What does sciatica feel

People are accustomed to treating diseases of the joints by external means. Ointments, gels, rubbing, compresses – all this is only symptomatic and temporary treatment, which ends after a couple of hours. Complex Sustalayf for joints in the form of capsules allows not only to eliminate pain, but also to deal with the causes of disease.

What does sciatica feel

Sustalife – a complex for the treatment of joints

What is Sustalife?

Sustalife is a patented complex for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system associated with degenerative changes in the joints, the destruction of chondrocytes and changes in the composition of synovial fluid. It is equally effective for people of all ages, you just need to correctly select the dosage and calculate the duration of treatment.

Capsules Sustalayf passed all the necessary clinical trials, and were tested on real people. The experiment showed that the symptoms of articular diseases (aching pains, impossibility of flexion and extension of the joints) passed after one course in 92% of subjects. And 65% of them were diagnosed with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Sustalife has passed clinical trials.

Instructions for use

We decided not to postpone this important issue, because the results of treatment depend on the correct use of Sustalayf. Many people wave their hands on instructions and drink capsules whenever they like, sometimes skipping a dose and then drinking several pieces at once. And this is a big mistake. A lot of negative reviews, screaming that Sustalife did not help, are connected with the fact that the instructions for use were violated.

The standard dosage, which is designed for people taking Sustalife for the first time, is 1 capsule per day. You need to drink it in the morning, on an empty stomach. The method of administration is rather unusual: you should not swallow the capsule, but open it and drink the contents. It tastes quite pleasant, but you still need to drink half a glass of water. Then wait 30 minutes, and you can have breakfast. During these half an hour, there will be an intense absorption of the active substances, which also influence recovery.

The use of complex Sustalife

What does sciatica feel

In the package of 10 capsules. And 10 days – this is the minimum time for receiving Sustalayf. But this is only a preventive course that needs to be repeated every month. If there is a joint disease, it is necessary to drink a capsule every day for a month, then 4 weeks break, and the course is repeated.

Store Sustalife packaging preferably in a cool place. Can be in the refrigerator or outside it, if the room is not hot. Attention! It is necessary to open the capsule immediately before ingestion, otherwise oxidation will begin and an active substance will no longer act if it remains for a long time in the open air. Packaging expiration date is 1 year.

The composition of the drug Sustalife

Referring to the composition of the complex Sustalayf, it is in it and the secret of effectiveness in the treatment of joint diseases.

What does sciatica feel

First, consider what the capsule consists of:

Now to the composition of the most active medium:

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