What is schizoaffective disorder

Today, about same-sex love, you can see a lot of movies, meet a lot of books and hear a lot of songs and ballads. All this suggests that experiencing true love can not only people of opposite sexes. This is proved by the modern stars of show business, who not only identify themselves as homosexuals, but feel free to put it on public display. Regardless of their gender and year of birth, absolutely everyone wants to be loved, so the desire to be someone necessary and to experience the feeling of love is not just a desire, but a need, because a person is a social being. Of course, love is love, but marital happiness, by which is meant a strong marriage and a couple of cute joint children, is possible only with different sexes of traditional orientation.

Same-sex love

The very concept of same-sex love appeared in ancient times. About love between a guy and a guy was mentioned in ancient Egypt. During one of the archaeological excavations, a papyrus scroll was found, which said about the warm homosexual relations of Garus and Fet, they were gods, which means that such relations were quite acceptable. According to other studies, it was found that such non-standard love later began to be found in Asia, and in America, and in Africa. But in ancient Rome, Babylon, Greece and India, the so-called male love was very popular. But such relationships were allowed only to the highest strata of social society. In the East, homosexuality did not manifest itself in the form of a permanent relationship between two same-sex people, it was different there — the young gay guys were satisfying the sexual needs of their masters. Homosexuals can be both girls and men, the first in the common people are called "pink" and the second "blue".

What is schizoaffective disorder

Attitudes towards homosexuality

As it turned out, before this phenomenon was rare, but it was still encountered, but, as a rule, such relations were tried to hide from prying eyes. Love of same-sex couples did not succumb to publicity, since this is not the norm, which means that other people could laugh at them, beat them, or even execute them. In today’s world, everyone has the right to their own point of view, even if it does not coincide with other people’s opinions. Although homosexuals today live a lot easier than in ancient times, they can become a subject for discussion. Someone avoids them, trying to protect from themselves, making same-sex couples outcasts. Others, trying to demonstrate their rightness visually, may be extremely negatively disposed towards them and even try to inflict physical harm and injury on them. Well, and still others just try to ignore them, and if they still have to communicate, they put homosexuals on an equal basis with themselves, without belittling them morally and talking to them as with ordinary people without any deviations.

Causes of same-sex love

There are a lot of reasons why a guy loves a guy, a lot, they simply cannot be listed, especially since to turn from heterosexual into homosexual, there must be several reasons, but they can be divided into groups:

  • Disappointment in normal relationships. First of all, thoughts about a change of orientation come after a bad experience of a relationship with the opposite sex. Once stumbling upon failure, men often do not want to build everything all over again, because of which they either try to avoid serious relationships with women, or increasingly think about a change of orientation.
  • Absolute understanding. It is far from a secret that only a woman is able to understand another woman for one hundred percent, it is on this understanding that friendship is built, apparently the same is true of men.
  • Curiosity. 50 percent of all homosexuals have come to this lifestyle solely because of their excessive curiosity. When intimate intimacy with women does not bring former delight and admiration, all the wonderful feelings decline, and the man begins to look for new, sharper sensations. Someone renews and transforms their relationships with women, while others prefer to change everything dramatically, thinking more often about why a guy loves a guy, and eventually becoming a bisexual or homosexual.
  • Psychological disorders. Same-sex male love can occur due to the usual (or not) psychological disorders, such as stress, depression, apathy, since during such conditions the healthy mind is a little dulled, which can lead to rash actions.

What is schizoaffective disorder

Desire for love

Looking for the answer to the question why they become gay, it is difficult to find the information you are looking for. There is simply no clear answer. Taken together, all the causes of homosexuality can be described as a desire to find a loved one and a loving person who can surround you with sincere and infinite care, who will understand not just words, but even unspoken thoughts. As a rule, it is much easier for two individuals of the same sex to understand and support each other. Also an important role is played by the media, spreading various stories and films for young people, in which you can meet two inseparable friends who love each other very much, but, of course, are friendly, unfortunately, teenage boys do not always correctly perceive this information, they have an overwhelming desire to feel the same bright love. In the future, they understand that it is impossible to create such a relationship between a man and a woman, opposite-sex love is completely different, more interesting, but more complex, which is why they become homosexuals.

Soul mates

Why does a guy like a guy? This question is difficult to give a clear and properly formulated answer. But you can try to do it on the example of girls. Often, women become lesbians because of the desire to challenge the male society. Men are rude and selfish, in the "bed" they satisfy only their whims and do not think at all about the girl’s feelings. With women everything is different, they are very sensitive, tender, emotional, they always think about others, and even more so about loved ones and loved ones. They do not forget to make depilation of legs and shave armpits in time, they always observe hygiene. A woman can find the erogenous zones of her partner with her eyes closed, she can bring her darling to orgasm, even without undressing. Among such a set of continuous benefits, it is not surprising that women become lesbians. With men, although there are discrepancies, but in general, everything looks like. Guys also understand each other better, partners become not only lovers, but also best friends.

Homosexuality – a phenomenon congenital or acquired?

Psychological disorders, curiosity, frustration in the opposite sex – all of these are generalized causes of homosexuality. Such a phenomenon can be either acquired (for example, improper upbringing, mental disorder, incomplete or dysfunctional family) or congenital (for example, heredity, various pathologies of intrauterine development).

Same-sex marriage

In most countries of the world, including Russia and Ukraine, non-traditional marriages are prohibited, and already concluded in other states are not legally recognized. Although meeting same-sex couples who live together under the same roof, for several years now it is far from uncommon, but they can formally enter into marriage only in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, and some provinces of Canada. Also, same-sex unions are prohibited in many religions, according to the traditions of which marriage can be concluded only between a woman and a man.

Sex and nothing else

The manifestation of homosexuality can be explained in terms of physiology. It is proved that most of the "points of pleasure" in men is in the anus. Of course, now it is not surprising that men are sometimes attracted to gay sex. Perhaps such relationships will not last long, as they will be based solely on sex, but nevertheless, this is a manifestation of homosexuality. Even the most attentive husband, a caring father and an exemplary family man in one person can have such a small intimate secret. Moreover, having experienced such a pleasure at least once, for sure, a man will want to repeat it again.

Private opinion

The desire to love and be loved is not just a desire or a whim; it is a vital need. A person is a social being, he just needs a partner on whom he can rely in difficult times, who will support him, and vice versa, in good times he will rejoice with him. If there were no such people among the opposite sex, then there is nothing terrible about it. The main thing is to find your “half” and be mutually happy. But it should be remembered that children are born only in opposite-sex couples, this is how nature works, and it cannot be changed. Therefore, there should not be children among homosexual couples, and the issue of adoption should be decided by firm refusal. There is nothing bad in sincere mutual love, this is fine, but raising children, hurting them, making them like yourself is fundamentally wrong.

Loneliness as a payment for love

Despite all the advantages of same-sex relationships, they are further doomed to collapse and collapse, and people to loneliness. Why does a guy like a guy? Yes, just because it just loves. But for ordinary, traditional couples, the “candy-bouquet” period ends sooner or later, they begin to think about the family, about the children, than same-sex couples cannot boast. They just have to enjoy each other, but like all good things, over time it will simply get boring. In order not to remain alone, the man will find a new partner, and then the second, and the third, and the fourth. But in his old age, he most likely will have no one – neither a partner, nor a wife, nor children, nor grandchildren. And the surrounding society will often bypass it.

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