those pensioners who were treated, roughly speaking, for free, they have long been dead. They died from oncology. Both men and women. Many of them were delivered to the ward with heart attacks and with a breakdown of the heart rhythm. There were also many who survived a stroke after the “procedures”.

In this light of contraindication to the use of massage beds, it is important to know:

• herniated intervertebral discs,

• uterine fibroids with hemorrhagic syndrome (there is bleeding),

• acute febrile diseases (increased body temperature),

• infectious diseases (herpes, dysentery, etc.),

• heart rhythm disorder,

• osteoporosis of the last stage,

In addition, it is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women, people with cardiac pacemakers, children with an unformed bone structure, people who have problems with blood circulation, spinal injuries and prostheses. Salon personnel in pursuit of profit may not be interested in your diagnosis. Moreover, these organizations do not bear responsibility for the harm to the patient’s health, since they are not medical. The prices for Nuga Best devices in Russia are indeed much higher than Korean ones. Dear visitors, be sure to leave your feedback and comments on the salons and products of Nuga Best, if you have important and useful information or expert opinion.

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