Why I feel depressed

Joseph murphy

This book has stood the test of time and international fame. Miracles happened to people of all classes, races and peoples. Your life will also miraculously change as soon as you begin to use the magic power of your subconscious. This book will tell you how the way of thinking and the pictures of the imagination shape and determine your destiny. Do you know why:

• is the life of one person clouded by sadness, and the other shines in the rays of happiness? One person is rich and respected, and the other is deprived?

• Does one person suffer from fear, and another with confidence looks to the future?

• does one person make brilliant discoveries, and the other works sluggishly and without a soul?

• does one carry people along and the other does not find a response?

• does one conquer an incurable disease and the other die?

Discover the treasures in yourself!

CHAPTER 1 The Treasures Within You

CHAPTER 2 The way your mind functions

CHAPTER 3 The miraculous power of your subconscious.

CHAPTER 4 Spiritual healing in the ancient world

CHAPTER 5 Spiritual Healing in Our Time

CHAPTER 6 Practical Application of Mental Therapy

CHAPTER 7 Subconscious Serves Life

CHAPTER 8 How to accomplish your goals

CHAPTER 9 The subconscious as the key to wealth

CHAPTER 10 Your Right to Wealth

CHAPTER 11 Subliminal help brings success.

CHAPTER 12 Leading Scientists Introduce Their Subconscious

CHAPTER 13 Subconscious and wonders of sleep

CHAPTER 14 Subconscious and Marital Problems

CHAPTER 15 Subconscious and your happiness

CHAPTER 16 Subconscious and harmonious relationships with others

CHAPTER 17 How to get forgiveness with the help of the subconscious

CHAPTER 18 How the subconscious mind helps to overcome the power of habit

CHAPTER 19 How the forces of the subconscious cast out fear

CHAPTER 20 How to remain forever a young soul

I saw with my own eyes how miracles happened to people of all classes, races and nations. Your life will also miraculously change as you begin to apply the magic power of your subconscious mind. This book will tell how the way of thinking and pictures of the imagination will shape and determine your destiny, because the type and essence of a person are identical to the content of his subconscious.

Why is the life of one person clouded by sadness, while another shines in the rays of happiness? Why does one person have wealth and respect, while his neighbor suffers poverty and hardship? Why does one suffer from uncertainty and fear, while the other looks to the future with confidence. Why does one have a luxury villa while another spends his life in a slum? Why does one person succeed after success while another slides down uncontrollably? Why does one speaker carry the masses with his speech, while the other does not find the slightest response? Why does one make brilliant discoveries, while the other works sluggishly and without a soul? Why does one conquer the so-called incurable disease, from which the other dies? Why do many good and God-fearing people suffer from terrible bodily ailments, while many of our contemporaries, who are not distinguished by special virtues, have excellent health and brilliant successes? Why does one woman have a happy marriage, while another suffers from her husband only suffering and frustration? Why? The answer to these and many other questions lies in the essence and function of consciousness and the subconscious.

When I was writing this book, I was guided by the desire not only to give an answer to one or another question, but also to show interconnections. I have tried to explain the root cause and the deepest secrets of your spiritual life in simple words, since I have always been firmly convinced that even these hidden interconnections of the human soul can be stated very easily and simply for understanding. Therefore, my book is written exactly in the everyday language that you used to hear in the workshop, office and family. I would like to convincingly ask you to study these pages and the method described here, as I am absolutely sure that you will discover here a miraculous power that will tear you out of chaos and adversity, free you from despondency and depression and will prevent from any failure. This book will give you the strength to achieve the position you deserve, it will help to resolve all difficulties, relieve from mental and physical suffering, and will indicate the direct path to freedom, happiness and peace of mind. The miraculous power of the subconscious will bring you healing and awaken new young forces in you. Power over the forces of your soul will free you from the thousand fears and fears you are in captivity that will open the door to that life, full of blissful freedom, which St. Paul intended for the children of God.

Proper healing is perhaps the most amazing evidence of the miraculous powers of our subconscious. More than 42 years ago, I was healed in this way from a malignant tumor, which is called “sarcoma” in medicine, and it is the same force that created me that controls — I know — even today the life currents of my body. Such a description of the method applied by me then will, without doubt, lead any reader to fully rely on the infinite healing power that lives in the deepest recesses of the soul of each person. I am obliged to the kind suggestion of my friend and medical consultant by the sudden realization that the very creative wisdom that shaped my body, created all my organs and made my heart beat, naturally, could best heal my own creation. After all, the old proverb says: "The doctor bandages wounds, and God heals."

By “scientific prayer” we understand the harmonious interaction of the conscious and subconscious forces of the mind, which are used by means of scientifically secured methods to accomplish a certain goal. This book will teach you the technique that will provide you access to the inexhaustible reserves of your spiritual forces, the attraction of which will fulfill all the desires of your heart. Are you aiming for a happier, fuller and richer life? Then use this new miraculous power and make your life more even, solve your personal and business problems and create harmony with your family. Read this book a few times! It will show you the way in which this miraculous power works, as well as how you yourself can use to achieve your goals, insight and wisdom, which are dormant in the depths of your soul. Learn how to influence your subconscious – is it very simple? Apply a new, scientifically based method that will reveal to you the immeasurable powers of your soul! Read this book carefully and open your heart and mind to her miraculous advice. See for yourself the stunning results of this method. I firmly believe that reading these pages can and will become a turning point in your life.

Can you pray "effectively"? How much time has passed since prayer has taken a firm place in your daily life? At the moment of misfortune, danger, illness, with the fear of death, prayer itself appears on the lips of you and your compatriots. You just have a look at the daily newspaper! Almost every newspaper will probably have an article stating that people from all over the country have united about one common prayer for the recovery of a child who is “incurable disease, or prayer for the salvation of a group of miners buried in the bowels of the earth, or for saving the world on earth . Having got rid of the mortal danger, the miners then tell how they spent agonizing hours in prayer before the arrival of rescue teams; the pilot of a jet plane prayed for salvation when he and his car were making an emergency landing. Without a doubt, the power of prayer is always at our disposal at the moment of trouble. Why don’t you want to use her effective help every day, making it a permanent and beneficial part of your daily life? Large press headlines talk about how in dramatic situations prayer was heard and words uttered as oath ensure the effectiveness of prayer. However, how can we look at all the many humble prayers that children utter, with whom we thank God for the set table and with which a person with trustful devotion addresses his creator? My work in the service of a man made me explore different types and motives of prayer. I experienced the power of prayer on myself. I also spoke and collaborated with many people whose prayers were also answered. The main difficulty is to teach people to pray "effectively." At the moment of disaster, a person most often is no longer able to think and act with full consciousness, and therefore he needs a simple, unmistakably effective formula.

The advantage of this book is its practical utility. It introduces the reader to a number of simple and easily applicable formulas that are in his possession everywhere and at any time. I taught these easy-to-understand rules for men and women around the world, and more recently introduced students to Los Angeles — there were over a thousand men and women — with some of the most important provisions described here. Many of the students did not consider it difficult to travel 300-400 kilometers to attend my lectures. This work will be of particular interest to you, moreover, also because it will explain why often there is something completely opposite to what you prayed for. Many people all over the world asked me the same question: “Why did I pray, pray, but did not hear me?” In this book you will learn about the reasons that will refute this kind of doubt. The numerous methods of influencing the subconscious that are described here that will help you find the right answer even when you are in doubt give this book the exceptional value of a counselor who is always at your disposal and absolutely reliable in any life situation.

It is not an object of faith or the content of faith that makes a person’s prayers effective. Most quickly, they are heard when the subconscious of this person reacts to his thoughts and ideas, this law of faith spreads its effect in all religions of the world and gives them psychological truth. Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Jews are equally heard, and this is not because they belong to a particular religion or faith and perform certain rituals, ceremonies, liturgy and sacrifice, but only because they are imbued with mind and soul the confidence that their prayers will be heard. The law of life is identical to the law of faith, and the concept of “faith” can be briefly and precisely defined as “thought” or “content of the mind.” In exactly the same way as a person thinks, feels, or believes, this is the case with his soul, body, and life’s fate. The systematic use of techniques, based on a deep understanding of your mode of action and their motives, will bring you – using the power of your subconscious mind – your share of happiness on this earth. In essence, the prayer heard is nothing but the fulfillment of certain intimate desires.

