Handmade leather backpacks Ukraine

No one will argue with the fact that Mexico is an interesting, mysterious and exotic country. Every tourist who comes here tries to see more: colonial cities, pyramids, canyons, resorts and much more. And everyone wants to take at least a piece of sunny and joyful Mexico with them. But how to do it? Of course, buy a souvenir that will remind you of the warm Mexican days for a long, long time.

By the way, we with Andrews do not buy souvenirs at all: firstly, because we don’t want to pack backpacks with unnecessary things, they are enough, and secondly, we prefer to print beautiful and favorite photos from travels and hang them on the wall. For us, this is the best memory and reminder.

However, I do not mind looking at interesting things at all. And, I think, there are many lovers of cute trinkets and all sorts of interesting stuff. If you are one of them, then the story that you can bring from Mexico is just for you. Surely, you will love shopping in Mexico. The review will be brief, literally on the example of one market. At the same time I will tell you what you can buy on the spot just for yourself, so to speak, for use here and now, namely, about all sorts of edible things.

There are many markets in Mexico. In each city there is at least one, and most often several. There are specialized, for example, specifically for tourists, where they sell some souvenirs, and at inflated prices. There are only grocery, which we often look at to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. But most often in the same market you can buy everything in the world, from souvenirs to fresh meat.

The focus of my attention was Juarez market in Oaxaca. Of course, not all possible Mexican gadgets can be found on it, but the overall impression is quite realistic.

There are a lot of traditional or traditional things for sale on the markets. For example, all sorts of colorful bags, handbags, wallets and backpacks.

There are better leather. Some are very pretty.

Everywhere, and especially in Oaxaca, you can find beautiful embroidered dresses. Such loved to wear Frida Kahlo. If you visit her museum in Mexico City, then you can read about her special style, which is based on oaxacan dresses. For a long time I considered them and thought for whom they were sold. Local similar outfits are not worn, in any case, in everyday life, tourists are also unlikely to wear somewhere, especially at home. So who are they for? Moreover, the pleasure is not cheap. For example, a black handmade satin dress embroidered with pink flowers costs 5,000 pesos (about 14,000 rubles).

In addition to such handmade dresses, you can buy embroidered tunics, easier sundresses, T-shirts, leggings and other items of clothing. I, for example, are very sympathetic to local tunics, but so far have not yet decided to purchase. The price of the issue is 300-500 pesos (800-1400 rubles).

Where there is clothing, there is footwear. In the market Juarez have the opportunity to find quite nice specimens. I can’t say anything about quality and durability, but they look very nice.

The image will help to complement strap. The choice is also huge: woven of threads, embroidered with beads, leather. A central copy with an ornament was offered to us to pick up for 280 pesos (about 800 rubles), but Andriusiks decided that his walking trousers with pockets, and even more so for beach shorts, would not suit him very much.

Handmade leather backpacks Ukraine

And, of course, where without the Mexican hats. The range for every taste and color – from classic sombreros to sir. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality, if the hat is good, then it will last more than one year, and it can be washed, ironed and folded as you like.

Everywhere in the cities, not only in the markets, mountains of all kinds are sold decorations. Most often, these are bracelets, woven of colorful multicolored threads, earrings, beads, bracelets, belts made of beads, women’s things with all kinds of skeletons and caps are very common. Things are inexpensive, the quality is also not too outstanding. For example, bracelets sell for 20 pesos (55 rubles), earrings for 30-60 pesos (80-150 rubles). I think of beads you can find standing things – beautiful, bright and colorful.

There are also jewelry of higher quality and more expensive, for example, from silver. Such a cross costs about 3,000 pesos (8,000 rubles).

I found them quite interesting. wicker things, which grandmothers wove right here, sitting on the market. Handwork! Do not even carp. You can use them as you like. For example, in the house where we lived, they were used both for storing magazines, for laundry, and as wastebaskets. In general, what fantasy enough for.

All kinds of tourists are very fond of pupae. For example, in Oaxaca, dolls are sold in national costumes of different states. They may well be a good souvenir.

Children may like all sorts of different toys from papier mache. Here and Spiderman, and Superman, and Mike Wazowski from Monster Corporation. But Mexican kids seem to love minions the most.

Someone can attract masks, scary or funny, you can find those and others. I do not know whether to buy them as a souvenir, but for fun you can and purchase. Maybe Halloween will be useful))

Already repeatedly mentioned the attitude of Mexicans to death and all sorts of external manifestations. I repeat once again: they are not afraid of her, and sometimes even treat her with humor. This is manifested in many ways, including the fact that one of the chips in Mexico is the ubiquitous presence of images of skeletons and skulls. Therefore, one of the favorite souvenirs for tourists are just all these bony things. They look unusual and immediately clear where they were bought. One of the favorite skeletal heroines of the Mexicans is Katrina. The image of this cute skeleton girl in a magnificent hat can be found everywhere.

In any city, in any market and in almost every souvenir shop are sold painted bright skulls. Perhaps this is also one of the most common souvenirs. As they say, cheap and cheerful. They cost differently, depending on the size, on average from 80 to 200 pesos (200-550 rubles).

For lovers of bright small souvenir – painted figures of anyone: cats, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles and other creatures. These crafts are called alebrique, They can be found in many places, but the epicenter is located in Oaxaca, because the production of these hand-made wooden crafts originated not far from this city. They cost 40-50 pesos (up to 150 rubles), some more expensive.

