What is manic behavior?

If a girl quit what to do in this case? How to behave with her? Should you try to get her back, or start life from scratch? How to calm down and find the cause of a break up? How to make for yourself the right conclusions and can parting be the beginning of a new happy relationship? We will talk about this in this article …

What is manic behavior?

Step 1. Calm down: scandal will not help

The very first impulse of the majority of guys in this case is to throw up a scandal of their passion and get into booze. Unfortunately it does not solve problems, but only aggravates them.

What is manic behavior?

In this situation, you should take a short break. Perfect solution – take a vacation and for two weeks go to another city, to a country house, to a recreation center or even abroad. Changing the situation and the lack of constant reminders of it will help calm down.

Second option – care to work or return to your favorite hobby. Return to the gym, do not pull with the execution of orders of the authorities, continue to glue the models of aircraft and learn foreign languages. Remember what you used to like to do or what you always dreamed of learning.

Step 2. Find the reason: why girls give up guys

The most important thing – find the cause, on which the woman left you and answer the question: "Why did she leave me?" This will help avoid similar mistakes in the future. The worst thing you can do in such a situation is simply to put all the blame on her. So much easier. However, practice shows that if problems arise in a relationship, then both partners are usually to blame. This means that it is best to start looking for the causes from yourself.

Major mistakes Men may be as follows:

  • You gave the woman too little attention. In this case, the girl gets bored, or she does not feel needed, or begins to think that you have someone else. In the end, she begins to look for new emotions and attention on the side, which she does not receive in her relations with you. Sooner or later, this leads to betrayal and rupture of relations.
  • You gave the woman too much attention. We are talking about constant control and the desire to be aware of everything. If you go to all the joint meetings of your girlfriend with friends and girlfriends, accompany her in all the shops, and during a temporary absence you can call every hour – such manic behavior sooner or later will bother anyone.
  • You are too jealous. Excessive jealousy towards other guys is a sign of self-doubt, fear and doubt. The girl subconsciously feels it and starts looking for another partner.
  • You are too thrifty. Temporary financial difficulties a woman is always ready to accept and support in their decision of her partner. But if a man has money and at the same time he never brings his lady into the light, and gives flowers once a year on the occasion of the holiday, then the girl will definitely run away. In a woman, nature has to choose the strongest and most successful man, because he will be able to feed his future offspring. And if he refuses to pay for dinner together, will he then support the financial expenses of his family or will the woman have to feed their common children herself?
  • She suspects treason on your part. If you betrayed her on the other or gave reason to think that it was so, then this could be a good reason for her to repay you with the “same coin” or leave.
  • She met another. This is the most common reason girls throw good guys. But, unfortunately, you can’t be cute. If she found someone who suits her best, nothing can be done about it.

These are just the 5 most common reasons. In fact, they are much more. In order to find out for sure why the girl left, ask her or her friend. Ask to say everything honestly, and do not deny what you are told.

Step 3. Make conclusions: work on the bugs

After accepting the reason make conclusions for yourself. The girl found you boring – engage in the expansion of horizons, go on a trip, get an active hobby. If you are too intrusive – try to continue to control yourself and not to call a new girl every 5 minutes. Or maybe she didn’t like that you used her as a housekeeper and you never helped with cleaning – it’s time to learn to wash the dishes with you and take out the garbage at least once every 2 days.

Here is a list of 8 of the best men’s qualities that women value most. Develop them in yourself, improve and, over time, this will give an excellent result.

And here you will find the 7 most common male problems that annoy and repel girls. Check yourself from time to time on this list – it is always useful.

Step 4. Make a decision: return or move on

Only by calming down and carefully analyzing the joint relationship, you can definitely say what to do next. Try to be as objective as possible and look at the situation from the outside. Were you good together? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with this person? Can you forgive care? Do you agree to change for her? Then worth trying to get her back. In this article, we have collected some useful tips that will help you to return the former girlfriend.

In addition, many interesting things about how to return the former you can learn from this video:

Often a man wants to return his ex-girlfriend, because he simply does not know how to live. At the same time, he realizes that most of the time they were not happy, but afraid to be alone. The most correct decision is forget the girl and move on. In the end, if you are abandoned – this is a great chance to find another woman, and build a happy, strong relationship. Of course, the gap will not pass painlessly, but if you use 12 simple tips, you can quickly stop loving the girl without falling into depression.

What is manic behavior?

Around thousands of beautiful and lonely girls. Is it worth it to concentrate on only one, which, moreover, does not appreciate your relationship? Life is too short to be disheartened. It is better to take the time to meet other women.

How not to behave when parting

No matter how bad you are, never try hurt yourself, girlfriend or anyone else.

No need to go to binge, drive at a speed of 140 km / h in the night city and call her at 4 am with a request to return.

Men also do not paint insults, who often slip into the address of his ex. Do not spoil the good memories of various expletives. Bad ideas will also be an attempt to fight with the new elect of the girl.

Do not humiliate and beg her return. Work on yourself, change for the better and keep the brand of a confident man. If you happen to meet common friends, do not call your ex.

Be sure to watch a great motivational video:

It flatters a woman when a man suffers because of her break, and if this does not happen, it hurts her self-esteem. When the separation comes to the benefit of the person, he works on himself and does not allow himself negative replicas to the former, this allows him to gain self-confidence. And not only for himself, but also in the eyes of others. And a positive person is always more likely to succeed, including the beginning of a new and more successful relationship.

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