You can get sleeping pills without a prescription.

Sleep hormone melatonin regulates the daily biorhythm sleep-wake. With age and with some disorders, the level of production of natural melatonin in the body is significantly reduced, which causes night sleep disorders.

To compensate for the lack of this substance can be using melatonin tablets. This drug (the trade name Melaxen) is a chemical analogue of the hormone of the pineal gland of the same name. It is very effective, safe and officially sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

Who is recommended to take melatonin and when?

Take Melaxen should be people suffering from sleep disorders: having difficulty falling asleep, having a shallow or intermittent sleep with the inability to fall asleep again. The drug well normalizes sleep in the elderly.

Melatonin tablets are particularly effective in cases of biorhythm failure, manifested by insomnia, decreased concentration, fatigue, irritability. Especially often such violations are observed with the rapid movement of a person across several time zones during the flight. They also cause insomnia in urban residents, workers of night shifts.

In addition, the drug is prescribed for anxiety-depressive states and impaired mental adaptation.

You can get sleeping pills without a prescription.

Sleep pills do not help? Do not waste time searching for other remedies for insomnia – contact the Sleep Medicine Center. We know how to help you. To sign up for a consultation with a somnologist, call right now: 8 (495) 266-55-35. If you talk uncomfortable, you can order our call at a convenient time. How we treat insomnia, read here.

Drug properties

The most important properties of Melaxen include:

  • regulation of the biological sleep-wake cycle;
  • normalization of night sleep: the tool speeds up sleep, reduces the number of nightly awakenings, improves overall health after waking up;
  • positive effect on the adaptation of the human body to the change of time zones, shift work;
  • antioxidant effect;
  • the presence of anti-stress and immunostimulating effect;
  • nootropic action: regular intake of the drug increases the concentration of attention and improves the absorption of new material.

Melatonin does not alter the structure of sleep, after the end of taking the pills there are no signs of withdrawal syndrome. The drug does not affect the reaction rate and memory. Today it is the safest sleeping pill.

An example from practice. A 44-year-old woman turned to a sleep specialist for help. During the conversation, she said that she worked as an ambulance doctor. Constant night shifts led to sleep disturbance and deterioration in the quality of life in general. Lack of sleep has affected working moments, the relationship with her husband and children has deteriorated.

A specialist in the Sleep Medicine Center gave recommendations for normalizing sleep and prescribed a course of the drug Melaxen.

During the month, the patient observed all appointments, including taking the drug Melaxen. As a result, insomnia disappeared, improved sleep, despite the nightly duty.

Contraindications to receiving melatonin

The main contraindications for taking melatonin tablets are pregnancy, breastfeeding, the presence of autoimmune diseases or severe allergies, and cancer. Before you start using Melaxen, you should carefully study the instructions for the drug and, if you have doubts about the possibility of taking it, consult your doctor. People who do not have serious diseases can take the remedy on their own.

You can get sleeping pills without a prescription.

Many other hypnotics, such as phenazepam, are contraindicated for such frequent disorders as obstructive sleep apnea. In this disease, the patient periodically stops breathing during sleep. Drugs increase the number and duration of pauses in breathing, aggravate the symptoms and consequences of the disease. Their use can lead to hypertensive crises, heart rhythm disturbances, angina pectoris, and an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Melaxen with apnea is not contraindicated and does not harm such patients.

You can buy melatonin tablets at a price within the range of 500-600 rubles per pack.

Method of use Melaxen

Adults are recommended to take 1 tablet inside for 40-60 minutes before bedtime.

It should be noted that in modern pharmacotherapy of short-term insomnia caused by circadian rhythm disturbances, melatonin is the drug of choice. However, the tool is not intended for the treatment of severe forms of the violation and the organic causes of insomnia. In such cases, it is mandatory to be examined in specialized medical institutions.

The Sleep Center at the base of the Rehabilitation Clinic in Khamovniki has all the conditions for the diagnosis of insomnia, and the treatment of various sleep disorders is carried out here in accordance with the best traditions of Kremlin medicine. Here you can get professional advice on the choice of pills for insomnia treatment, which will help you quickly cope with the problem, as well as go through a special sleep improvement program. Waiting for you! Phone 8 (495) 266-55-35.

Attention! The problem of insomnia is not always solved by pills. Insomnia may be due to psychological disorders. The staff of the Sleep Medicine Center employs a highly qualified psychotherapist who can find the causes of psychological discomfort and help get rid of them. To sign up for a consultation, please call 8 (495) 266-55-35.

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