Stress management activities

No matter how modern, reliable and durable a real estate object is, it always has its own cycle of existence. That is, the period when it is created, operated, improved, functions and eventually eliminated. Comprehensive property management allows not only competently adjust its operation, but also significantly increase the life cycle of a building or structure.

  • Own staff of engineers in each direction
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • 24 hour dispatch service

The management company "Arteko" provides a full range of interior decoration works.

The indisputable advantages of the Arteko Management Company are:

  • Own design department;
  • Unique experience with specialized structures;
  • Own technical base to successfully implement projects of any complexity.

Our mission is to facilitate the repair process for the client as much as possible. You need to choose one of three design styles, one of the three proposed layouts, choose the desired level of finish at a cost, and you will receive the final cost of repairing your apartment.

  • Choose your favorite style;
  • Choose a suitable layout;
  • Choose the level of finishing materials;
  • We get the exact cost of repairing your apartment;

Residential complex "Park of Legends"

Our team began to cooperate with the LCD Park Legends. The complex is located within walking distance from Avtozavodskaya metro station. The facility is scheduled for commissioning in May 2018. Now our architect is in the sales office of the complex, who will help clients choose the interior design, tell about different levels of decoration and show samples of finishing materials.

Repair of apartments from bürometr

The bürometr company, which is part of the Arteko group of companies, has signed an exclusive contract for the repair and finishing works in the residential complex “Hometown. Kakhovskaya. Our main goal is to make it easier for customers to choose a design style and layout and immediately get the correct repair cost. The client chooses one of the proposed three layouts of his apartment, selects the level of finishing according to the cost and quality of finishing materials, and receives the exact cost of repairing his apartment.

Arteko Asset Management Company participates in the public discussion of the NDT Handbook “Increasing Energy Efficiency in Business and / or Other Activities”

The working group on the development of an information technology guide on best available technologies presented a draft document for public comment. Read more …

Participation in the development of the standard GREEN ZOOM

Arteko Management Company, together with the Research Institute for Sustainable Development in Construction, was actively involved in the development of the GREEN ZOOM standard for existing buildings

Financial Company "Summit"

The management company Arteko has signed a contract for complex servicing of the Summit company. Read more …

Professional standard for buildings in operation

Since April 2017, Arteco has been introducing a new standard for existing buildings, which represents practical solutions for improving the energy efficiency of real estate and reducing their energy intensity. Read more …

Energy efficiency

In order to optimize the cost of maintaining the facility, Arteko introduces an additional service – energy modeling. Read more …

"Customer management of capital construction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation"

The company Arteko continues to cooperate with the Federal State Enterprise Enterprise "Managing the customer for capital construction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." Read more …

The results of 2016.

The company "Arteko" summed up the year 2016. Despite the difficult situation in the Russian economy, the annual plan was exceeded by 10%, which means that Arteko is moving in the right direction. Read more …

Synergy Global Forum

Employees of Arteko attended the largest business event in the world – the Synergy Global Forum. Read more …

Federal Tax Service of Russia

In September 2016, Arteco entered into an agreement for the provision of integrated technical maintenance of engineering systems and equipment for the administrative building of the central office of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation with a total area of ​​8,505

SEC Spectrum

The management company “Arteko” has signed an agreement for complex services for the SEC Spectr. Read more …

Green building

The Development Director of the Arteko Management Company joined the working group for the development of the GREEN ZOOM system for buildings in operation. Read more …

"Ambulance" of the management company "Arteko"

The service of Arteko management company on round-the-clock emergency service continues to be in demand. Read more …

Technical audit of engineering systems

The management company Arteko, within the framework of the technical audit contract of the Multifunctional Centers for the Provision of Public Services, surveyed ten offices. Read more …

Partner of the International Charity Golf Tournament

On May 31, Arteco traditionally became a partner of the International Charity Golf Tournament. More …

New client Worley Parsons

Arteco Management Company began cooperation with Worley Parsons. As part of the contract, Arteko provides a full range of cleaning services for the Worley Parsons office. Read more …

Expansion of Roscosmos real estate

The operating company Arteko has expanded its presence in the field of facility management at real estate facilities of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). Read more …

Operation of the Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Since April, the management company "Arteco" began to operate the Brazilian embassy. Read more …

New client. Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos)

The management company "Arteko" entered the new facilities. A contract has been signed for the technical operation of real estate objects of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). Read more …

Mobile brigade service


New line of professional cleaning products

The company Arteko is constantly improving its technology with an eye on environmental friendliness, which is why our company has added a new line of professional cleaning products. Chemical means of Kiehl Johannes KG allow us to provide professional cleaning services qualitatively and, most importantly, safe for the health of our Clients and the environment. Read more …

Contract for the maintenance of engineering systems with the Federal Treasury Enterprise "Capital Construction Administration of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation"

The management company "Arteko" extended the contract for a new term for the maintenance of engineering systems with the Federal Treasury Enterprise "Capital Construction Management of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation". Read more …

Stress management activities

Arteko MC is a sponsor of the New Year’s charity concert ARHIDAR

Every year the management company Arteko participates in charity projects. This time we are the sponsors of the New Year’s charity concert – ARHIDAR. This event helps to raise money for a costly operation for a child. Read more …

Facade Renovation Works

The company "Arteko" has completed work on the reconstruction of the facade at the address: ul. Bolshoy Karetny Lane, 1,

Maintenance of the building of PKU "Assay Chamber of Russia".

The management company Arteko has signed an agreement to service the building of the Federal State Institution "Russian State Assay Chamber under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation". Read more …

New service. Dry car wash.