Many tourists buy as a gift. mescal or tequila, to give your friends the opportunity to taste Mexico. What is tequila, I think, everyone knows. About the fact that such mescal, I wrote a whole article, in which in details and pictures I told about this drink. Prices are very different: from 100 pesos per bottle to 2000 (300-5500 rubles). In the markets, of course, the range is simpler and cheaper (on average, a bottle of mescal costs about 450-500 rubles), but in company stores you can go bankrupt. By the way, it is in Oaxaca the largest selection of this alcoholic beverage.

You can buy mescal in a beautiful bottle, it is quite inexpensive. This beauty will be your only 180 pesos (500 rubles), along with the contents.

Handmade leather backpacks Ukraine

For the company you can purchase vessels from pumpkins, of which traditionally it is customary to drink mescal. The smallest and simplest, without murals and carvings cost only 5 pesos (14 rubles).

For those who do not like strong alcohol, but still drink it, there is a huge choice. liqueurs based on mescal.

Handmade leather backpacks Ukraine

Very willingly as a souvenir, and just eat, buy chocolate. In Oaxaca, its great diversity was discovered. But this variety is mainly in the form, because the taste of almost all the chocolate is the same. The composition is uncomplicated: cocoa, sugar, cinnamon and everything else is added to some almonds. Nature-product, so to speak. At first I didn’t like it at all – the taste seemed weird, and the sugar on the teeth crunched. The consistency is quite low-fat, I would even say that it is some kind of dry. After some time, tasted and retracted. After a couple of days of dating, I realized that he was also very fragrant!

A cocoa product is quite inexpensive: for example, a small package of small “chocolate buttons” (by the way, the Mexicans themselves love the most) will cost 20-25 pesos (55-70 rubles) on the market.

Even in Oaxaca there are specialized branded chocolate shops MAYORDOMO. You will not pass by them for sure, because the scent that comes out of them will not leave anyone indifferent. They sell cocoa beans, tiles, freshly made liquid chocolate, and dry chocolate drinks. In general, paradise, and only. You can go, try all that offer and leave. Just kidding Of course, buy something delicious (if you have not had time to buy the market). The prices are also humane – a box of shoko 250 grams costs 32 pesos (about 90 rubles).

By the way, such chocolate can not only be eaten just like that, but also make a drink from it, dissolving it in milk or water. In fact, this is even a more correct version of its use, since, in spite of all the charms, it still confuses this crisp on the teeth of sugar.

Farther. What else can you buy? I think a lot of people think that all food in Mexico is very spicy. Maybe because everything that is sold in Russia with the label "Mexican", is bursting with fire? In fact, this is not the case at all. In fact, the food in Mexico is not at all spicy, but hot sauces are served to it or fire peppers are added. Something, and so many kinds of pepper, I, perhaps, have not seen anywhere else. So, thrill-seekers can take home with them mexican pepper.

Quite by chance, everyone in the same market saw a mysterious tent with some kind of magical powder. And what, maybe, to someone actually? For example, a drug to dominate a boss or to destroy hate. Oh, these Mexican things))

As I wrote at the very beginning, not all things and souvenirs with which Mexico is interesting and rich are presented in the Juarez market. Shopping in Mexico is a ritual. In each city there is something special that can only be found there.

For example, only in Puebla you will see a real Mexican talaver, and even with the heat of the heat, that is, straight from the factory. Pleasure is not the cheapest, but very nice. A small coffee mug costs about 1000 rubles.

In Guanajuato, there are La Catrina sweets stores, nowhere else have you seen such shops.

There are huge shops in Playa del Carmen, filled with souvenirs.

This is not the whole list of what can be bought and brought from Mexico. Mexican shopping is an interesting and exciting business, so I advise you to spend some precious time on it.

By the way, Mexicans do not like bargaining much, it’s not at all Asia and not East, where you can take a thing for half the price from the originally voiced. Sometimes even refuse to throw even 10 pesos.

Now, if nobody minds, let’s talk a little more. about edible. After all, not only dresses and hats attract attention in the market. There is also a lot of things that I want to try. I am a supporter of the fact that when arriving in a new country, one should eat what the locals eat in order to fully penetrate not only external manifestations, but also internal features, including taste. After all, every country has it special.

If you are in Oaxaca, I strongly advise you to pay attention to oaxaca white cheese. I really liked it, especially in the composition of the salad. A small ball costs 20-25 pesos (55-70 rubles). A bit like Suluguni, such a rubber.

Kapcheno-dried grasshoppers for lovers of the exotic. With and without additives. Local click them as seeds. Grannies with pleasure give to try insects. They cost 15-35 pesos (40-100 rubles), depending on the size of the plate being bought. There are also caterpillars, and some very small midges-flea (I do not understand them). I took a single grasshopper, but didn’t like it, not mine, apparently. Andriviks refused to participate in the experiment at all.

Highly recommend trying local ice cream – it’s tasty. It happens cream or milk – elado (helado), there is sorbet – niev (nieve). Delicious and the one and the other. Last in the heat even more relevant. You can ask to make a mix, then in one cup you will have several different types at once.

It seemed to me that the most delicious street ice cream was in San Miguel.

Also on the market you can buy nuts, corn, fruit, vegetables, buns and other goodies for every day.

Fruits and vegetables In Mexico, quite inexpensive. Bananas cost 10-12 pesos, guava 15-20 pesos, tomatoes 6-10 pesos, cucumbers 10 pesos, carrots 8-10 pesos, peppers 30 pesos, mango 20 pesos, avocados 40 pesos (prices per kilogram). Melon 20-25 pesos per piece, watermelon 5 pesos per kilogram. One of the most expensive is apples, a kilogram of which costs about 35 pesos. So fill up the apples at home))

To convert prices to rubles, multiply by

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