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Improve well-being, improve the body and even defeat many ailments, allows ordinary hydrogen peroxide. So says the founder of space medicine, Dr. Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin. It was he who developed an amazing technique, thanks to which it is possible to avoid heart attacks, strokes, eliminate vascular diseases, atherosclerosis. Moreover, a well-known professor tested his developments on himself. His teachings supported the whole world. Consider how to drink hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin.

The author of the technique

In ancient times, folk healers who with their skills could heal a disease were considered criminals. Despite their good intentions, healers were persecuted and severely punished. Today, the situation has changed. And many patients who were not helped by official medicine turn to traditional healers. One of them is the professor Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich.

The famous doctor has a variety of titles and scientific degrees. He received 85 copyright certificates for his inventions. More than 200 scientific works written by Ivan Pavlovich are of great value.

Professor Neumyvakin is the founder of space medicine. In this area, his experience is incredible. At the same time, constantly searching for new ways to treat and prevent various diseases, an amazing doctor has always strived for one thing. He believed that the main task of medicine is to unite the invaluable experience of popular and official methods of dealing with illnesses accumulated by people, as well as the physical and spiritual world.

Center Neumyvakina

All the ideas of the great scientist were supported by his wife Lyudmila Stepanovna, a doctor by training. In the past, she suffered a disease that official medicine could not heal. That’s when she turned for help to the popular methods of treatment. Having experienced the healing power of alternative medicine, she completely shared her husband’s ideas.

Thus, the Neumyvakin Health Center was created, which has no analogues all over the world. It is located in the Kirov region, in the village of Borovitsa. It is called the "Wellness Center of Professor Neumyvakin".

The doctor believes that all diseases are due to violations of the laws of nature and spiritual essence. To cure any pathology, you will need to change the diet and some other factors. In addition, it is important to monitor the endoecology of their own health.

The recovery system developed by the spouses is based on the following postulates:

  1. The human body is a bioenergy system in which everything is interconnected. It is capable of self-reproduction and self-regulation.
  2. Impaired work of immunity, slags in the body, a failure in the bioenergy balance – these are the main causes of any pathology.

All books of the great scientist are based on the above principles.

Impact on the body

It is thanks to the experience and the writings of an excellent doctor, such as Ivan Neumyvakin, that hydrogen peroxide was used to treat various ailments.

In addition, it is available in every living organism. Hydrogen peroxide is an important component. After all, it takes part in a variety of different processes occurring in the body:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is the best antioxidant. It destroys toxic elements, destroys a variety of infections – bacteria, fungi, viruses.
  2. The substance is actively involved in bioenergy reactions, fat, carbohydrate, protein metabolism, the formation of mineral salts, vitamins, heat in the cells.
  3. Influencing the blood, it normalizes its composition, improves fluidity, cleans and nourishes with oxygen.
  4. Takes part in the fight against free radicals.
  5. Normalizes acid-base balance.
  6. Participates in the regulation of certain hormonal processes of the thyroid, adrenal glands, sex glands.
  7. Oxygenates all body tissues.
  8. Participates in the process of transporting calcium to the brain.
  9. With prolonged use in the body does not accumulate. It does not provoke the development of allergic or toxic reactions.
  10. Hydrogen peroxide is capable of performing the work of insulin. It moves sugar into cells from blood plasma. This greatly facilitates the functioning of the pancreas. Diabetics help reduce the need for insulin.
  11. Normalizes the digestive tract.
  12. Contributes to the expansion of blood vessels: brain, heart, respiratory system.
  13. Stimulates mental performance.
  14. Promotes tissue regeneration and body rejuvenation.
  15. Leads to the restoration of disturbed electrolyte balance.

As you can see, it is not for nothing that Professor Neumyvakin considers hydrogen peroxide to be a healing agent. Proper use of this "medicine" can be a panacea for most pathologies, even intractable.

Mechanism of action

Consider the basis of the Neumyvakin method? Most doctors agree that any pathology in the human body is mainly due to malnutrition. As a result, there is a violation of the normal functioning of the digestive tract.

For example, many people sometimes eat their meals with various liquids. Getting into the stomach, they dilute the digestive juice, which produces the stomach, liver and pancreas. In this form, the ability of normal processing of food decreases.

The body requires the allocation of additional acidic juices. In this case, the person feels heaviness in the stomach, heartburn. In the future, this can lead to the development of an ulcer. Gastric acid, which is not completely neutralized, enters the duodenum. This state provokes the development of new pathologies, ranging from constipation and ending with the appearance of a cancer.

To eliminate the process of decay of incompletely digested foods in the digestive tract, the body needs atomic oxygen. It is produced in humans from ordinary inhaled air.

Unfortunately, the environmental situation is often the cause of oxygen deficiency. And, given the modern life, it should be noted that today the human body needs it much more. The reasons for this need lie in immoderation in food, smoking, drinking, low mobility, poor diet.

Drink in such situations, the doctor advises Neumyvakin hydrogen peroxide. Once inside the body, it helps to improve the overall condition. After all, it fills with necessary oxygen. In addition, hydrogen peroxide normalizes redox processes and leads to balance the digestive system.

Medicinal properties

Truly fantastic healing effects of hydrogen peroxide. Professor Neumyvakin gives a list of diseases from which she helps to recover. At the core of its healing properties is an oxygen atom.

When ingested by hydrogen peroxide, the enzyme catalase begins to act. There is a breakdown into oxygen and water. The fluid is easily absorbed by the body. And the necessary oxygen begins to destroy diseased cells, all kinds of parasites, viruses, bacteria that poison humans and are sources of many pathologies. This is an important point that Dr. Neumyvakin studied. Cleansing the body under the influence of hydrogen peroxide is one of the main directions of the developed technique. This substance is a powerful oxidizing agent that eliminates cells from toxins and toxins.

