How to speed up skin regeneration

Pressure ulcers are the consequences of skin tissue dying off, which occurs due to a malfunction in the blood circulation process. They appear as a result of pressure sores because of a long time when a person is in a static, static position.

Patients who are in a wheelchair or bedridden due to illness are most commonly affected.

Begin with minor skin lesions and end with deep wounds.

Principle of operation

For effective treatment of bedsores innovative hydrogel dressings were created.

How they work:

  • significantly reduce the feeling of pain
  • help remove pus from ulcers,
  • reduce the chance of infection.

The bandage is applied to the affected area, fixed and left for the desired period. During this time, the healing effect occurs: cleansing, absorption or healing.

Types of anti-decubitus products for bed patients

Dressings for bedsores are of different types. They are distinguished by the method of action and in form. The result of the whole treatment depends on the choice of the appropriate remedy.

It is necessary to select a device depending on the active substance, and also to take into account the specific affected area of ​​the body.

The bandage must lie correctly, not roll down (only this way it is possible to provide proper care and treatment).

There are several types of medical devices.

When hydrocolla comes in contact with the exudate from the ulcer, it turns into a gel. With this, a moist microclimate is formed, and the growth of new epithelium cells is accelerated.

The bandage ensures the creation of a wet microclimate. Because of this, skin renewal and cleansing of the affected areas is accelerated.

The outer layer is a polyurethane film, which accelerates the renewal of the skin. Controls discharge from damaged skin. If they are enlarged, the pores between the layers of the dressings expand, if they shrink, they narrow. It also maintains the correct microclimate in order to heal wounds faster and speed up skin regeneration. Easy to remove.


There are 2 most popular species.

The first is Sorbalgon.. This bandage from bedsores tamponable, is used to heal ulcers of a large area.

Contains calcium alginate fibers. It becomes a gel after contact with the damaged area of ​​the skin.

Reference! The entire cavity of the ulcer is filled with a means, there is no gluing to the skin, so the epidermis is renewed faster.

Used for high severity damage. Means quickly absorbs moisture.

The second type – HydroTak comfort. Its features and advantages are as follows.

  • The bandage from bedsores spongy self-adhesive.
  • The outer layer is a mesh with a gel that absorbs the composition of ulcers if they are wet.
  • It nourishes the wound with moisture if it is too dry.
  • It maintains the required microclimate in the damaged area of ​​the skin, draws in exudate, does not stick.
  • The outer side of the dressing provides reliable protection from the ingress of germs and water.

Watch the video review of the “HydroTac transparent comfort” dressing:


The following is a detailed list of healing devices.

Available in the form of a grid. In the composition there is beeswax, with its help wounds heal faster.

Applied in combination with ointments to relieve inflammation.

Important! When allergic to honey bandage is prohibited.


Used for wounds that take a long time to heal:

  • Contains an antimicrobial substance with aluminum hydroxide particles.
  • It has an atraumatic mesh layer.
  • Well heals damaged skin.
  • Provides high-quality cleaning, removes itching and pain, eliminates odors, accelerates the growth of epithelial cells.

How to speed up skin regeneration

Proteox TM

Used for damage of varying degrees of damage.

Quickly cleans wounds, relieves inflammation. Contains trypsin and mexidol. Trypsin cleaves necrotic patches and blood clots. Mexidol improves the respiration of skin cells. Easy to remove. Hypoallergen dressing. Action time – 48 hours.


Contains chitosan and enzyme complex:

Important! A great option for dry bedsores, wounds with inflammation and infection.

Used for moderate lesions.. It cleans wounds from necrotic tissue, stops inflammation. It performs the role of an antiseptic, renews the epithelium, does not cause pain, does not stick to the skin.

Considered bio-skin. Bandage for quick healing of the affected skin:

  • It contacts well with uneven skin areas where there are ulcers.
  • Skips oxygen, protects the penetration of infection, tightens wounds without the appearance of scars.

Contains hyaluronic acid, a combination of peptides. With their help, the level of water balance in the skin is controlled. Within a week, the material itself disintegrates, after which it is simply required to impose a new bandage.

Important! Applies only if the wounds are dry and without pus.

How to choose the healing bandage is described in the video:

How to speed up skin regeneration

So, hydrogel dressings from bedsores are an effective way to get rid of wounds. Adaptations not only clean the affected area, but also stimulate the creation of new cells.

If you choose the right type of dressing, you can not only alleviate the patient’s condition, but also completely heal the ulcers.

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