What to do with anxiety disorder

Celebrities are people too. And all human is not alien to them, including psychological disorders. Some suffered from them in early childhood, others received them due to the increased popularity. One way or another, more and more often, stars prefer not to be silent about their ailments, but to publicly share their experiences. In this article you can see 10 celebrities who are not afraid to declare that they have a psychological disorder.

Ariana Grande

In an interview with Vogue UK magazine, the popular singer said that she is still struggling with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) after the terrorist attack that occurred during her performance in Manchester. Ariana admitted that she always felt heightened anxiety, but she always thought it was normal. And only after the explosion at the concert, she realized that she could no longer handle it on her own.

Mariah Carey

The American singer has been struggling with bipolar disorder for many years. Cary told in an interview that she had denied his presence for a long time. She was afraid of public exposure and condemnation. But now Mariah received good treatment and surrounded herself with her beloved people, so she feels much better.

What to do with anxiety disorder

Bella Hadid

The famous model claims that she is currently struggling with anxiety personality disorder. Unlike her sister, Bella does not like public exits, so she always feels uncomfortable. After them, she usually remained alone and cried for a long time to recover.

Prince harry

The British prince’s mental state was affected by the sudden death of his mother. Princess Diana died when he was only 12 years old. For a decade, he did not show his emotions, restraining them in himself. The prince appealed for help from a psychotherapist only after 17 years. Now he claims that he is feeling much better.

Kendall Jenner

The American top model has long suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. She is terribly afraid of flying on airplanes, but she has to do it all the time, since fashion shows are held in different cities of the world. Currently, Kendall believes that she has managed to learn self-control.

Emma Stone

The actress suffered from increased anxiety and paranoia in childhood. “When I was 7 years old, I constantly thought that our house was on fire,” says Emma. In her chest appeared unreasonable fear, with which she could not cope. She managed to cope with the disorder through visits to the psychotherapist and playing in the school theater.

Lady Gaga recently admitted that she also suffered from PTSD. The singer claims that she managed to cope with him only with the help of doctors. Her relatives and friends, who supported and encouraged her all this time, also contributed to her healing.

Kim Kardashian

Elder sister Kendall Jenner said that she, too, suffers from bouts of severe anxiety and insomnia. She had to visit a psychotherapist several times to get rid of them and continue to live a normal life.

Miranda Kerr

The Australian supermodel admitted that all her life she considered herself a positive and cheerful person. She faced severe depression only in 2013, when she experienced a difficult divorce from Orlando Bloom. She had to control every word, emotion and deed to cope with it.

Janet jackson

Depression singer first suffered when she was 30 years old. Since childhood, she also felt uncomfortable because of low self-esteem and perfectionism. She was able to cope with the disorder with the help of old friends and colleagues. But the greatest influence on her was the birth of a son.

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