Body language of men seduction without touch

It would seem that the ability to seduce lies in every woman (and in a man) from birth. However, not all so simple. To use your "weapon", it is important to know certain subtleties of this process.

What is the psychology of seduction? How to entice and provoke the opposite sex? What gestures should be present in the conversation? These questions are constantly being heard, because flirting is a real art. Psychologists offer a lot of advice, techniques and practical techniques that can help in the difficult task of seduction.

Temptation and seduction – the opinion of psychologists and … etymologists

Before turning directly to practical advice on the seduction of the opposite sex, it is important to understand what is temptation.

Psychologist Galina Timoshenko recommends to approach this term from an etymological point of view (etymology is the science that studies the origin of words).

It turns out that in Russian the word “blazn” meant daze, charm, and the verb “blaznit” was used to mean seduce, tempt.

It would seem that this is not the most positive meaning, but the prefix "soi", which means simultaneous action and a kind of cooperation, puts everything upside down. It turns out that the temptation and, accordingly, seduction – it is rather a joint exercise, in which both a man and a woman participate.

Thus, the wise Russian language tells us that in the process of seduction there is no “victim” and “criminal”, since both parties are involved in it and two people also get pleasure. We will stick to this opinion.

Body language of men seduction without touch

From a psychological point of view, temptation and seduction, based on the scale of the goals pursued by the seducer, can be divided into three major categories – flirting, just sex (bed) and serious relationship (ideally – marriage).

  1. Innocent flirting, which often does not imply a transition to something more than the usual conversation between a man and a woman, flavored with notes of erotic arousal.
  2. The temptation is for sexual satisfaction when the seducer tries to “drag” a member of the opposite sex into his bed. By the way, the temptation of his permanent sexual partner is related to this kind of seduction.
  3. Seduction with far-reaching plans, which is often attributed to women. In this case, not everything is so clear, since a man who is tempted does not always realize that there are serious intentions on the part of a sweet young lady. During the process, a young person (which is natural from the point of view of physiology and psychology) rarely reflects on the creation of a family, the birth of children.

Thus, speaking of the temptation, we rather mean not something serious, but an easy flirt or non-binding sexual relationship. Will any of this grow more promising? Depends only on participants in the process of seduction.

How to seduce a man?

The skill of seduction lies in the nature of every woman, but not all women possess this “tool”. It is not surprising that many lovely ladies are interested in how to arouse interest in a young man, what is the psychology of seducing the men they like. What do psychologists advise?

You should not consider the guy you like point-blank – this is the way women act who “take off” a gentleman. It is important to behave naturally and femininely, excessive frankness is not always the shortest path to seduction.

Method number 1. Request for help

If you spotted a stranger in a store or at a gas station (that is, there is not enough time for long courtship), you should not wait until you make a pleasant impression on a man. It is best to ask him for help – for example, to get the goods from the top shelf.

We should not forget about gratitude – shake hands, say that his help was invaluable: "Without you I would not have managed."

Your further actions depend on the reaction of the man. If you liked him, he will surely give a kindness in return, introduce himself, offer to exchange phone numbers.

It seemed to you that sympathy arose, but the young man is not very determined? Try to throw the bait in the form of a light joke: "Thank you so much, we need to meet more often."

If this hint is ignored, you probably did not succeed in impressing the interlocutor. There is no need to insist on a meeting, because a confident man is used to making decisions on his own. And your obsession will not help.

Method number 2. Provocative gestures

If you met a man at a reception or a party, there is much more time to attract his attention. That is why psychologists advise starting seduction with a flirtation at a distance.

Classics of seduction and time-tested seduction scheme – the use of a variety of provocative sexual gestures, for example:

  • curl curl, haircut;
  • demonstration of the neck and wrists (touching the necklace or bracelet);
  • the twist of the wine glass between the fingers;
  • putting on and taking off your shoe.

However, some psychologists consider such methods to be somewhat outdated today, since modern women are so “not dressed” that it is impossible to surprise the present young man with a bare ankle or wrist.