Each person strives for health, happiness, confidence, peace of mind, the fulfillment of dreams, but only a few people have absolute success. Recently, a university professor told me: “I know that a change in my way of thinking and a new orientation in my sensual life would permanently free me from my stomach ulcer. But, unfortunately, I do not have the techniques or methods to implement it. My mind is moving uneasily from problem to problem, and I feel frustrated, depressed, and unhappy. ” Thus, this professor dreamed of complete health; what he needed, however, was a clear understanding of the course of his thinking, which could give him the fulfillment of his innermost desire. Applying the healing techniques described in this book will fully restore his health in a short time.

The miraculous powers of your subconscious existed even before your birth; their existence precedes any church and even the existence of our world. The great, eternal truths and principles of life are more ancient than all religions. From the depth of this belief, I offer you – here, under the Emmerson thesis cited in the title of this part – study the following chapters, because they will give you a miraculous, magical transforming power that heals all the wounds to life to body and soul that comforts you exhausted by fear soul and forever free you from the yoke of poverty, misfortune, misfortune need and frustration. For all this, you only need to identify with the good that you want to accomplish, and the creative forces of your subconscious will react accordingly. Start today, this minute, and the miracle will come into your life. Do not lose heart, go ahead tirelessly until the shining light of the day expels all shadows.

Constant wealth will surround you as soon as you look into your mind and open an inexhaustible treasury there. Your soul harbors a gold-bearing vein, the discovery of which will give you everything you expect from a happy life. Many people are like lunatics, because the existence of this inner treasure of endless wisdom and infinite love is hidden to them. And yet, each person could draw from this source all that his heart desires. A magnetized piece of steel lifts loads that exceed its own weight by about 12 times – in a demagnetized form, the same exact piece of metal cannot move a feather either. This comparison applies to man. A person saturated with magnetism is full of confidence in his abilities and future. He knows that he was born to win and reap success after success. A person “devoid of magnetism” is tormented by fear and doubt. If he is given a happy opportunity, he says to himself:

“This will end badly. It may cost me my whole condition. I will only make myself a laughing stock. ”

People with this way of thinking will never achieve anything in life, because they do not have the courage to go forward, and therefore they helplessly stop in the middle of the road. Here for you lies the clue to the mystery, and like a magnet you will begin to attract happiness, wealth and power.

What do you think is the greatest mystery of all time? The secret of atomic energy? Release of monstrous forces through nuclear fission? Neutron bomb? Flight to the stars? What is this about? Where can I discover this greatest mystery? How to open it? How to apply? The answer to all these questions is as surprisingly simple as it is unexpected. The mystery we are talking about here is nothing but the miraculous powers of your subconscious. Who would look for the solution of so many riddles here?

As soon as you learn to discover the amazing power of your subconscious, strength, wealth, health, happiness and joy in an amount that you have never dreamed of will come into your life. You do not need to acquire this power, you already have it. You only need to understand its essence and mode of action in order to successfully apply it in all areas and with all the problems of your life. The knowledge and skills necessary for this will be obtained by you when reading the simple processes and techniques described here. Everything will appear before you in a new light and you will receive from the depth of your mind the power with which you will be able to fulfill many of your hopes and dreams. So, make a firm decision that you want to make your life richer, more wonderful and more noble from now on than before.

The deepest layers of your subconscious mind harbor endless wisdom, unlimited power and an inexhaustible stock of opportunities, abilities and talents that are just waiting to be fully developed and manifested. Recognize in yourself the authenticity of the existence of these spiritual forces, and they will immediately find the contours in your life. The endless wisdom inherent in your subconscious will open for you everywhere and at any time everything you need to know as soon as you perceive this form of learning. The subconscious is the source of new thoughts and ideas – perhaps a person is dormant in you, making a discovery or an invention, maybe the writer hidden in you is waiting for his creative expression. In any case, the infinite wisdom of your subconscious will give you information about the basic features of your own being, about your true talents and how you can best improve and use them to achieve a place in life that you deserve and that you – and only you – can take the most worthy way.

The forces of your subconscious mind can also give you the perfect partner for life or business partner.

Following the voice of the subconscious, you will find suitable buyers and be able to acquire the financial independence that will allow you to do that and become what you have always dreamed of.

You have the right to discover the inner world of your thoughts and feelings, these inexhaustible treasures of strength, insight, prudence, love and beauty. Although they are invisible, they have exceptional power; your own subconscious gives a solution to any problem; there lies the reason for any action. And since you now learn to discover these hidden forces, you will soon have at your disposal the necessary understanding and power to be the master of your destiny and live in safety, joy and abundance.

I myself witnessed how the power of the subconscious returned full health to the sick and crippled, so that they could walk through life again and have happiness and success. Your subconscious mind has a wonderful healing power that promotes healing of your body and soul. It will break the shackles that paralyze the flight of your thoughts, and free you from the captivity of material and physical defects.

Without a reliable foundation and without knowledge of generally accepted laws, no real progress can be achieved in any area of ​​human activity. Therefore, you must first learn to properly use your subconscious as a "tool." His forces will act precisely with the accuracy, reliability and to the extent that you can understand the laws in force here and apply them for very specific purposes and intentions.

As a chemist in the past, a comparison from the field of natural sciences suggests itself to my mind: if you mix hydrogen and oxygen in a 2: 1 ratio, water will be formed from their compound. Surely, you also know that one atom of oxygen in combination with one atom of carbon gives carbon monoxide,

It would be completely wrong to assume that the basic laws of chemistry, physics, and mathematics differ in some way from the laws of the subconscious. Remember at least the thesis: "The surface of the water always tends to a horizontal position." This law of nature is valid indefinitely for all water, wherever it is. Or another example: "Heated bodies expand." Also this provision is valid indefinitely, everywhere and at any time. If you heat up a piece of steel, it will increase in size regardless of whether this experience is made in China, England or India. Thermal expansion of solid materials is universal truth.

Equally universal is the fact that every impression acting in time and space on your subconscious is reflected in the environment, experience and events.

Your prayer will be heard because your subconscious acts as a universal principle, and “principle” means the basis and type of a certain function. So, for example, the principle of electric current is that it flows from a higher to a lower potential. If you force an electric current to serve your purpose, it will not affect the underlying principle, but this ministry has produced tremendous results in the form of discoveries and inventions that benefit all of humanity.

Also, your subconscious mind can be viewed as a universal principle; it acts according to the law of faith. You need to know what faith is, how it works, and what the results of its action are. The Bible says this in simple, clear, beautiful words: “Verily, I say to you: if anyone says to this mountain:“ Rise up and be thrown into the sea, ”and will not doubt his heart, but believe that he will come true according to his words, whatever he says ”(Mark 11, 23).

The law of the human mind is the law of faith, therefore it is a question of the functioning of the spirit and also of the faith itself, what you believe in your soul, nothing else but what you dream of in your soul is your secret. No matter what you experience and whatever you do, all the events and circumstances of your existence are the reaction of the subconscious mind to your thoughts.

Thus, it is not the content of your faith, but simply the presence of faith in your soul that causes this impact. Free yourself from wrong beliefs and opinions, from blind superstition and unfounded fears that torment humanity. Instead, start believing in the immutable, eternal realities and truths of life. It is then that your path will lead you forward, upward, towards God.

Also, the one who will always read this book and apply the laws of the subconsciousness revealed in it, from now on, will be able to formulate for himself and others scientifically based effective prayers. Also, your own prayers will be heard according to the law of cause and effect, action and reaction. Thought is the source of the matter. An event is nothing but a reaction of your subconscious mind to the look and essence of your thought. Indulge in thoughts and a sense of harmony, health, peace and good intentions – and a miracle will come into your life.

