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Girls who want to look feminine and stylish, often choose dresses decorated with leather inserts. These items of clothing look very original and at the same time allow you to create many interesting images.

In the fashion collections presented such a variety of stylish options that every girl will be able to choose the right outfit. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of his figure and skillfully complement the garment with appropriate accessories.


How to choose a stylish outfit on the figure? ^

Dress with leather inserts looks quite extravagant and interesting. This is an ideal option for those girls who do not dare to purchase a completely leather model.

The combination of leather with a woolen cloth or knitwear always looks extraordinary and at the same time has an extraordinary practicality. This outfit looks appropriate in any situation. In addition, with its help you can easily adjust the features of the figure.

    Type of hourglass figure. Girls with such a physique have hips and shoulders of the same width and an underlined waistline.

Therefore, they can easily afford any such product with leather inserts. The only exceptions are baggy styles, which are ways to make the figure more voluminous.

Type of figure "inverted triangle." Such girls have narrow hips, rather massive shoulders and an unclear waist.

That is why they should choose trapezoid cut outfits. To draw attention to the lower part of the body and make the figure more proportional, leather elements may be present at the hem of the skirt – for example, it can be patch pockets.

But from the dresses with a square neckline or sleeves, lanterns should be abandoned.

Type of figure "apple". In this case, the hips and shoulders are about the same, in addition, there is a protruding tummy. To look slimmer, you should choose options with longitudinal lines.

Their role can be performed vertically located inserts from the skin. Also an excellent option would be an outfit with a bright skirt that will distract attention from the unclear waist.

Type of shape "rectangle". These girls have shoulders, waist and hips are about the same size. To make the figure more feminine, it is worth choosing things with a wide leather insert on the belt.

Underline models will help to emphasize breasts. At the same time, outfits with straight cut will have to be abandoned, since they will only single out the imperfections of the figure.

  • Type of figure "pear". These girls are characterized by narrow shoulders, a pronounced waistline and fairly full hips. To look attractive, you should choose outfits with a bright top.
  • An excellent option would be dresses, complemented by a leather corset. But from the direct models it is better to refuse, because they emphasize the shortcomings of the figure.

    If you want to attract attention to yourself, look at the white dresses with a gold belt, this is a very popular combination of colors now, be in trend!

    Cocktail dresses look very attractive at any party, if you are a Moscow resident, read here about where to buy such a dress in the capital, what to wear with it, how much it costs, feedback from owners and much more!

    Current models ^

    Dresses, complemented by leather details, for many years do not leave the fashion catwalks. They help to correct the features of the figure, and therefore are very popular among many girls.

    Such outfits can be seen in the collections of brands such as ZARA, Dresses Unlimited, L’Agence, Stradivarius, Paola Morena.

    The most popular and current models include the following:

      1. Black dress with leather details. Classic black product, complemented by elements of leather, looks more original and unusual.

      Matte details made of fine leather perfectly harmonize with wool, cashmere, and knitwear. This outfit is perfect for a strict office setting and meeting with friends – it all depends on the accessories. An interesting option would also be a stylish sleeveless robe, which can be complemented with capes or a bolero.

      • Red product with leather details. Thanks to the bright color, you can create a surprisingly stylish and memorable image. The ideal option would be a sheath dress of medium length.

      In this case, too bright shades of red should not be chosen – a wine, burgundy, coral color is much more suitable. The dress should be quite concise, so you should not choose things with the decor in the form of accessories, perforations, lacing. The cut of the red dress with leather elements should be extremely simple and concise.

      • Dress with leather inserts on the sides. This versatile outfit has a beautiful slimming effect. You can pick up a product of any color – blue, gray, green, beige.

      Such models will look great with black leather elements. Similar details can be decorated cuffs and shoulders. If such an insert is present under the breast, it will provide an opportunity to increase the bust and visually lengthen the silhouette. You can also add variety to the composition with the help of leather details on the sleeves, neck, hem.

      • Long dress with leather inserts. This is a very original and interesting option that will allow you to create a romantic and mysterious image.

      Outfits decorated with various prints and patterns look quite original. They can safely go to a holiday party.

      The cost of such a product is influenced by a lot of factors. Among them it is worth highlighting the brand’s fame, the style of the dress, the materials used.

      Average everyday model will cost 4000-5000 rubles, whereas a more festive version will cost about 10,000 rubles.

      Leather bag care

      Another very interesting version of the dress is a blue dress with black lace, highlight its beauty and elegance!

      Never go out of fashion dresses with polka dots, this style is very popular, read about such dresses here, find out what they are worn with, how much they cost, what the stylists advise. The most interesting and relevant information – only in our online magazine!

      What to wear with such an outfit? ^

      The dress, decorated with leather details, looks quite original and attracts a lot of attention, so the choice of add-ons should be treated very carefully.

      The black version of the sleeveless can be worn with a classic jacket, which will cost 4000-5000 rubles. As an interesting addition, you should use a stylish belt – this accessory can be bought for 2000 rubles.

      Also the whole composition will not work without fashion handbag. Stylish accessory in black will cost you 4000 rubles.

      A red dress with black leather panels can be worn with a white jacket or cardigan. Also perfect beige jacket or cape.

      Great additions will be shoes of the same color that can be bought for 5000-6000 rubles. Graceful jewelry – a bracelet, a suspension bracket, earrings will complete the composition.

      If the thing is decorated with a print or ornament, all accessories must be monophonic. In this case, it is recommended to pick up classic pumps and a refined handbag of neutral color.

      The dress, supplemented with leather inserts, can surely be called a universal piece of women’s clothing.

      Thanks to the correctly chosen style, you can hide certain imperfections of your figure and advantageously emphasize advantages.

      And with the help of correctly selected accessories, it will be possible to create an infinite number of stylish and harmonious compositions.

      Veronika, 25 years old: A dress with leather inserts always looks very stylish and relevant. In my wardrobe there is a black model in a classic style, which I put on in the office. In combination with a laconic jacket, this outfit looks quite strict, but it does not seem boring. I supplement the composition with classic stiletto heels and a business bag.

      Svetlana, 31 years old: A dress with decorative elements of leather allows you to perfectly adjust the shape. To hide the extra centimeters around the waist, I bought a stylish beige dress, complemented by black accents on the sides. In such clothes I look much slimmer and more attractive.

      Sofia, 22 years old: Dress with leather elements is a real trend of the season. Many designer collections are similar items of clothing. That’s why I decided to buy a rather frank product, decorated with fine husky decor. A very stylish and fashionable solution for going to a club or to a holiday party.

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