Why do people overeat

Sometimes a person gains excess weight as a result of the disease. But most people have another reason – they eat too much and move a little. Obesity can make a person’s life incredibly difficult, both morally and physically. However, some people are even famous for their weight. Here is top 10 fattest people in the world from the living.

10. Dzhambulat Khatokhov – 240 kg

The fattest man in Russia was born on September 24, 1999, and by year 1 he was already weighing 17 kilograms. And to the first class, the weight of Dzhambulat reached 115 kg, due to which his name appeared in the Guinness Book of Records. His mother says that the son inherited the hero dimensions from his grandfather.

Dzhambulat won world fame thanks to the documentary video "The biggest boy in the world", which was broadcast on many television channels around the world.

At present, the weight of the young man reaches 240 kg, and he is not at all shy about this. On the contrary, Khatohov’s body mass increases consciously, and plans to perform in Sumo competitions. He is actively involved in sports, participated in a television show and, at the invitation of journalists, visited Japan and England.

Why do people overeat

9. Donna Simpson – 290 kg

This enterprising lady with excessively curvaceous forms created her website, where her fans paid to watch Donna eat to get fat. According to foreign publications, she thus earned $ 90,000 a year. In 2010, Donna received the title “The Fattest Mom in the World” and immortalized her name in the Guinness Book of Records.

However, in 2011, the woman decided to lose weight up to 170 kg in order to be more independent and be able to fully take care of her two children.

Simpson is a supporter of the movement of accepting his own fullness and making fun of people who "feel guilty when they overeat."

However, even at the “peak of form” Donna was far from the now deceased Carol Yager, who with the height of 170 cm weighed 544 kg.

8. Terry Smith – 320 kg

At one time, this dark-skinned American was an active woman, despite the fact that since childhood she was full. By the age of 20, she weighed 100 kg, but at the same time she lived a full life, and then she got married and became a mother.

With natural aging, Terry was constantly getting fatter, and eventually she was bedridden. The situation is complicated by the fact that the woman suffers from constant headaches and doctors suspect a brain tumor. However, MRI for patients with these sizes is not.

7. Paul Mason – 445 kg

Mason’s breakfast was a meal for ten people and included bread, bacon, sausages and chicken eggs, and the snacks consisted of 40 packs of potato chips and 20 chocolate bars a day. The National Health Service of England had to expand the doors and corridors at Mason’s house so that restaurant staff could deliver food directly to the fat man’s bed.

Mason was called the fattest man on Earth, but it did not make him happy. The Briton is tired of his appetites; he no longer wanted to consume nearly 20,000 calories daily.

In 2015, Paul Mason underwent a gastric bypass procedure. In order for the operating room to bear the weight of the patient, the engineers had to install metal supports under the floor. To lose weight, a man pushed love for Rebecca Mountain. Thanks to this bright feeling, he lost 305 kg and got rid of 21 kg of excess skin. Unfortunately, the couple broke up.

6. Katrina Rayford – 454 kg

As a child, Katrina was sexually abused, and began to "seize" stress. At age 14, she had to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital due to problems with overeating. This Florida resident spent most of her life within the four walls of her own home, communicating with peers only on the Web.

However, Katrina did not lose hope for a normal life and managed to lose 261 kg with the help of an operation on the gastrointestinal tract and a strict diet. She is not going to stop there and already goes to romantic dinners with her boyfriends.

5. Andre Nasr – 468 kg

The fattest man in Australia in 2015 sought medical help, as he could not leave his house for the past two or three years. Every day, Andre consumed 12,000 calories – six times the rate recommended for Australians.

The Australian became so fat that he had to disassemble one of the walls of his house so that medical workers could take him to the hospital. There he joined a special treatment program.

Since then, Nasr has lost more than 170 kg and says he wants to help others overcome extreme obesity.

4. Kenneth Brumley – 468 kg

At one time, Kenneth was considered the fattest man on Earth, and the documentary film Half Ton Dad was shot about his life. He was bedridden for four years, and the fire brigade had to break the wall in his house to pull the fat man out and take him to the Renaissance Hospital in Texas. There, Bramley managed to throw 76 kg in 40 days.

The weight loss procedure included restricting the daily diet of a man to about 1200 calories per day. For comparison: Kenneth consumed about 30 thousand calories daily.

3. Myra Rosales – 470 kg

If you look at the photos of Myra in 2008 and now, it will be difficult to believe that he is one and the same person. This woman is living proof that no matter how much you weigh. The right motivation is important to lose weight.

Why do people overeat

In order to take care of her nephews, Mira lost up to 91 kg. Her sister Jaime Lee is serving a prison sentence for the unintentional murder of her two-year-old child. Rosales initially took the blame, saying that she accidentally sat on her nephew and crushed him. However, in the course of a loud investigation, the truth floated out. And the real criminal was punished.

2. Juan Pedro Franco – 585 kg

In 2016, a resident of Mexico hit the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest man in the world. His weight at that moment was a bit less than 595 kg. In the short film shown by the BBC, Franco explains that after a car accident at the age of 17, half of his body was “broken,” and he was unable to fully recover. Nevertheless, the doctors did not understand why the man gained so much fat. Franco suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and hypothyroidism.

Why do people overeat

Currently, he threw 132 kg, up to 453 pounds. A whole team of 30 professionals helps him with this for free. The goal of a man is very simple – to get up off the couch. This motivates him to do the exercises and even to move the gastric bypass.

1. Khalid ibn Muhsen Shaari – maximum weight 610 kg

In adolescence, a resident of Saudi Arabia weighed 610 pounds. He just did not reach the record set by the fattest man in history – American John Minnok, with a body weight of 635 kg.

Khalid’s extremely dubious achievement in terms of health benefits was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

In 2013, the king of Saudi Arabia ordered the young man to be hospitalized. He paid for the treatment. In the clinic of the young fat man was taken on a military plane.

Two hundred and ninety kilograms — that is how much the fattest man in the world weighs after all the medical procedures. Through the efforts of the doctors and Khalid himself, he managed to lose 320 kilograms. And by 2016, the hardest man in the world has gained the ability to walk.

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