Undoubtedly, your soul represents unity. However, the human soul performs, as is now known to all educated people, two completely different functions and therefore represents two completely different spheres with exceptionally peculiar immiscible properties and forces.

The existence of these two separate spheres finds its expression in a multitude of generally accepted and scientific definitions.

So, they distinguish between the conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective thinking, active and sleeping thought, superficial and deep self, voluntary and involuntary thinking, male and female thinking and much more.

In this book, we decided to use the concepts of "consciousness" and "subconscious".

The various functions of these spheres of consciousness are most clearly expressed when we compare the human soul with the garden. You yourself are a gardener and sow the seeds of your thoughts in the fertile soil of your subconscious. The type and quality of the seed depends on the habits of your thinking; because whatever you put in your subconscious, it will grow and take shape either in your body or in the realm of your life.

Therefore, you need to start inspiring thoughts of peace, happiness, right deeds, goodwill and well-being to your subconscious mind. Think about it all calmly and imagine everything in your conscious mind as already accomplished. Drop these thoughts in the same way as the seeds, continuously into the soil of your soul and you will gather an amazing harvest. The subconscious mind can be compared to fertile, fertilized soil in which all the seeds grow magnificently, both good and evil. Will you pick grapes from a thorny bush or fig fruits from a thistle?

Every thought is therefore a cause, and every internal or external circumstance is a result. To achieve the desired development of your living conditions, you must become the unlimited master of your thoughts. As soon as you learn to think and understand the truth correctly and as soon as the thoughts sown in your subconscious mind become positive, harmonious and peaceful, the magical power of your subconscious will acquire significance and begin to create pleasant, harmonious living conditions. Everything will turn out for the best. Once you put your thinking processes under control, you can use the power of your subconscious to solve every problem and all difficulties. In this way, you will unite with that unimaginably enormous force and with the omnipotent law that governs the Cosmos.

Whatever part of the world you are in, look back — and you will make sure that the vast majority of all people lead a life limited by external formalities. Only a small group of enlightened people turn to mental and spiritual processes in the depths of their consciousness. But never forget that this is the world of your inner life, that is, your thoughts, feelings and ideas create the external world. That is why the subconscious is the only creative force, and that which always finds its expression in the world of our feelings, was – consciously or unconsciously – created by the power of thought. Or subconscious.

Therefore, an understanding of the interaction that exists between the conscious and the subconscious will give you the opportunity to completely change your whole life. To change the external circumstances of life, you must first affect the causes of their causes. Most people try to change external circumstances and these conditions by external means. However, in order to eliminate quarrel, confusion, deprivation, and everything else that disrupts your life, you must take up solving the problem in its root, that is, completely restructure your conscious thinking and create a completely new order in the world of your thoughts and ideas.

The subconscious mind reacts with the sensitivity of the exact instrument to each of your thoughts. However, this means that the infinite wisdom, life force and energy inherent in your subconscious, are formed and receive their realization under the influence of your conscious thinking. Around you is incomprehensible, mysterious ocean of priceless riches. The practical application of the laws of human thinking, named in this work, will miraculously change your life: excess instead of lack, insight and wisdom instead of ignorance and superstition, peace instead of painful anxiety. You yourself will find joy instead of suffering, light instead of darkness, agreement instead of quarrel, self-reliance instead of fear and doubt, success – instead of failure. From a mental, spiritual, and material point of view, no more can be desired. Most prominent scientists, artists, poets, singers, writers and inventors are well aware of the mode of action of human consciousness and the subconscious.

The world famous tenor Caruso once could not go on stage because of the fear of the public. He complained that fear literally squeezed his throat. His face was dripping with sweat. He was ashamed of the people around him, but the thought that in a few minutes he should come out from behind the scenes, made him thrill. “I’m becoming a joke,” he said. “I can’t sing.” But suddenly he jumped up and shouted in a loud voice: “My little one, I want to suppress the big I in me!” After that, he turned to the one whom he called “the little me”: “Go away, the big I want to sing with me” (with the word “ Big I "he called the intrinsic strength and wisdom of the subconscious). “I want to sing big!” – and his subconscious responded by opening the internal gateways. After he uttered these words, he stepped on the stage and the enchanting brilliance of his voice captured the listeners, as usual.

This famous anecdote leaves no doubt about the fact that Caruso knew about the existence of two levels of consciousness, namely: the conscious, understandable sphere, on the one hand, and the sphere of the subconscious, on the other. Your subconscious mind also reacts to your way of thinking. If your consciousness (“small self”) is filled with fear, fear and anxiety, then this causes in the subconscious (“big Self”) a negative state of feelings, which again passes to your consciousness – in the form of unkind premonitions, despair and panic. So, if you once found yourself in a similar position, then try decisively and with full consciousness of your authority to say to the negative tendencies that sound in your subconscious, something like this: “Shut up! Calm down! I am the lord and you must obey my order. You have nothing to do here, go away! ”

It is extremely interesting to observe how a resolute and confident appeal to the subconscious almost instantly restores disturbed composure. It is precisely because the subconscious mind obeys the requirements of the consciousness that it is defined as the subconscious or “subjective” consciousness.

The following comparison would best explain the main differences: consciousness plays about the same role as the navigator or captain on the bridge of his ship. He determines the course and gives the people working in the engine room the necessary orders. Those, in turn, monitor the boilers and service the instruments and mechanisms. The crew in the compartments of the ship does not ask where the ship is going, it simply obeys orders.

If a man on the bridge did not know how to handle a compass, a sextant and other navigation tools, and if he gave the wrong orders, the team would have died blindly. However, people in the engine room are subject to the captain, because he exercises command and they must obey his orders. There can be no long reasoning here: a sailor should simply execute orders.

The captain is the master of his ship, and everything happens according to his will. In a figurative sense, your consciousness plays the role of a captain, who gives orders, while your body and your interests can be compared to the above-mentioned ship. Namely: your subconscious carries out all the orders that the consciousness sends to it in the form of decisions and beliefs.

If you tell all your friends:

“I can’t afford it”, the subconscious will catch your word and take care that you really cannot buy what you so passionately dream about. As long as you repeat to others and to yourself: “I cannot afford the purchase of a car, a cruise in Europe, a house, a fur coat, a mink stole and

On the eve of the Christmas holiday, one student looked at with admiration for an elegant expensive travel bag displayed in the window of a fashionable leather goods store. Late in the evening she was going to go to Buffalo to spend a holiday there with her family. On the lips, the words were already indicated: “I cannot afford to buy this bag,” but then she remembered that she had heard in one of my speeches. Then I just put forward the principle: “Never utter a negative thought! Turn it immediately into a positive view, and a miracle will come into your life! ”So she said:“ This bag belongs to me. You can buy it. I see it as my property, and the strength of my subconscious will make sure that I get a bag. ”

On Christmas Eve, at 8 o’clock, she received as a gift from her fiancé exactly that bag, which at 10 o’clock in the morning with admiration looked like at her real property. She directed her thoughts into a state of joyful expectation and then entrusted the realization of this mental representation to the subconscious mind, which, after all, knows best the necessary means and ways.

This girl, a university student in Southern California, told me: “I didn’t have enough money to buy that bag. But now I know where I can get the necessary funds and what I still need – from the inexhaustible treasury of my soul. ”

The mode of action of the subconscious can be explained by the following example. If you say: “I do not eat mushrooms,” and you are really offered sauces or salads with mushrooms, then you will certainly have an upset stomach, because your subconscious mind says to yourself: “Chef (that is, your mind) does not eat mushrooms.” Reactions of this type shed interesting light on various functions of the consciousness and subconscious.

Let someone say: “If I drink another cup of coffee late in the evening, I will certainly wake up at three o’clock in the morning” – then a cup of coffee at the late hour will give the desired result with absolute accuracy. Because the voice of the subconscious whispers to the one who wished it: “The chief wants you to wake up today.”

Your subconscious mind cares for your well-being 24 hours a day without a break and gives you the fruits of your way of thinking.

