What is criminal psychology

Cinema on attentiveness

A drop of adrenaline, a tangle of intricate riddles, suspense, understatement, questions and stunning answers – all that distinguishes a good movie with an admixture of thriller, drama and detective story. In one of these films more than the first, in the other – the second and third. And they are united by a good game and plot twists, something that is valued in any genre. Enjoy watching!

Stay / 2005

Blurred and blurred puzzle pieces, which gradually create a mosaic, are what distinguishes all worthy psychological thrillers. “Stay” with Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gostin just among those. What is real in our life and what is not? This question will have to be answered by a psychiatrist, Sam Foster, who wants to save student Henry Lezem from the obsessive idea of ​​killing himself within three days. He goes along with him on a journey on the other side of reality, during which he himself gradually begins to plunge into the world of the patient’s nightmares and illusions. Try to go on this journey together, but be prepared that even the atmospheric final will not dot the i’s in this film.

Don’t tell anyone / Ne le dis à personne, 2006

We’ve heard (and seen) about French comedies and melodramas, but what about thrillers? Everything is very good, especially when Guillaume Canet puts his hand on direction. Yes, yes, he is not only an actor! So, according to the story eight years ago, the wife of the main character, pediatrician Alexander Beck, died at the hands of a serial killer during a vacation. However, now, after so much time, it turns out that Alex is considered guilty of killing two people, since all the evidence points to him. And the situation is complicated by the fact that literally on the same day he receives an e-mail with the news that his wife is alive. Probably. Or is it someone’s tricks?

Who are you, Mr. Brooks? / Mr. Brooks, 2007

Those who appreciated the “American Psychopath” will surely like this crime drama with Kevin Costner in the lead role. Actually, who is Mr. Brooks, it becomes clear almost immediately – behind the facade of a businessman, a caring husband and a gentle father lies a brutal killer. But do not be afraid of the fact that all the cards are revealed at once, entangled moves, interweaving of plot lines – everything is there. Plus, add a great game and an unexpected reincarnation of a familiar bodyguard into a serial killer with a split personality who loves the family very much – and as a result is a pretty good psychological thriller.

Fires / Incendies, 2010

Canada, France

After the death of Nawal Marwan, her children, twins Zhanna and Simon, receive from the notary two envelopes, which they must hand over to their father and brother. Father, whom they considered dead, and brother, of whose existence they did not know. And together with the envelopes, the notary announced the last will of the deceased: “… to bury without a coffin, without clothes and without prayer. The face must be turned to the earth, and its back to the world. No tombstones should be placed on the grave, and the name should not be engraved anywhere … ”and only after the delivery of the envelopes to the addressee, according to the will, can the gravestone be installed. This is the beginning of the film. Cinema, it should be noted, is not for everyone, – prolonged, deep, complex and confusing with a shocking outcome. Although the Hollywood Film Academy liked the film and was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category.

In the house / Dans la maison, 2012

A real gift for film fans and book lovers in an elegant French wrapper, under which there is a tangle of intrigue, was prepared by the audience by director Francois Ozon. Checking the writings of his students and exposing them to two for two, the French teacher Germain stumbles upon Claude’s story – collapsible, competent and … provocative, which represents, in fact, intimate observations of one family. Even without knowing what consequences this will lead, the teacher gives Claude the lessons of composition, having learned that, the young man in his subsequent texts, combining typical techniques, erases the line between truth and falsehood and allows you to look into the keyhole and watch the lives of other people.

The Most Dangerous Man / A Most Wanted Man, 2014

UK, USA, Germany

“The Most Dangerous Man” is definitely one of the best films on espionage topics, combining many things at once: good direction, a non-trivial plot, shrill music and an excellent cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, William Defoe, Robin Wright … Ise’s refugee from Chechnya, seeking asylum in Hamburg and finding him with a young girl lawyer who shelters a hero out of sympathy. But when intelligence from different countries comes to the chase, a big spy game begins, especially since the director indirectly ties the action of the film to the September 11 tragedy. By the way, the novel of the former intelligence officer John le Carré, according to which the film was made, is based on the real life of Murat Kurnaz, legally residing in Germany, who was arrested in Pakistan on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack in the US, after which he was sent to the US military base in Kandahar (Afghanistan), and then to the prison in Guantanamo (Cuba), where he stayed for 5 years.

Salesman / Forushande, 2016

The Salesman is a drama about a pair of Iranian theater-goers, which brought the second Oscar to the Iranian director and producer Asgar Farhadi for Best Foreign Film. Two spouses, Emad and Rana, are forced to look for new housing, their colleague from the acting troupe offers them their help and as a result the couple settles into a new apartment, albeit with a not very good history and reputation. The guest moved out, and the fame was left at the apartment and, one day, trouble rushes into their house like thunder among the sky of Tehran, in the form of one of the men accustomed to come here. The wound was in the hospital, and Emad now wants to find the offender of his wife and revenge. But keep in mind that the film takes place in Iran, a country with a different world view, rules and laws.

What is criminal psychology

The 9th Life of Louis Drax / The 9th Life of Louis Drax, 2016

UK, Canada, USA

From the very birth of Louis Drax, he was in danger, like a cat, until the age of nine he used his eight lives, and then one day during a family picnic the boy fell down from a cliff for unknown reasons. The ninth life is used, and Louis is now in a coma. Psychologist Allan Pascal tries to break into Liu’s consciousness and understand what happened, but the deeper Allan descends into Louis’s consciousness, the sooner he realizes that everything is not so simple and smooth in this story, and a person, of course, is not a cat. But who puts the child in danger?

What is criminal psychology

Invisible Guest / Contratiempo, 2016

"Invisible Guest" can fill up your movie library with such sturdy Spanish thrillers as "The Body" or "The Secret in His Eyes." Young businessman Adrian Doria wakes up in a private hotel room next to the lifeless body of his mistress. Naturally, he is charged with murder. To prove his innocence, he hires the best specialist in the country to get out of the most difficult situations, Virginia Goodman. During the night, she would have to learn everything about Adrian in order to free him from prison. The first few minutes may seem prolonged, but wait for the events to unfold. But really the ending! You will definitely enjoy the final.

Miss Sloane / Miss Sloane 2016

France, United States

It is even strange that Jessica Chastain did not receive an Oscar nomination for her work in this film. From the very first seconds you realize that her character is very ambiguous – the principled and tough lobbyist Liz Sloan, who knows that all means are good at war. But when a new project loomed on the horizon – Elizabeth is being asked to help prevent the adoption of a bill restricting the freedom to buy and hold firearms in the United States, and to incline the female part of the country’s population to think about the need to buy weapons to protect themselves and children – she refuses. And the game begins. Double game.

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