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Good day, my dear readers. Recently, I often hear from friends about a miracle remedy – resveratrol. In one voice they say that this substance is a real panacea! I decided to find out more about him and found a lot of interesting things. Therefore, today we analyze what resveratrol is and how it is useful.

What it is

Resveratrol is a phytoalexin, that is, a plant toxin. It is synthesized by a certain group of plants at the time of stress. Mechanical damage to the plant or its defeat as a fungal infection can be a provoking factor. It turns out that the plants produce this substance at the moment when they are on the thread from death. And do it to survive.

From spots after acne

Many people think that this antioxidant is only in dark grapes and, accordingly, in wine. However, it is not. It is present in blueberries, blackberries, lingonberries and other berries, fruits and vegetables. There is this substance even in cocoa.

Resveratrol exists in two forms: cis- and trans-resveratrol. These substances have much in common, but at the same time have their own distinctive features.

The number of atoms and their type of these two components are the same. They differ only in the arrangement of these atoms in the crystal lattice. Moreover, both alone and second can be free compounds or glycosides.

Resveratrol is obtained by biotechnological or chemical synthesis. Food additives are made of the extracted substances. In addition, many manufacturers of cosmetics this antioxidant is added to the composition of its products.

What is useful for

Resveratrol is unique among antioxidants. He has many advantages. Let’s see together its usefulness.


Provides anti-aging effect

This substance is a real source of youth. There is plenty of evidence to support this ability (1).

Resveratrol activates certain genes that help fight diseases caused by aging of the body. It neutralizes free radicals produced during everyday processes.

Free radical damage increases when a person has bad life habits. These include an unhealthy diet, smoking. If you do not get rid of such addictions, free radicals will cause serious harm. They will damage cells and trigger the development of life-threatening diseases.

Improving the situation will help the consumption of products, which contains the most resveratrol. This will provide antitumor, anticarcinogenic, antioxidant protection against many diseases associated with aging (2).

Helps protect against many types of cancer.

Scientists have discovered that resveratrol can protect against liver cancer (3). And animal experiments revealed the possibility of treating skin cancer and fighting cancer of the esophagus.

This biologically active substance was thoroughly investigated in 2005. It was discovered that it possesses chemoprophylactic potential (4). It has recently been demonstrated that it blocks the initiation, promotion and progression of a tumor.

Maintains heart health

Due to its strong antioxidant properties, resveratrol has shown the promise of reducing high pressure. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of this substance help protect a person from atherosclerosis and reduce "bad" cholesterol.

The same shows and experiments that were conducted on mice in 2016. The animals were fed products filled with polyunsaturated fats and protein, including supplements with resveratrol. Scientists have noticed that normal cholesterol levels in mice and their body weight have decreased.

Prevents obesity

You may have noticed that mice in a recent study on cholesterol also lost weight. Other experiments were carried out that confirmed this resveratrol effect.

A Polish study in 2010 showed that this substance helps to limit the accumulation of fat in rodents (5). This is despite the fact that they had a high-calorie diet. In the course of other experiments, it was found that resveratrol may protect against obesity.

Clears Acne

The substance has excellent results in the fight against acne. Researchers have demonstrated how antioxidant works to suppress the growth of acne-causing bacteria. They applied resveratrol topically in the gel to a bacterial strain that caused acne.

A slowdown in the growth of producer bugs was found. Then the researchers combined resveratrol with benzoyl peroxide, a well-proven ingredient in combating acne (6). This couple did a great job # 128578;

What Doctors Think About Resveratrol?

Among the leading doctors there is no consensus on the effectiveness of this substance. Reviews of doctors are very different. Some actively use it in their practice. For example, cardiologist Mekhnet Oz from New York recommended taking supplements as an anti-aging remedy. Resveratrol deserved positive feedback from David Sinclair. This doctor has published the results of a study conducted on rats – the death rate among them has decreased by 31%.

And we discuss it with doctors on television.

However, there are those who unflatteringly speak about this biologically active substance. For example, Dr. Richard Semba conducted experiments on elderly patients. His subjects were given supplements. According to the doctor, it did not affect their lifespan.

From spots after acne

Perhaps in the near future, doctors will be able to come to some general conclusion. Indeed, to this day research is underway. Scientists, tirelessly, study this substance, discovering its new abilities and properties.

Which products contain

Here I will list the sources that contain the greatest amount of this substance.

  • Grapes and red wine. Muscat grapes have the highest concentration of this compound. And all thanks to a thick skin and multiple seeds, where resveratrol is concentrated. Red wine is made from grapes. It is therefore not surprising that in this popular beverage substance is abundant. And white wine contains much less substance, because in the process of winemaking the skin of grapes is removed.
  • Blueberries Resveratrol in this product is less than 10% of the level of grapes. However, according to one study, blueberries are a nourishing berry, rich in antioxidants. It contains zeaxanthin, lutein, fiber and gallic acid. Bilberry is a source of vitamin K, ascorbic acid and manganese.
  • Cowberry. It is almost at the head of the list of berries filled with resveratrol. One gram of such dried fruit contains

From spots after acne

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