A few months ago, one lady wrote me the following letter: “I am 75 years old, I am a widow and my children have long grown and are independent. I receive a pension and lived in complete solitude. But once I attended one of your lectures about the power of the subconscious, in which you talked about the fact that certain ideas can be imprinted in the subconscious due to constant repetition, faith and expectation in hope.

And so I started several times a day loudly speaking out loud what I wanted with all my heart: “There is a person who needs me. I am in a happy marriage with a kind, affectionate man who has an exalted soul. My life makes sense. ”

For two weeks I repeated this phrase until I once met a pharmacist in one pharmacy, and who was no longer working at that time. He impressed me as a kind, sensitive and very religious person. He fully matched the man I asked for. And at the moment we are making a honeymoon trip to Europe. I know that the wisdom of my subconscious brought us both together according to God’s decision. ”

Why I feel depressed

This lady also opened a treasure trove in her soul.

She felt with her heart that prayer materialized into reality, and this belief was transferred to her subconscious, which you yourself probably already realize as your own creative medium. As soon as she managed to convey to her subconscious the desired image of her future partner, she realized the content of her prayer. The deep layers of her subconscious, filled with wisdom and insight, brought together both people according to the will of God.

There is no doubt: “Finally, brothers, that only true, what is honest, what is true, what is pure, what is gracious, what is honorable, what is only virtue and praise, think about that (By Philippians

1. Inside you is an inexhaustible treasury. Look into yourself and your secret desire will be fulfilled.

2. Known to great people of all times and the greatest of all secrets is the ability to negotiate with your subconscious and release its power. It can you.

3. Your subconscious knows the solution to all problems. If you, before going to bed, inspire him: “I want to get up at 6 am”, then it will wake you up in time.

4. Your subconscious mind has shaped your body and can also heal ailments. Fall asleep every night with the notion that you are completely healthy, and the most faithful of your servants, your subconscious will obey your suggestion.

5. Every thought causes something, that is, it is the cause; and each state is caused by something – it is a consequence ..

6. Whatever you want to accomplish – be it a desire to convince with a word or write a book – instill your ideas convincingly and confidentially in your subconscious, and it will react accordingly.

7. You are in your position like a captain at the helm of a ship. He must give the right commands. Likewise, you must give your subconscious that governs your destiny the right orders in the form of thoughts and ideas.

8. Never say: “This I can not afford. I can’t do that. ” Your subconscious will catch your word and make sure that you really do not have the necessary tools or abilities. Instead, state with complete confidence: “The power of my subconscious will open all the doors for me.”

9. The law of life and the law of faith are one and the same. To believe is to think. Believe it! This means, do not think about anything that could harm you or cause damage! Believe in the healing, illuminating, making stronger and bringing happiness to the power of your subconscious! What you fervently believe, it will be fulfilled – with you and for you!

10. Change your mindset and you change your destiny!

You must learn to fully use your mind. As you already know, there are two separate spiritual spheres: on the one hand, the conscious and controlled by the mind and on the other hand, the subconscious sphere, inaccessible to the laws of logic. You think with the conscious mind, and the habits of thinking are inspired by the subconscious mind, which then gives shape to the corresponding thought content. The subconscious layers are the location of your sensual world and represent in their totality the creative sphere. If you are thinking about the good, then the good also arises from this, while evil thoughts entail evil. This – and what’s different – is the way in which our mind functions.

What we want to mark as a decisive point is how it is the fact that the subconscious mind immediately begins to realize every suggestion received. As far as interesting, so deep is the realization that the subconscious is equally prone to both good and bad thoughts and works accordingly. Therefore, negative ideas bring bad luck, despair and unhappiness. If the way of your thinking has a harmonious and positive nature, then you will be accompanied by health, success and well-being. As soon as you learn to direct your thoughts and feelings in the right direction, peace of mind and physical health will come by themselves. Whatever you need, imagine it mentally as already accomplished, and your subconscious will perceive it as an existing fact and quickly realize it. You only need to convince your subconscious – and then it, according to its inherent law, will take care of your health, harmony or professional recognition that you need. The power of the command is in your hands, you give orders – and the subconscious will obey and faithfully carry out your suggestions.

The law of your soul says: your conscious thoughts and ideas cause the reaction of your subconscious, identical to the content of thought.

Psychologists and psychiatrists explain to us that all thoughts transmitted to the subconscious mind leave imprints in the brain cells. As soon as your subconscious receives any suggestion transmitted to it, it immediately immediately takes care of its implementation. With the help of a mental association, it will apply for this purpose all the knowledge and all the experience that you have gathered up to this time. In doing so, it relies on the infinite power, energy, and wisdom of your soul; to accomplish the desired goal, your subconscious will establish a connection with all the forces and laws of nature. If possible, it will solve your difficulties right away; in other cases, the decision may last for days, weeks, or even longer — the whole process is ultimately ineligible for research.

A more accurate distinction between the concepts of "conscious" and "subconscious"

You must constantly remember that the soul is not just divided into two independent parts. In conscious and subconscious processes, it is ultimately a question of two spheres of activity of the same soul. The thought process takes place in the mind. Thinking you make your choice. With the help of consciousness, you choose, for example, literature for reading, place of residence and companions of life. All your decisions are made by your mind. However, on the other hand, the internal processes of your body are devoid of any will influence. Thus, the subconscious mind guides, according to its own laws, the beating of your heart, digestion, blood circulation and breathing. Your subconscious thinks true all that

So, always remember: your subconscious does not check whether your thoughts are good or bad, whether they are true or not, but reacts only in accordance with your thoughts and ideas. If you are convinced of the truth of certain circumstances of the case, then the subconscious will accept them accordingly and respond accordingly, even if your opinion is objectively not true.

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Numerous experiments conducted by psychologists, including experiments of the hypnotic type, have proved the inability of the subconscious to carry out a logical thinking process, since it is not capable of performing either a selective or a comparative function. Therefore, if it received any suggestion as a predetermined fact, it will respond in accordance with the content of the latter.

For a skilled hypnotist, it is not difficult to prove that the subconscious mind is influenced. He should only suggest to the tested person that he is Napoleon Bonaparte or even a cat or dog and the tested person will play this role extremely reliably. In a state of hypnosis in a person, a complete personality change occurs, so that the test person identifies himself with the inspired image and his way of life.

In the same way, a hypnotized person can be inspired that he has turned into a marble statue, his back hurts or he is bleeding from the nose, he is unbearably hot, or he is shivering from the cold. Each time the desired or appropriate reaction will occur, and the person loses his ability to perceive everything that is not within the framework of this suggestion.

These simple examples shed bright light on the essential differences between the conscious, mind-controlled sphere of the mind and the subconscious, which is not capable of any individual and logical criticism, and therefore takes at face value everything that the consciousness presents to it as a fact. It is for this reason that it is extremely important to also think and represent only that which graciously and healingly fills the soul with happiness and joy.

What does “objective” and “subjective” thinking mean?

Consciousness is sometimes defined as “objective. thinking ", as it deals with objects of the visible, external world. This part of the soul receives its information from the five senses. An objective spirit gives you advice and guides you in all aspects of the world around you. The work of your five senses gives you the knowledge you need. Your objective mind learns through observation, experience and education.

As we already know from the above, the main ability and the task of consciousness is logical thinking.

Suppose you are one of those tourists who visit Paris year after year. Your personal impressions of the vast parks, magnificent streets, majestic squares and representative buildings are concentrated in the overall assessment: “What a beautiful city!”. In this way, the objective mind processes the senses of the senses into logical waters.

The subconscious, on the other hand, is often referred to as the "subjective mind." Unlike consciousness, it does not depend on the perception of information of the sense organs, but perceives the world around it directly and without reflection – through intuition. Because here is the seat of your feelings and also the "repository" of your memory. The subconscious mind performs its most noble tasks only when the physical sensations are turned off. Thus, we are talking about the ability to perceive, which is manifested in a state of unconsciousness or during sleep.

