Why poop feel good

Action on Blitz-NORM! If this incubator, FOR ANY REASON, does not meet your expectations, return it and receive money back within 1 month from the day it was received.

For regular customers a system of discounts on the volume of the party and cumulative discounts! The minimum size of your discount will be 5% (# 128165; all orders made before us are summed up and even the current one – with a purchase for the total amount of 20 thousand rubles). 10% discount for purchases from 45 thousand rubles, 12% for purchases from 120 thousand rubles, 15% – for purchases from 375 thousand rubles, 20% – maximum, for purchases from 1 million. rub.

June 2017 “We have been using your incubators for three years in the family. First, we bought the Blitz 72 * 7, and in another year, the Blitz 72ts8. Only great reviews. The incubators are quiet, the coup is timely, the temperature is kept clear. This year we bought a hatchery

Why poop feel good

Why poop feel good

The incubator works like a Swiss watch – so pleased. From the bottom of my heart, I congratulate the staff of the manufacturing company on the upcoming New Year, I wish these comrades good luck in their work, long life, happiness to them and their children, the same fruitful work. We want our businessmen to learn something from their example and attitude to work.

My thanks to these people knows no bounds. So keep your brand! With great respect and gratitude, Vasyl Tymoshenko. "Stavropol Territory,

And then an incubator arrived, they rolled it in for 24 hours and laid it on December 13 in the evening. Everything was done according to the instructions, but since we had few eggs, we laid them horizontally (

As hatches it is better not to use, the chicks fall into the bath and climb into the fan, you need to fence around, both.

On the Blitz, he set the humidity according to the instructions, outputting quails at 38 *, the output is good, friendly. ”Tyumen region,

Blitz-48 laid 41 pieces; 32 chickens were bred a second time one less, quail laid 69 pieces-bred 50 pieces, quails, but this does not depend on the incubator, unfertilized eggs come across, everything depends on the egg. For the next season I will write out the Blitz Incubator! ”Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kovalenko Sergey.

During the incubation period, the power was often turned off, but we are calm, the backup power from the battery in the event of a shutdown works very reliably. The truth is that the incubator was equipped with a hygrometer-thermometer, which you also purchased from you, so more calmly, you can see what the microclimate is inside and make corrections easier.

There was a question and we need your qualified advice. Can I use this incubator as a hatcher? The manual says – not recommended. What prevents the airflow? Another reason is not visible. Maybe somehow you can adapt it? We are thankful in advance for help in this matter. ”Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sergey Grebennikov and Svetlana.

Why poop feel good

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