The list of diseases given by Professor Neumyvakin is quite extensive. The doctor describes in detail how to apply hydrogen peroxide in various pathologies. Among the diseases that this substance successfully fights, the following are distinguished:

  • respiratory diseases: emphysema, cancer;
  • diseases of the oral cavity: caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis;
  • skin diseases: fungal diseases, eczema, cancer;
  • infectious pathologies: pneumonia, bronchitis, ARVI, tonsillitis;
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system: varicose veins, ischemic disease;
  • neurology: sclerosis, osteochondrosis, stroke;
  • metabolic pathologies: lupus, diabetes;
  • ENT diseases: pharyngitis, otitis media, antritis, rhinitis.

This list can be continued.

Admission Rules

People who decide to use the advice of a famous doctor, you need to know how to drink hydrogen peroxide in accordance with Neumyvakin. After all, any panacea for improper use can harm the body.

So, the rules of use are quite simple:

  1. Only high-quality purified solutions of hydrogen peroxide are allowed to be ingested.
  2. You need to start the treatment process with a small dose. It is recommended to dilute 1-2 drops of 3% solution in 1-2 tablespoons of water. During the day, this procedure should be repeated 2-3 times. Each subsequent day, you must increase the dose by one drop. This occurs until a single dose is 10 drops. It is extremely important to remember that the daily dose of accepted hydrogen peroxide should not exceed the allowable rate of 30 drops.
  3. To obtain a beneficial effect of treatment, one should remember how to drink hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin. Exclusively on an empty stomach. The presence of food in the digestive system seriously increases the negative impact of this drug. Thus, after a meal should pass at least 2-3 hours. After consuming hydrogen peroxide, you should also refrain from eating. In this case, 40 minutes is enough.
  4. The curative effect will be greatly improved if the remedy is taken cyclically. The following scheme is recommended. The drug is used 10 days. After which a short break should follow – 3-5 days. New course is permissible to start immediately with 10 drops. However, increasing the dose is strictly prohibited. Remember that a high concentration of peroxide causes severe burns.

The book of Neumyvakin “Hydrogen peroxide. On guard of health ". In addition to her, a talented doctor has written many more works telling about the amazing method of healing.

Body reaction

Patients just starting treatment with hydrogen peroxide can face rather unpleasant situations. Often after the first use there is a strong intoxication of the body. The condition worsens quite dramatically.

However, there is nothing terrible about it. This phenomenon is related to the fact that hydrogen peroxide is an active substance, which, when released into the body, begins to immediately destroy bacteria.

It is extremely unpleasant manifestation, but at the same time evidence of healing effects, is the appearance of a variety of skin inflammation and rash. It is through them that toxic substances are eliminated from the body. Such manifestations are observed on average a week.

In addition, patients may experience the following adverse reactions:

  • skin rash;
  • nausea;
  • unusual tiredness;
  • drowsiness;
  • the phenomena reminding cold – cough, runny nose;
  • diarrhea (rare).

Contraindications for the application of this method is practically non-existent. However, people who have undergone organ transplants are advised not to resort to this method of treatment. As problems are possible.

How to treat diseases?

Consider how to drink hydrogen peroxide according to Neumyvakin in various pathologies:

Elbow eruption

  1. Sinusitis To combat this disease should be in a tablespoon of water to dissolve 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide. The resulting solution is instilled into the nose. After that, the patient should be as thoroughly as possible to blow out the mucus, which will stand out from the sinuses.
  2. Osteochondrosis. This tool perfectly treats painful discomfort that occurs in the cervical spine. Compresses are used for this. A napkin made of natural fabric is moistened with peroxide and applied to the surface of the neck. From above it is desirable to cover with cellophane. Such a compress should be kept for about 15 minutes. It will take several repetitions of this procedure for the pain to completely leave the patient.
  3. Angina. If there is severe discomfort in the throat, pour a teaspoon of peroxide into 1/4 cup of water. It is necessary to rinse the mouth and throat well with this solution. The best effect will be obtained if the fluid is somewhat retained on the tonsils. The procedure should be repeated several times a day. In case of a cold it is necessary to bury the remedy in each nostril by 3-5 drops.

Opinions of patients

Many people are talking about a unique method of treatment. It is not surprising, because the therapy is quite non-standard. And the favorable results obtained after treatment, stir up a lively interest.

However, opinions, as always, are divided. Some patients consider hydrogen peroxide to be a real panacea that can heal from various pathologies. Others regard the technique as a hoax, talking about the most severe poisoning of the body.

So what presented to the world, if we talk about hydrogen peroxide, Neumyvakin? Reviews of patients who have experienced this tool, tell about the excellent results of treatment. People share their amazing stories in which they were able to get rid of migraines, perfectly supported the body with varicose veins. Such patients say that after a while they could even manage without compression underwear.

Positive results were obtained by people suffering from psoriasis. With the help of hydrogen peroxide, they could not only stop the aggravation, but also significantly reduce the frequency of their occurrence.

Excellent effects noted patients suffering from pathologies of the joints. Hydrogen peroxide helped eliminate pain, heaviness in the legs, cramps. And even with a stomach ulcer, an amazing panacea could help. Patients suffering from severe pathology for a long time were able to say goodbye to pain and unpleasant heartburn.


Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap method to eliminate many diseases. But its use requires high care and full compliance with the rules given by Professor Neumyvakin. And, of course, approval by the attending physician. Be healthy!

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