So, your subconscious mind sees with the eyes of the soul, the mind and can do without organs of sight. It also has the gift of clairvoyance and sound permeability. The subjective spirit can leave the human body, travel to other countries and return with extremely accurate and necessarily correct information. Using the same thinking abilities, you can read the thoughts of other people, know the contents of a sealed letter and look into a locked safe, and also communicate your thoughts to other people without the help of ordinary means. Without the most accurate knowledge of the relationship between the objective and subjective reason, it is impossible to master the art of saying prayers.

The subconscious is unable to weigh the pros and cons for any reason. Therefore, if you instill in your subconscious something objectively wrong, it (the subconscious) will accept this suggestion and realize it sooner or later in the form of living conditions, experiences or events. Everything that you previously suffered was a reaction of your subconscious mind to thoughts, to truth, which you believed. The damage from the wrong suggestions can be most effectively eliminated if you now start thinking positively and repeat harmonious thoughts as often as possible until they take root deeply in your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious is also a refuge for your habits, this change in your lifestyle and thinking will lead to a turn for the better.

The habitual way of thinking leaves deep marks in the subconscious. This circumstance will be graciously reflected on you as soon as thinking begins to revolve around harmonious, peaceful and constructive goals and desires!

If you have lived before under the evil fate of fear and anxiety or other negative types of thinking, then you will begin a new life, learn to recognize and appreciate the omnipotence of the subconscious and instill in him a feeling of security, happiness and complete health. Your subconscious – creatively and in unity with the divine principle – will take care of that the persistently inspired turn to the good realized.

Meanwhile, you already know that your consciousness is, so to speak, a guard at the gate, whose main task is to protect the subconscious from harmful impressions. You are familiar with only one of the basic laws of human thinking, and you know that the subconscious is capable of suggestion. You also know that it does not make comparisons and differences and is not capable of independently and consistently considering the circumstances of the case. All this is the task of consciousness. The subconscious mind, therefore, simply reacts to the impressions conveyed to it by the consciousness, and does not even draw any logical conclusions.

The following experiment could serve as a classic proof of the enormous power of suggestion: suppose you say during a voyage to some companion who already looks scared: “It seems that you are sick. How pale you are! You will surely be ill now. Let me take you down? ”The one to whom you addressed with these words will inevitably turn pale immediately, because in his imagination seasickness inspired by him will be connected with his own fears and gloomy forebodings. He will gratefully rest on your hand and in his cabin, far from the eyes of others, he will give himself up to the illness he has inspired. different reactions to the same suggestion

However, it may well happen that many people, as a result of a different state of their subconscious mind, react to the same suggestion differently.

It may happen that in the above mentioned sea voyage you will conduct an experiment not with the passenger, but with the sailor. Depending on his temperament, he will take your offer to “help” as a joke or reject it angrily. In this case, your suggestion was addressed to an unresponsive sea wolf, who knows that he is not susceptible to sea-sickness. Therefore, your words will not cause him fear or anxiety, but will break without any effect on his self-confidence.

In the dictionary, the concept of "suggestion" is defined as a targeted mental impact and the awakening of certain ideas that are accepted and carried out as true. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that the conscious rejection of the suggestion effectively protects the subconscious mind from any undesirable influence. Thus, consciousness can reject any unwanted suggestion. For example, the sailor mentioned above was not afraid of Seasickness. He was sure of his immunity, and therefore a negative suggestion could not arouse the slightest sense of fear in him.

But in our timid passenger the suggestion of motion sickness turned out to be effective as a result of his own fear of this ailment.

So, in the soul of each of us fear lurks. Everyone also has his own opinions and beliefs, of which he is convinced of the powers and truths and which therefore govern his life and determine it. The suggestion does not possess any other power of its own, except that which the voluntary faith of man betrays. But if it becomes effective, it directs the flow of forces of the subconscious in a very specific and narrowly limited direction.

I read a series of reports for the Truth Forum at Caxton Hall in London with intervals of 2–3 years. I created this institution several years ago. Dr. Evelyn Flint, who was the leader at the time, told me about an article from an English newspaper that spoke about the power of suggestion. In the case described, one unfortunate father inspired his subconscious mind for more than two years: "I would willingly give my right hand if my daughter were cured." Her daughter was obviously suffering from severe arthritis at the same time, which deformed the joints, and the so-called incurable skin disease. The efforts of the doctors were unsuccessful, and this prompted the father to again and again express his fervent desire for his daughter’s full recovery, expressed in the words given above. During one family trip, a car collided with another car. During the accident, his father’s arm was torn off to the shoulder, and the daughter’s arthritis and skin disease almost simultaneously disappeared.

This example proves how important it is to transmit to your subconscious only happy, healing and good suggestions, in a word, such that in all respects will bring changes for the better. Always remember: your subconscious mind does not understand jokes; it will catch your word.

By self-suggestion, we understand the impact on ourselves through very specific and focused thoughts or ideas. Herbert Parkin, in his remarkable textbook on self-suggestion, published in London in 1916, described the following interesting and therefore very memorable occasion. A New Yorker flew to Chicago and forgot to rearrange his watch one hour ago, since he arrived in a different time zone. A workmate asked him to tell the exact time; and as soon as he heard that the time had passed for the lunch break, he suddenly felt a wolfish appetite, although there was still an hour before he usually dined.

Self-hypnosis can be used very effectively against the most diverse states of fear and other negative emotions. So it was, for example, in a situation when a young singer was invited to audition. On the one hand, she happily accepted this opportunity to prove her ability, on the other hand, she already had three times in such situations because of fear the voice refused. Although she was sure of the beauty of her voice, she repeated each time: “I’m afraid. Perhaps my singing will not please anyone. ”

Her subconscious perceived this negative suggestion as a requirement and created the corresponding situation. Thus, here we are talking about involuntary self-suggestion, that is, the fear expressed in the soul turned into feelings and became reality. She overcame her fear using the following method: she returned to her room and closed in it, having left from everything. Then she sat down in a comfortable chair, relaxed and closed her eyes. In this way, she brought the body and mind to rest. Physical relaxation also soothes the soul and makes it more susceptible to suggestion. In this state of relaxation, she again insistently instilled in herself: “I sing captivatingly. I am full of peace, clarity and confidence. ” She repeated this statement slowly, calmly and with mood 5-10 times. She did these mind exercises three times a day, the last time just before going to bed. A week later, she looked towards her future calmly and with full confidence in her abilities. When the time came to listen, she delighted everyone.

One 75-year-old lady fell into the habit of telling herself: "I am losing my memory." But once she decided to inspire herself several times a day and said to herself: “From now on, my memory will improve in all respects. I can, at any time and everywhere, whenever I desire it, refer to my memory. My impressions will be stored in memory more clearly and for longer. body period. I will keep everything in memory, simply and independently. Whatever I want to remember, everything immediately emerges clearly in front of my mind. Every day I achieve significant success and soon my memory will become better than ever. ” After three weeks, she was glad to see that her memory was fully restored again.

Many men who declared war of their irritability and temper, were particularly sensitive to suggestion and made great progress, repeating about three to four times a day — that is, after sleeping in the morning, in the middle of the day, and before going to bed — the following phrases : “From now on, I will be more restrained and my mood will improve. Joy, happiness and cheerful mood will forever enter my soul. With each – the day I will be with all the greater understanding and love to treat their loved ones. My goodwill and my good mood will be passed on to all my family. This happy, joyful and cheerful mood will now become the normal state of my spirit. I am deeply grateful for that. ”

Let us now consider the essence and action of heterosuggestion, that is, such a power of suggestion that comes from others. At all times and in all countries of the world, the power of suggestion in the forms of self-suggestion and the suggestion of other people played a decisive role in the life and thinking of people. In many parts of the world, it still forms the most important and effective component of a number of religions. The power of suggestion can be used to become the master of oneself, but with its help one can also subordinate one’s authority to all those who are not familiar with the laws of the spirit. If it is used for constructive purposes, then this is a wonderful and magnificent power. If it is abused for negative purposes, then suggestion can become the most disastrous mind weapon of all that exists and cause disaster, misfortune, suffering, illness, and unhappiness.

