Men’s Body Mass Index

Ideal weight: how to calculate body mass index (BMI)?

Calculate your ideal weight at least once tried almost everyone. There are many formulas by which you can determine whether your body weight is normal. The simplest method of calculating the normal body weight is: height minus 100 – for men and height minus 110 – for women.

However, this approach does not give a true idea of ​​whether this particular person is overweight.

It is clear that people with asthenic build will weigh less than normosteniki, and normostones less than wide bone. In addition, the excess muscle mass in an athlete can be interpreted as obesity, or vice versa, the body weight of an asthenic teenage girl is considered insufficient.

Ideal weight

Currently ideal weight (normal body weight) is determined using a number of indicators that take into account the characteristic features of the structure of the individual. This approach allows you to more accurately determine whether you have overweight, which, by the way, from a medical point of view, may not be obese at all.

Obesity rates

Although we are accustomed, following the fashion, to hang yakly obesity on anyone who does not look like anorexic catwalk beauties, there are a number of medical indicators for diagnosing this serious disease that are very different from our aesthetic ideas about beauty.

Endocrinologists distinguish 4 degrees of obesity. With 1 degree of obesity, overweight exceeds ideal, or normal – 10-29%, with 2 degrees of obesity – by 30-49%, with 3 degrees of obesity – by 50-99%, with 4 degrees of obesity – 100% more.

To determine what degree of obesity this or that person suffers, it remains to find out what is normal or ideal body weight.

What should be the ideal weight (ideal body weight)

The most scientifically sound, justified in practice and simple to measure, is such an indicator as body mass index (BMI). The body mass index allows you to determine the degree of redundancy or insufficiency of body weight.

Determination of body mass index (BMI)

From a medical point of view, body weight is considered to be normal in a rather wide range, which depends on the structure of the body, age, sex, race and

How to calculate body mass index (BMI)

Body mass index can be calculated by the formula:

The body mass index in kilograms should be divided by the height indicator in meters, squared,

For example, a person’s weight = 85 kg, height = 164 cm. Therefore, the BMI in this case is: BMI = 85: (

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