Body balancing

What is technical mechanics?

Mechanics are the science of mechanical movement and the interaction of material bodies.

Technical mechanics is one of the sections of Mechanics, in which the laws of motion of bodies and the general properties of these motions are studied. On the basis of these regularities, methods and techniques of technical mechanics have been developed, allowing the construction of structures, mechanisms and machines, as well as to make practical calculations of various technical and building structures for strength, stability, rigidity, that is, for performance in a given load range.

Academic discipline Technical mechanics, studied by students of Kamensk agrotechnical technical school within the working programs for technical specialties, includes the following sections:

  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Strength of materials
  • Details and mechanisms of machines

Body balancing

The study of each subsequent section of Technical Mechanics for technical schools implies the students’ knowledge of the previous sections, as well as basic knowledge of general educational disciplines – mathematics, geometry, physics.

Theoretical mechanics

Section Theoretical mechanics consists of subsections:

Body balancing

Statics is part of the theoretical mechanics that studies the conditions under which the body is in equilibrium. In this case, an equilibrium is considered to be such a state of the body when it is at rest or moves in a straight line and evenly. The methods and techniques used to solve Static problems allow determining external force factors due to which the body is in equilibrium,

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