Since childhood, most of us have been attacked by negative suggestions from all sides. Not having the ability to grieve from them, we began to consider them a reality. Surely, many of the following examples are known to you: “You cannot do this.” – “You never get nothing!” – “You can’t do this!” – “It won’t work!” – “You don’t have the slightest chance.” – "This is completely wrong!" – "It does not make sense!" – "The main thing is not what you can, but who you know." – "The world is flying to hell." – "What do you want – because no one will take care of me." “Why should I try so hard?” “Life is an eternal torment.” – "Who now believes in love?" – "There’s nothing you can do about it!" – "Sooner or later, I still go bankrupt." – “Wait, you still get infected too!” – “People can’t be trusted” and

If you, as an adult, do not compensate for the damage to your soul in the past with the help of positive self-suggestion, then your pessimistic way of thinking will most likely provoke a way of behavior that will necessarily lead to disappointments in your personal and professional life. Self-hypnosis is, therefore, a means of liberation from the severity of negative phenomena that might otherwise have called into question the joy of life and the development of positive habits.

It is enough to look into the newspaper so that any more or less sensitive person will have a feeling of concern, fear, hopelessness and despair. He who allows such gloomy thoughts to maintain the upper hand over himself endangers his will to live. Therefore, it is extremely important to know that positive self-hypnosis is an effective defense against all negative influences. s- Check from time to time whether the environment is trying to adversely affect you, and if it does, how. You are not at all defenseless against the destructive power of someone else’s suggestion. In childhood and adolescence, we suffered a lot from them. Recall only the numerous traditional remarks that only your relatives, friends, relatives, teachers, and workmates made to you. A critical review will show that many of these comments are completely unfounded and were made only with the intention of intimidating or overwhelming you.

Suggestion from the outside happens in every family, in every office, in every factory, in every team. You can state that much in it serves one purpose: to direct your thoughts, feelings and deeds in the name and for the benefit of others.

Here is one example of someone else’s suggestion. One of my relatives found a fortune teller in India, who revealed to him that he had heart trouble and that he would die on the next new moon. My relative told it to his family, put all his affairs in order and wrote a testament.

The suggestion completely defeated him, as he continuously thought of him. He told me that the soothsayer seems to possess occult powers with which she can either help or harm a person. What she predicted was fulfilled, and he, of course, did not know that he had killed himself. Many of us can, obviously, from our own experience, tell about such superstitions and human stupidity.

Let us once again consider the case described here in the light of our knowledge of the processes occurring in the subconscious. What we consciously believe, our subconscious also considers true and responds accordingly. My relative was a happy man, full of health and vitality when he found a fortune teller. Her prediction, however, filled him with the fear of death, and from that moment on he lived in the expectation that on the next new moon he must die. He told everyone about it and prepared for his demise. It all started and ended in his own mind — his thoughts were the only cause of all that happened. Because of his fear and expectation in full confidence of his end, he himself caused his death, that is, he committed suicide. The woman who predicted his death to him had no influence on his fate. She did not possess natural or supernatural powers capable of bringing about the end that she had predicted. If my relative were familiar with the laws of the spirit, he would completely ignore the negative suggestion and would not give her the slightest word. An imaginary view as a cobblestone from an armored car would have rebounded without any effect from the unshakable consciousness that its actions are directed only by its own thoughts and feelings. The suggestion of other people does not have any power or power over you, other than that which you yourself impart by means of your own conviction. It is only thanks to you that the suggestion of others acquires strength, so again you yourself play into the hands of your opponent. Only you yourself have the power over your own thoughts and feelings. Do not forget: only you make a decision! So choose life! Choose love! Choose health!

Your spirit obeys the law of logic. Thus, if your consciousness recognizes any premise as correct, then your subconscious mind will inevitably consider it true, because the decision of your objective mind conveys to your subjective spirit confidence in the correctness of the corresponding thought. This relationship of cause and effect fully corresponds to the construction of the classical syllogism, consisting of three judgments of a conclusion from the general to the particular:

Every virtue is worthy of praise. Kindness is a virtue. Therefore, kindness is commendable. Or the following example:

Everything created is transitory. Egyptian pyramids are something created. Therefore, the pyramids are also transitory. In all cases, the first proposition, the first sentence is defined as a logical premise, and according to the law of logic, only the correct conclusion can be made from the correct premise.

After one of my lectures on the laws of mental life, which I read in May 1962 in the New York City Hall, one university professor told me: “In my life, everything is going upside down. I lost my health, condition and friends. Whatever I take, everything goes wrong. ”

I advised him to invariably adhere in his conscious thinking the prerequisites that the infinite wisdom of his subconscious mind steadily guides and leads him along the path of health, well-being and happiness. Based on the strength of this belief, it (the subconscious) will really begin to direct all his decisions of a personal and business nature, restore his health and help him regain happiness and peace of mind.

According to my advice, the professor formulated his idea of ​​an ideal life and expressed it in the following words:

“Infinite wisdom leads and guides me in everything. I am completely healthy, and the law of harmony operates in my body and spirit. Beauty, love, peace and abundance will always accompany me. The principles of legal actions and the divine order determine my whole life, I know that this premise is based on the eternal truths of life, and I also know that I feel and believe that my subconscious is true and will carry out my conscious thoughts to the smallest details. ”

Soon after, he wrote me the following letter: “I repeated this statement many times a day, slowly, calmly and persistently, and felt that these thoughts were deeply rooted in my subconscious and for certain would bear fruit. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the personal conversation and I dare to assure you that from that moment on my life turned in all respects to the best. Your laws – “The laws of the mind” – are true and effective! ”

The subconscious is omniscient and knows the answer to any question. But it does not make logical objections and does not allow for any dispute with you. Thus, it will not reproach you: "You must not inspire me in this concept." So if you constantly think: “I can’t do it!” – “For this I am too old.” – “I was born under an unlucky star!” – “I don’t even know who could help me!” And so on, you will fill your subconscious with negative thoughts, and the corresponding reaction will not take long to wait. Such a way of thinking will put insurmountable obstacles in front of your happiness, and even bring needs, limitations and disappointments into your life.

As soon as your consciousness begins to build up ostensibly insurmountable obstacles in front of you, you will deprive yourself of the support that his insight and wisdom could provide you. Such a setting speaks in deed that you think your subjective mind is not capable of showing you a way out of the situation that has been created. This also entails mental blunders and emotional complexes, which, in turn, can cause illness and a predisposition to neurosis.

So, in order to overcome your pessimism and fulfill the desire of your heart, say several times a day with deep conviction: “The infinite wisdom that brought this desire into my heart leads and guides me always and will show me the best way to fulfill my desires. I know that the deep insight of my subconscious will conquer and realize all my thoughts, feelings and ideas. Harmony, balance and peace of mind reign in me and around me. ”

As soon as you say: “There is no way out, I am gone, I do not find a solution, I am a victim of deceit!” – do not expect any help or positive reaction from your subconscious mind. In order to use his enormous power for your own purposes, you must turn to him in the right way. It always works for you without it. It also controls your heartbeat and your breath at the moment. It heals every wound, controls the course of life, continuously tries to protect and protect you, although your subconscious mind has its own will, it is unquestionably guided by the content of your thoughts and ideas.

Your subconscious immediately responds to your efforts to find a specific solution, but, on the other hand, it expects the correct assessment of the situation and a competent decision from your consciousness. You must remember that the real answer comes from your subconscious. But as soon as you say: “My situation is absolutely hopeless, I lost my head, why does my subconscious mind not give me an answer?”, You will take away from him his effectiveness. You will stagnate and do not move a step further.

So calm your thoughts in despair, relax and say with deep confidence:

“My subconscious knows the answer. It is now responding to my call. I thank from the bottom of my heart for the infinite wisdom of my subconscious, which opens up all the circumstances and tells me the best solution. This my unshakable conviction frees the now infinite effective and radiant in the rays of the power of my subconscious. I am full of joy and gratitude for this! ”

1. Think about the good, and it will come true! But if you think evil, evil will come. Whatever you think, your thoughts are you and the way you act every minute of your life.

