How to remove the paint from the skin

Resin is an amorphous substance of plant or synthetic origin, which in normal conditions is in a solid state, and when heated melts. You can get dirty in it in a forest or city park, on an asphalt road or during repair of electrical wiring using rosin. Due to the complex structure, tar stains are difficult to remove. But do not be upset, there are effective methods of dealing with them. We will understand how to remove the resin from the clothes at home.

Proper preparation

Before you wash the resin from the clothes, you need to perform several manipulations. To begin with, it is necessary to scrape the main layer of the substance with a knife (blunt side) or a spoon. Care should be taken without stretching the fabric or rubbing dirt from the resin into the fibers.

After pre-cleaning the thing with a stain must be packed in polyethylene and put in the freezer for 60-90 minutes. Pitch will harden and become brittle. If it is rumpled, it will crumble into small pieces. Remnants can be removed with a brush. How to deal with a large thing that can not be put in the freezer? It is necessary to wipe the resin stain with ice cube several times to harden it.

In most cases, after scraping the resin and placing it in the freezer, a trace remains on the fabric. We will understand how to remove tar stains from clothes with the help of available tools. But first, here are some general tips:

How to remove the paint from the skin

  • dry brush and cloth to remove dirt and dust, so as not to form stains and new stains;
  • if the product has a lining, it should be carefully cut open, and only the layer contaminated with resin should be treated;
  • the material where the trace from the resin is located should be placed on a hard surface, the best option is a plate wrapped in an old cotton napkin;
  • Clean the fabric around the resin should be wetted, and sprinkled with starch (talcum powder) so that the stain does not “crawl” when cleaning.

Important: Cold exposure is unacceptable if the thing is made of thin delicate fabric. Debris during further mechanical cleaning can damage the fibers.

How to remove the paint from the skin

Heat treatment

Understanding how to remove the pine resin from clothes, you should pay attention to the simplest method – heat treatment with an iron or a hair dryer.

  1. Under the stain of resin and put on it a clean cloth or porous paper.
  2. Iron on top with a hot iron.
  3. Change the cloth that will absorb the molten resin as it gets dirty.
  4. Soak the product in warm water, rub the remaining stain with laundry soap, wash it after 15-20 minutes.

If the resin was on things of dense matter or skin, it is better to blow it with hot air with a hair dryer. The melted "tree sap" should be removed with a napkin.

By heat treatment, small fresh dirt from the resin can be removed. After the old and large-scale stains in most cases, a trace remains. Find out how to remove the resin from the clothes, if the iron or hair dryer did not help to completely clean the thing.

Solvents, gasoline, alcohol

In search of the answer, how to remove the pine resin from clothes, it makes sense to use one of the drugs – alcohol, turpentine, gasoline-cleaned (sold in hardware stores), nail polish remover, acetone, white spirit. Stages of work:

  1. Liberally moisten a cotton swab in one of the listed substances.
  2. Wipe the stain off the resin.
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes.
  4. Rinse thing.
  5. Wash with powder – first with your hands, and then in the car.
  6. Dry in fresh air.

For delicate fabrics it is better to use a more gentle method:

  1. Combine household (baby) soap with purified gasoline (kerosene) in equal shares.
  2. Lubricate the stain with the mixture.
  3. After 1 hour, wash and rinse thoroughly.

These substances are characterized by a strong odor, as well as an aggressive effect on human skin and mucous membranes. Processing should be carried out in gloves and a mask in a room that is well ventilated.

Starch paste

Consider how to remove the old wood resin from the clothes, and in this case will help the paste of starch. It consists of potato starch (1 small spoon), ammonia (4 drops), turpentine (4 drops). The mixture should be smeared with a stain of resin, and after drying, rub it with a brush. If a trace remains, the procedure must be repeated. At the end of the thing is required to wash.

Another paste is white clay (1 small spoon), potato starch (1 small spoon), sal ammoniac (1 drop), and turpentine. Dry ingredients are diluted with turpentine to a state of gruel, and then ammonia is dripped. The mixture is used in the same way.

To improve the cleaning efficiency, it is recommended to pre-lubricate the old pine resin with grease – vegetable or butter, petroleum jelly. After it is softened, it should be scraped off with a metal object, and then treated with a starch paste.

other methods

Solving the problem of how to remove the resin from the clothing, you should resort to using one of the following means:

  1. Oil + detergent for dishes. Grate the stain with sunflower oil to soften the substance, and after 15-20 minutes, apply dish liquid to it to degrease. After 30 minutes to wash. Suitable for wool and fur products.
  2. Soda (Cola, Fanta, Sprite). Pour the drink onto the contaminated area. Wash after 15 minutes. For light fabrics it is worth using colorless soda.
  3. Milk. Soak the milk in the resin-stained place. In an hour, wash in cool water.
  4. Stain remover. To get rid of resin trail, you can use industrial stain remover, selected depending on the type of fabric. The product is poured onto the stain for 15-30 minutes, after which it must be locked and sent to the machine, in the compartment of which the powder is poured and the same stain remover is added.
  5. Oil + alcohol. Apply butter or vegetable oil to the stain with gauze. Scrub the resin. Remove residue with alcohol. The method is suitable for leather things.

Useful tips

Having considered how to clean the stains from the resin from clothes, it is worth noting that the method should be selected depending on the type of material.

  • for delicate products suitable method with vegetable oil and detergent for dishes;
  • with fur and suede clothing, it is better to remove the resin with alcohol;
  • wool fabric is “not afraid” of turpentine, but if it is light, then it is better to use soap and alcohol;
  • velvet, velor, acetate, silk can be treated with ether and alcohol or a paste of potato starch;
  • Bleach and alkali are allowed to apply only for white things;
  • acetate silk should not be wetted with acetone and nail polish remover;
  • some types of paints are destroyed by alcohol and acids;
  • on synthetics you should not apply gasoline.

General tips for treating tar stains:

  1. Clean cloth with flammable substances away from sources of ignition.
  2. Things need to be handled from the inside.
  3. At first means it is worth checking on an imperceptible site.
  4. Stain from the resin should be cleaned from the edge to the middle, to avoid its increase in size.
  5. It is advisable not to rub the resin, but to make blotting movements.
  6. It is better to apply chemicals to small pollution with a cotton swab (pipette).
  7. In the final washing of the product, it is advisable to use an air conditioner to get rid of the specific smell.
  8. Drying is recommended on the air.

Staining tar is no reason to abandon your favorite thing. It can be removed with the help of available tools. Of the methods described above, it’s worth choosing the least aggressive one. And if it does not work, then we can continue the experiments. In any case, it is important to take into account the type of fabric, as well as to comply with personal safety measures.

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