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The most popular program for video in the world. Allows you to make voice and video calls HD-quality, demonstrate the screen to the interlocutor, create a text chat with dozens of participants and send files.

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Download Skype for PC

  • Combine calls: instead of holding the call on hold, when you call someone and you are on another call you now have the option to combine the calls.
  • Why don’t my calls go through? The call will not be successful, you will see more details about why not to connect.
  • Expand size: during a video call you can change the size of the video preview could have been more or less.
  • Better control of live title captions: Select Show only signatures for other users and not on their own.
  • Added methods for receiving notifications: Now you have the opportunity to receive e-mail notifications for missed calls and messages. Profile pictureselect Options, select notificationsand in the area Email Notifications switch to the parameters to get missed call reminders and reminder missed messages.
  • Try Skype without an account, Login as a guest from any platform.
  • Search results, improvements to take part in the conversation.
  • Make sure friends find out who is calling: how to configure the caller?
  • Ever enter a message and don’t remember if you sent it? Drafts of unsent messages will now appear in the list of recent chat as a draft.

Here is one of the most useful applications, whose vocation is to make communication via the Internet easier and more versatile. Having installed the program on your computer, you can exchange messages and files, as well as make calls to landline and mobile phones anywhere in the world (but for a certain fee, for free – only to other Skype users). But the main advantage of the software is video chat support and video conferencing with several participants. Skype for free, the latest version can be any Windows XP user, 7, 8 and 10. For Russian-speaking users, Skype is understandable and convenient because it offers to choose the native language interface (if you choose when installing Skype: Russian version). High-quality video in most cases is the main reason for choosing Skype.

Topics for conversation


  • voice and video calls;
  • text chat;
  • calls to landline (city) and mobile phones at low rates;
  • giving your account a personal number for incoming calls from phones;
  • file sharing;
  • sending cheap sms-messages;
  • answering machine function;
  • integration with the social network Facebook.

Principle of operation:

in a matter of seconds, the program connects people with telephone calls from opposite corners of the city or even from two different continents – this can be a normal voice call or a video call (via a web-camera and headphones or speakers with a microphone). But this application is not exhausted. Videoconferencing simultaneously for a dozen people is also not a problem. This is the main difference that distinguishes among the many chat applications of Skype. Analogs like JABBER, ICQ, QIP assume a tete-a-tete video message. Competition can make except ooVoo.

Users who are drawn to new knowledge and self-development will be interested in additional offers from the program – so, with the help of the integrated Google search bar, you can attend interesting conferences, and also discuss any topics, as well as just find the necessary information.

In addition to excellent sound quality, the program guarantees users maximum privacy. The developers assure that all information that passes between clients is encrypted and cannot be intercepted. You do not need to reconfigure the firewall or router.

  • high-quality video communication between users;
  • screen sharing function;
  • the ability to record conversations;
  • call forwarding;
  • a set of cool emoticons;
  • You can always download Skype for free in Russian.

Topics for conversation

  • videoconferences for several participants are paid;
  • the presence of advertising (to get Skype without ads, read How to remove ads in Skype)
  • several loads of RAM.

This software can be called a national favorite – millions of people install it at home and at work. The exchange of messages and documents, unlimited video communication between users regardless of the distance between them – all this made Skype a program for communication No. 1.

ooVoo – messenger with support for voice and video calls. Allows you to conduct free video conferencing with 12 users. ICQ is a popular program for communication. It has options for exchanging messages, files, and also for audio / video communication.

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