2. Your subconscious mind does not mind. It accepts what your mind offers. If you say: “I cannot afford it”, then even if it is at that moment true to reality, you still should not keep this thought in yourself. Decide on positive thinking: “This thing will belong to me! I know it’s true! ”

3. You have free choice. Choose health and happiness. It depends on you whether you want to be friendly or unfriendly. Show yourself ready to help, joyful, friendly, amiable, and the whole world will be for you. There is no better way to become a pleasant person.

4. Your consciousness is the guard at the gate. His main task is to protect your subconscious from harmful impressions. Instill in yourself the belief that good things can happen and that they are already happening. Your greatest strength is the freedom to choose a solution. Choose happiness and wealth!

5. The suggestion and thoughts of other people cannot harm you, because only your own thoughts have power over you. All you have to do is reject the suggestion and opinions of others and focus your thinking entirely on positive things. Only you determine the type of your reaction.

6. Think carefully about your words, as every thoughtless step will avenge you. Never ^: ^ say: “This will end badly”; "I will lose the place"; “I can never pay for an apartment!” Your subconscious mind will not allow you to joke with you. It realizes each of your thoughts.

7. Your mind is neither evil nor bad. There are no evil forces in nature. It depends on you how you use the forces of nature. Use your mind to bring benefit to all people, heal them and inspire good deeds.

8. Never say: "I can not!" Overcome your fear with the following words: "Thanks to the infinite power of my subconscious, nothing is impossible for me."

9. Orient your thinking on the eternal truths and principles of life and do not let yourself be blinded by fear, ignorance and superstition! Do not allow your thoughts to be commanded by someone. Think and decide for yourself!

10. You are the sovereign master of your soul or of consciousness and of your destiny. Always remember: you have free choice. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health! Decide on happiness!

11. Whatever your mind thinks is right and whatever it believes, the subconscious will find it true and accomplish it. Believe in a good star, divine suggestion, the correctness of his decision and all the blessings of life!

Subconscious has infinite hoarse. It inspires you, guides you, resurrects in your mind all the names, facts and scenes that are stored in the depths of your memory. It guides the heartbeat, blood circulation and the entire digestive process and secretion. If you eat a piece of bread, your subconscious turns it into organic tissue, muscles, bones and blood. The immediate secret of this process remains hidden even for the most discerning and intelligent person. The subconscious mind controls all the life processes and functions of your body and knows the solution to all problems.

Your subconscious mind knows no peace, no rest. It is always on duty. You yourself can convince yourself of his miraculous power, giving him a very specific task just before going to bed. You are happy to find that this strong-willed impulse will release internal forces that will lead to the desired result. So, here is the source of all power and wisdom, which gives you access to precisely that power and omnipotence that moves the world, which determines the orbits of the planets and makes the sun shine.

The subconscious mind is the source of all your ideals, aspirations, and unselfish goals. With the help of this subjective mind, Shakespeare realized the great truths that remained hidden to the mediocre people of his time. And, no doubt, it was the reaction of the subconscious that inspired the Greek sculptor Phidias to give ideal form to marble and bronze in their ideas of beauty, order, harmony and symmetry. It was this force that inspired Raphael when he wrote his Madonnas, and gave Ludwig van Beethoven the opportunity to create his own symphonies.

In 1955, I gave a series of lectures at the Yoga Forest University in Riga (India) and had the opportunity to talk with a surgeon from Bombay. He told me about Dr. James Ysdale, a Scottish surgeon who practiced in Bengal before the ether or any other modern anesthetic was invented. Between 1843 and 1846 Dr. Isdale conducted about 400 complex surgeries, including amputation, surgery to remove cancerous tumors and prompt treatment of eye, ear and larynx diseases. All these operations were performed under the influence of hypnotic anesthesia. An Indian doctor in Rizhikezh said that the mortality rate after surgery in patients who were treated by Dr. Isdale was 2-3 percent, which was considered very insignificant. Surgery was completely painless and no patients died on the operating table.

Isdale led patients entrusted to him in a state of hypnosis and inspired them to the subconscious that they could not develop an infectious infection or sepsis. This circumstance is all the more remarkable because Isdale worked long before Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister and other researchers pointed out the bacteria as the cause of a number of diseases and stated that insufficient sterilization of instruments and operating rooms contributed to numerous dangerous infectious diseases.

The Indian surgeon explained a small percentage of mortality and a very small number of cases of infection with an infection solely and entirely by the effects of the hypnotic treatment of Dr. Isdale. The patient’s body reacted in full accordance with the suggestion transmitted to his subconscious.

As I was glad to hear that even more than 120 years ago, the surgeon discovered the amazing and miraculous powers of the subconscious. Doesn’t the sacred trembling of awe and happiness encompass the thought of the supernatural powers of your subjective reason? Think only of his ability to extrasensory perception, such as clairvoyance, his independence from time and space, his ability to relieve pain and suffering, and the ability to find a solution to all your problems. These and other facts will reveal to you the existence of spiritual strength and wisdom, which far surpass even the most advanced powers of the mind. The inexhaustibility of these forces and the great wonders that they do must touch the heart of each person and fill it with joyful faith in the one-of-a-kind power of the subconscious.

Your subconscious is the book of your life.

Whatever thoughts, beliefs, opinions, theories or dogmas you inspire to your subconscious – persistently and for a long time – they will all come true and materialize in your life in the form of the surrounding sphere, condition or event. Any impression of the soul will sooner or later find its real expression. Your life has two sides: conscious and subconscious, visible and invisible, the world of thoughts and the world of their material expression.

Every thought is perceived by your brain, which is the organ of your conscious thinking mind. As soon as your objective, or conscious, mind accepts an appropriate thought, it will be transmitted to the solar plexus, which is also called the “brain of the subconscious”. There, your thoughts and ideas develop vigorous activity and materialize in the events of your life.

As already explained in detail, the subconscious mind cannot make logical expressions. It doesn’t hesitate to do everything you order to it, and it makes decisions and conclusions of your consciousness entirely as indisputable facts. So any thought becomes a noticeable stroke in the book of your life. The famous American writer and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: "A man is what he has been thinking about all day."

William James, the father of American psychology, once said that the subconscious mind harbors the forces that drive the world. Your subconscious mind possesses insight and wisdom. His inexhaustible forces come from hidden sources – the law of life. Whatever thoughts you would like to inspire in your subconscious mind, it will set heaven and earth in motion in order to realize these thoughts. Therefore, you must first ensure that you have good and constructive thoughts.

The reason for any confusion and suffering in this world is obviously that people do not understand well enough the interaction between consciousness and the subconscious. As long as they both harmoniously interact in time, you are accompanied by health, happiness, peace and joy. Disease and discord cannot resist the combined strength of these two spiritual realms.

The tomb of Hermes was opened in suspenseful expectation of subsequent miracles, because it was believed that it contained the greatest mystery of all time. This mystery said the following: "Both inside and outside, both above and below."

It only means that each subconscious representation appears on the figurative screen of space and time. Also, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu, and all the other eminent prophets of all time proclaimed the same truth. Whatever you perceive in your subconscious as truth, it will take a real form in the form of an environment, state or event. Mental and physical movements mutually condition each other and create their own balance. Both in heaven (in your own soul) and on earth (that is, in your body and in your environment). This is the great law of life.

Why I feel depressed

The law of action and reaction, peace and movement operates everywhere in nature. Both forces, acting in the opposite direction, must balance each other, only then harmony and balance prevail. You must be rhythmically and harmoniously permeated with the principle of life. Inflow and outflow should be equal to each other. The impression and the expression must match. The feeling of frustration is only the result of unfulfilled desires.

Destructive and evil thoughts will cause negative feelings, which, in turn, will hasten to find expression and realization. Because of their negative nature, they often take the form of a stomach ulcer, heart disease, and nervous states of fear and fear. What do you think and feel at the moment about yourself? What is your opinion of yourself? Every part of your being and being accurately reflects your idea of ​​yourself, your life force, your body, your financial situation, to the smallest details are a reflection of your self-esteem. Here we are talking again about the action of the basic law that has already been called several times: no matter what you inspire to the subconscious, everything will find expression in all phases of your life.

