Where can i get a yoni massage

How does group training take place?

Where can i get a yoni massage

Here are all the answers.

Training program, address, time, leading, how to pay. Click on the tab

Where can i get a yoni massage

The number of participants is limited!

How exactly is the training. What you need to take with you.

Participants gather in advance at the venue of the event (this is a cozy hall in the center of Moscow for group classes, with ventilation, necessary equipment, which is locked with a key). There are locker rooms M and F with shower, toilet rooms. The participants change into a changeable form, deposit the remaining amount of money for the training, sign the training agreements, and hand over the phones for the privacy of everyone. I Part of the training: Theory. General meditation with group healing and energy practice.

Little Break II Part of the training: Practice. Men make Women. Women completely undress, men stay in shape (Optional. But Usually, those who receive massage undress completely).

Big break, tea. III Part of the training: Practice. Women to men. Men are completely undressed. Part IV. The final meditation. Feedback. Additional Information:

– Training is group, so besides you there will be other couples; – The organizers make each / every participant have a model for practice; – Even when an odd number of people come out, you can do it alone / alone; – Those who come in pairs of MFs, they remain only with their couple, but if they wish, they can exchange partners with others; – Participants are distributed according to mutual sympathy either in advance or before practice; Age of participants from 18 years .- Men and women will do each other what is stated in the training program. Women and men will do what is stated in the training program. – During the training, photo and video during practice are prohibited. Violators will leave the Training ahead of time. – Coaches will issue you consumables. These are: oil, greases, gloves, disposable sheets, waterproof diapers. – Practices occur with subdued light, in a comfortable setting;

What participants need to take with them: 1. Personal towel.

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