Remember! Loose hair looks sexy on its own. If you touch them, you actually already attract attention. However, without reinforcement with a look that is directed at a potential partner, this movement means nothing. Meet your eyes with a young man – and no shoes and hairstyles will not be needed.

Make the right impression and help the most provocative techniques. According to psychologists, such tricks include gestures that cause erotic (and even extremely vulgar) associations:

  • drinking beverages through the straw;
  • licking ice cream;
  • eating bananas.

That is, such gestures should be treated with caution. Busting through various sexual provocative techniques can create the very impression that you are aiming for about you.

Method number 3. Confidence and embarrassment

To seduce you need to tune in to a positive wave. Psychologists say that without confident behavior, little will work. A woman with high self-esteem is more likely to seduce a man, because he understands her.

The girl, showing confident behavior, shows that the boyfriend is pleasant to her and she is not opposed to continue acquaintance. Otherwise, the man will begin to doubt his efforts, women’s desires and go in search of a clearer option.

The main manifestations of uncertainty are:

  • constant pulling down clothes;
  • running glance;
  • contorted laughter.

Yet in some situations, modesty and embarrassment pay attention and force men to act. In the presence of a modest girl, the man feels more confident; in addition, many guys like to embarrass a woman. The main thing is not to cross the thin line between modesty and tightness.

How to seduce a woman?

What does seduction of liked girls mean? According to men who have succeeded in seducing women of the opposite sex, it is important that a woman wants sex. Then the period of seduction significantly reduced.

Body language of men seduction without touch

Tip number 1. Show yourself

Surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of sexual contacts are the result of female “provocations,” or the very gestures and techniques that we wrote about above. Your task is to convert such signals in your favor.

A simple example – when you come to a party, try to stand for a short time in the center of the room.

The psychology of women is such that they like to rotate around central points. In addition, in the middle of the room it is easier to see you and make an initial opinion.

Tip # 2. Watch her eyes

Make the right impression and get female consent to a closer continuation of dating can be if you follow the eyes of the girl. Psychophysiology is advised to contact a woman at the moment when her pupils are dilated. This feature indicates the greatest susceptibility.

Body language of men seduction without touch

If you decide to resolve the situation as soon as possible, do not want to wait for dilated pupils, act smarter: try to dim the lights in the room, female pupils will increase – the susceptibility will reach the level you need.

In addition, it is necessary to follow her eyes. If the girl looks away to the left, wait for a quick (certainly positive) decision. If her gaze is directed to the right, she hesitates. In this case, it is important to continue the seduction in order to achieve the desired result.

Tip number 3. Massage

Seducing pretty women involves a move to decisive action. As an option – massage (touch), because it is this way that experts consider the fastest way to seduction. Of course, you can not immediately touch the intimate areas, it is better to start with a light stroking of the hands and back.

If a woman is a little shy of touch, try to offer "fortune telling" on the arm (in addition, you will show an addiction to esotericism, which pleases many girls). What is the meaning of such a false chiromance? You will get the opportunity to touch her hand, and you can also say that she finally met her prince.

Massage does not involve excessive pressure on the skin. On the contrary, gentle, affectionate stroking of the most sensitive areas of the female body are necessary:

  1. Neck. Light, tickling-like stroking with the thumb under the chin. The neck is one of the most erogenous sites, remember this.
  2. Arms. Stroke female palms with your finger, then gently squeeze her fingers and bring them to your chest.
  3. Spine. It has several erogenous points. Put your fingers on both sides of the spine and run them towards the buttocks. Do not press hard.

With every touch, be sure to repeat what a girl’s gorgeous skin is – soft, glowing, soft and velvet to the touch. The mention of the skin will add a lot of points in your favor.

Of course, this is just a kind of scenario for the development of relations between men and women of the beautiful half of humanity. It is important to be able to implement them in practice, and already the result of seduction will tell you how to proceed. Perhaps a short flirt will lead to something more …

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