Every negative thought acts to the detriment of ourselves. How often have you hurt yourself because of anger, fear, jealousy, and a thirst for revenge? These are dangerous poisons that poison your subconscious. When you were just born, you were free from all these negative attitudes. Dip your subconscious in the flow of life-giving thoughts and all the negative habits of thinking and the old notions that destroy you will disappear without a trace.

Subconscious Heals Malignant Skin Disease

Healing your own body provides perhaps the most convincing evidence of the existence of the miraculous powers of the subconscious. More than forty years ago, my prayers freed me from a malignant skin disease. The art of doctors could not localize its distribution, and my position became day by day more and more serious. One priest, who possessed broad knowledge in the field of psychology, explained to me the deeper meaning of the 138th psalm, which says: “Your eyes have seen my germ; In your book, all the days are fixed for me. ” He explained to me that the term "book" means the subconscious, which gives the appearance and form to all organs from a purely spiritual beginning. And what the subconscious mind has created in accordance with the image inspired to it, it can also restore and heal, according to the same pattern.

Then the priest showed me his watch and said:

“These watches were also created, but before they took a material form, the watchmaker had to create an exact idea about them in his mind. And who conceived and created watches, he will be able to fix them better than others. ” Then he drew my attention to the fact that the subconscious mind that created my body can be compared with the aforementioned watchmaker, since it, just like a watchmaker, can restore and heal all processes and functions important for life. For this, it is only necessary to instil in this creative subjective mind an idea of ​​complete health, because the strength of the action of these thoughts will then carry out the appropriate healing process.

So, I formulated the following, very simple prayer: “My body was created by the infinite wisdom of my subconscious, which can also heal me. His wisdom has formed all the mol organs, tissues, muscles and bones. The same infinite and healing power inside me changes every atom of my body now and makes me healthy and unharmed again, I am deeply grateful, because I know that I am on my way to recovery. Wonderful works of creative wisdom inherent in my subconscious! ”

I said this short prayer two or three times a day. After about three months, my skin was again completely healthy and intact. As you can see, I was engaged only in the fact that “mentally inspired in my subconsciousness life-giving models of healing, beauty and perfection, in order to extinguish the negative ideas and thinking habits that were rooted there and were the direct cause of all evil. There is no physical phenomenon that would not be a mental representation at first, but by continuously saturating your mind with positive thoughts, you change your body at the same time. Only this is the basis, cause and source of all healings … "Your works are wonderful, and my soul is fully aware of this" (Psalm 138, 14).

How the subconscious mind controls all the processes in our body

Regardless of whether you are awake or in a deep sleep, your indefatigable subconscious mind continuously and completely regardless of your consciousness directs all vital functions of the body. For example, the heart continues to beat rhythmically during sleep, the lungs do not rest in a dream, but continue to supply blood, like oxygen, in the waking state. The subconscious controls the process of digestion and the work of the endocrine glands, as well as all other mysterious processes in the body. Beard and mustache continue to grow regardless of whether you are sleeping or not. Naturalists have found that during sleep the skin produces more sweat than during the period of wakefulness. The eyes and ears and other senses are also completely ready for action during sleep. And many of our great researchers found in the literal sense of the word in a dream the answer to extremely confusing problems – they had a dream to solve these problems.

Often, your consciousness, because of feelings of concern, fear, doubt, and depression, disrupts the normal rhythm of the heart and lungs, as well as the normal activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Negative views of this type violate the harmony of your subconscious. If a person is in a state of excitement, then the best thing in this situation is to shake off all the aggravating, relax and direct your thoughts in a calm direction. Refer to your subconscious and ask him to restore the necessary harmony, balance, order. You will see that then your body functions will normalize again. However, the subconscious only if you listen to your suggestion, if you refer to it with complete self-confidence and with great persuasiveness.

Your subconscious uses everything to protect your life and restore health. And if you suddenly have eaten poor-quality food, then the subconscious will force your body to throw out the useless product. If, by absentmindedness, you accept poison, then the forces of the subconscious immediately begin to act in order to neutralize it. If you fully relied on the miraculous power of the subconscious, then soon you would have excellent health.

Let us recall once more that the subconscious mind works day and night continuously, completely independently of any conscious influence on it. It builds your body and saves it, and you do not even notice this silent process. But this is not necessary, because in the conscious sphere you are not dealing with the subconscious mind, but with your consciousness. Thus, you first of all have to convince your consciousness that fate will give you only the best, if you direct your thoughts only to good, beautiful, noble, true and fair. Put your conscious thinking on an exceptionally positive basis, deeply believing that your subconscious mind is continuously engaged in expressing and realizing your thoughts.

Just as a pipe gives shape to the stream of water flowing out of it, so the habitual way of thinking gives your life direction and meaning. Therefore, tell yourself with deep conviction: “The infinite healing power of my subconscious mind fills my whole being; it manifests itself in the form of harmony, health, peace, joy and material well-being. See your subconscious as an infinitely wise and caring comrade who accompanies you always and everywhere. Believe with all your heart that his powers will enliven you, make you more enlightened and shower with blessings. It will put them at your disposal. Because each person is rewarded according to his faith.

How the healing power of the subconscious restores the atrophied optic nerves

The medical archives of the health department in Lourdes report the case of Mrs. Bireh, thoroughly checked and well-known in the circle of specialists, who suffered from complete atrophy of the optic nerves. She undertook a pilgrimage to Lourdes where, in her own words, miraculous healing took place. Ruth Cranston, a young Protestant, went on a mission from the Mac Call Magazine magazine to a famous city in southern France to thoroughly understand the miracle that had taken place. In November 1955, she reported the following to Mrs. Beer: “Incredibly, her eyesight returned to Lourdes, although, as many doctors said after repeated examinations, the optic nerves were completely dead and unsuitable. When this case was checked again about a month later, it turned out that the visual mechanism had recovered completely in the meantime. From the medical point of view, Mrs. Bire did, at first, really see "dead eyes."

I also visited Lourdes several times and myself witnessed several similar healings. As we will see in the next chapter, there can be no doubt about the authenticity of such events that took place in Christian and non-Christian pilgrimage sites around the world.

In the aforementioned case with Mrs. Bire, healing cannot be attributed in any way due to the action of holy water, but only due to the reaction of the subconscious caused by her deep faith; the healing power of the subconscious had an effect corresponding to the content of her thoughts. Faith is nothing but a certain thought or state that is perceived by the consciousness, and therefore the subconscious, as true. And this deep conviction is immediately carried out by itself. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Bire made a pilgrimage in joyful anticipation and deep confidence and hope for healing. Her subconscious mind responded accordingly and always applied the healing powers inherent in him, because the subjective mind that created the eye, of course, is also able to revive the dead optic nerve again. What has already been created once by a creative beginning can be created anew by him. Every person is rewarded according to his faith.

How is the feeling of complete health transmitted to the subconscious

One Protestant priest I know from Johannesburg, South Africa, once entrusted me with the method by which he conveyed to his subconscious an idea of ​​complete health. He had lung cancer. The following are exact quotes from his own notes: “Many times a day I brought myself to a state of complete mental and physical relaxation. At first I addressed my body with the following words: “My feet are relaxed, my ankles are relaxed, my legs are relaxed, the muscles of my abdomen are relaxed, my heart and lungs are relaxed, my head is relaxed, my whole being and being are relaxed.” Approximately 5 minutes after that, I usually fell asleep, and in this state I began to repeat the truth: “The perfection of God finds its expression in my body, the feeling of complete health now fills my subconscious mind. God created me in a perfect way, and my subconscious mind is now creating my body anew – in full accordance with the perfect image created by God. ”With this extremely simple method, the priest managed to instill in his subconscious the idea of ​​complete health and achieve sensational healing.

Also, by scientific, that is, targeted use of fantasy, it is possible to very effectively convey the subconscious mind about total health. So, I advised one gentleman suffering from functional paralysis that he should imagine in the most lively way how he goes back and forth to the office, sits at his desk, removes his telephone

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