Fingers grow numb

“The finger on my hand does not unbend!” – often patients come to a doctor with such complaints. Such a condition is unpleasant, and sometimes painful, and can have negative consequences if not to take action on time.

To do simple household chores, such as sewing a button or tying a string, you need fingers to listen. If a person does not unbend his fingers, it means that he has a disease. We will tell you about the most common diseases that can cause a person’s finger to not bend.

Hand injury

When a person injures his arm, and his extensor tendons are damaged, his fingers may stop bending and unbending. If you have such a problem after a fracture or cut arm, or you have long suffered from arthritis, then it is quite possible that this is the reason.

After a serious injury, the finger flexed and did not unbend, did numbness and pain appear? You must go to the doctor. After the initial examination, the doctor will refer you either to the surgeon or to the orthopedist. Most likely, in this case not to do without operation.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

If you have not had any injuries to your arm, why should your fingers not straighten yet? This may be Dupuytren’s contracture. Most often this disease occurs in middle-aged men, in most cases the fingers of the right hand are affected. But often one hand is hit first, then the other.

The palmar fascia is gradually changing, there is observed cicatricial thickening and shortening. First, the ring finger or little finger suffers, then the disease can affect the index and middle. In the later stages of the disease, straightening fingers will not work, they become completely immobile.

Why does this disease appear? The exact cause has not yet been established, but it is believed that the hereditary factor plays a huge role. The most at risk are people who abuse alcohol, smoke, often get minor injuries to the brush.

Fingers grow numb

It will not be difficult to diagnose for a specialist: with Dupuytren’s contracture, nodules appear on the palm of the hand. You can do a simple test at home: put your palm on the surface of the table. If there is space between the table and the hand, the fingers are not tight to the surface, you should consult a doctor.

What to do in this case? To treat this disease should be an orthopedist. At first it is therapeutic gymnastics, massage, during sleep, fingers are straightened with the help of a special bandage. If the disease is running, you will have to have surgery. In any case, self-healing is not worth it.

Tunnel syndrome

Why still fingers do not unbend to the end, hurt? The patient may have tunnel syndrome. Most often women suffer from it: cashiers in grocery stores, those who have to spend a lot of time at the computer, musicians, and so on, that is, those who often use their hands in their work.

The disease is more common in people aged 40 to 60 years, but in exceptional cases it appears at a younger age. The hand that does the main work is amazed: in right-handers it’s right, in left-handers it’s left. The median nerve is compressed.

  • Numbness and tingling in the morning, but these first signs of illness are getting closer to dinner. Gradually, these symptoms appear during the day, it is difficult for a person to perform any actions, for example, to hold the phone in his hand for a long time.
  • Pain. It bothers at night, interferes with sleep. If you shake your hand, the pain goes away.
  • Poorly bent and unbend fingers. They do not obey, so the patient can not hold in his hands a pen or a button, a needle, they fall out of hand.


This is an inflammatory disease in which the joints of the fingers are affected. Most often people over 50 are sick. There are many types of polyarthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis, in which the cartilage of the hand joints "wear out". First one joint is affected, then the disease begins to progress. How to understand that if your finger or fingers are not unbent, that it is polyarthritis, and not another similar disease?

If you have these symptoms, you need to contact a rheumatologist (later you may need help from an orthopedist):

  • finger joints hurt;
  • nodules are formed around the joints;
  • fingers are numb, the skin on them swells and reddens;
  • it is difficult to perform simple movements with your fingers, for example, to take an object from the floor
  • after sleep the finger does not unbend well (the most characteristic symptom).

Osteochondrosis of the arm

In some patients, osteochondrosis of the hand may appear. How to determine that you have this particular disease? According to the characteristic symptoms, although the final diagnosis is made only by a doctor:

Fingers grow numb

  • fingers and arm go numb;
  • I can’t move my fingers;
  • tingles in different parts of the hand;
  • the skin on the arm becomes pale;
  • the most characteristic symptom – it is impossible to bend or bend the fingers in the morning, severe pain.

If you start the disease, the hand can completely collapse. To cure osteochondrosis of the hand will not work, but you can remove the symptoms that bother the patient. The doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory and painkillers, physiotherapy, magnetic and manual therapy.

As we can see, all these diseases are quite serious and require immediate treatment, otherwise serious complications are possible. Therefore, it is important immediately, as soon as these symptoms appear, that is, you cannot bend or flex your fingers, consult a doctor, who will determine what ailment you have, and prescribe treatment. Without it, the state of health will only worsen, self-medicating and delaying the visit to the doctor does not make sense.

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