The management company "Arteko" to improve the quality of service of services provided has introduced the service of dry washing for owners and tenants of the serviced objects of real estate. Read more …

Introduction of the standard "GREEN ZOOM"

The management company "Arteko" continues to improve the level of service provided. Employees of the Arteko company received training and subsequent certification as part of the implementation of building certification according to the GREEN ZOOM standard. Read more …

Warehouse maintenance BMW Group Russia

The company Arteko extended the contract for servicing the warehouse of the BMW Group Russia. For more than 5 years, specialists of the Arteko company have serviced the warehouse areas. Read more …

Salon of European furniture "CHIC | WHITEINTERIORS »

Exclusive Salon of European Furniture «CHIC | WHITEINTERIORS is a regular customer of Arteko. Our experts have repeatedly carried out a comprehensive professional cleaning after construction work. Read more …

New client. Private kindergarten "Swallow’s Nest."

The Arteko Company has entered into a contract for the operation and maintenance of the engineering systems of the Swallow’s Nest private kindergarten. Read more …

Participation in the training of emergency rescue units of civil defense.

On September 3, 2015, the Emergency Service of the Arteko Management Company took part in the training of non-standard emergency rescue units of civil defense in eliminating the consequences of possible man-made disasters and emergency situations. The actions of Arteko Emergency Service employees were highly appreciated by the training organizers. Read more …

20th International Charity Golf Tournament.

“Arteko” company once again acted as a sponsor of the 20th International Charity Golf Tournament, which was held on June 1 at the Moscow Country Club. Read more …

Licensing of housing and utilities management companies.

The management company Arteko successfully passed the obligatory licensing in the housing and utilities sector. As part of licensing, mandatory testing was conducted by the company’s general director. The test contained two hundred questions related to the work of the management company in the housing and utilities sector, starting with technical issues and ending with legal and financial issues. Read more …

Licensing of management companies in utilities.

January 23, 2015 A meeting was held on the licensing of management companies in the housing and utilities sector, chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow Biryukov

New customers.

In December of last year, Arteco entered into contracts with the Federal Government-owned Enterprise, the Office of Capital Construction Customer of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, and the company Troodos. Read more …

Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo Airport Grand Opening!

The Arteco company took an active part in the preparations for the opening of the Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo Airport hotel! Specialists of the cleaning department of the company was carried out after construction cleaning of all rooms, common areas, outbuildings and auxiliary premises.

Tool management

Problems in the Russian economy complicate the already difficult work of management companies in B-class and C-class business centers. He described how to build CC activities in the new conditions at the annual training conference “Managing a Business Center” organized by the Guild of Managers and Developers, development director of the company "Arteko" Sergey Gvamichava. Read more …

The company "Arteko" is now on Instagram!

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that now the company "Arteko" is on Instagram! Read more …

Teaching on civil defense.

September 3, 2014 employees of the Arteko company took part in civil defense training organized by GlavUpDK at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Read more …

Best Office Awards 2014.

May 29, 2014 Award presentation took place – Best Office Awards for the best business space solution.

Every year the Best Office Awards is awarded to the best Russian and foreign office projects. This is a kind of Oscar in the field of corporate interior design and office real estate. The awards for the best projects are given to the tandem of the architect and customer of the winning office. Read more …

Manor Suvorov.

The company Arteko took part in the preparation for the commissioning of one of the unique historical and architectural monuments of the capital – the Suvorovs’ estate. Read more …

Reliable supplier.

July 17, 2014 in the cozy fashionable restaurant "Wheel of Time" was held the next closed meeting of the administrative and economic managers "Reliable Supplier". The organizer of the event was the organizing committee of the professional community "Association of AHP". The meeting was attended by more than 110 specialists from various companies, manufacturing enterprises, banks. Read more …

Charity event for Kaluga orphanage.

June 19, 2014 A charitable trip to the Kaluga Specialized Children’s Home took place.

Kaluga orphanage is the only one in the whole region. Almost all children up to 4 years left without parental care are contained here. At the same time there are from 80 to 102 babies, of which 30% are children with disabilities. About 140 people a year pass, about 70 people a year gain a new family. Read more …

CRE Moscow Awards 2014.

April 24, 2014 The ceremony of awarding the winners of the CRE Moscow Awards 2014.

Representatives of the Arteko management company attended the ceremony and had the opportunity to see all the winners in the field of commercial real estate in 2013.

Training Conference "Warehouse Management".

On April 17, the II annual training conference "Warehouse Management" was held in Moscow.

A representative of the management company Arteko took part in the conference as a speaker and made a presentation on the topic: “Features of servicing the warehouse complex. Developing control and maintenance plans. ” The topic revealed important features and facts of management, which aroused the interest of the conference visitors.

ISO 9001 standards.

On March 21, 2014, Arteko company passed the test for compliance with ISO standards (ISO) and became the holder of the certificate GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008, IDT) “Quality Management System. Requirements. Read more …

April 1, 2014 A press tour was organized by the Arteko Management Company.

The press tour program included a visit to the First Underground Parking on Turgenev Square, which is operated by the Arteko Asset Management Company.

Speech at PFM congress.

The management companies that master a relatively new segment for themselves – parking management in the center of Moscow – have to solve many problems, one of the main ones is to attract parking tenants.

Maxim Samoylenko, managing partner of the Arteko management company, spoke about the problems and solutions in managing metropolitan parking lots at the Property Facility Congress organized by the Impress Media publishing house on February 26. Read more …

Training to clean chimneys and ventilation ducts.

February 6, 2014 In the Arteko management company, we conducted training in cleaning chimneys and ventilation ducts in residential buildings equipped with gas appliances. The training was conducted with the aim of creating a brigade of the company’s employees for the maintenance of these systems. At the end of the training, the staff passed the exam.

New logo "Arteko".

Any company, in whatever century it is founded, now lives in the conditions of market relations, competition and a constantly evolving marketing industry, and its viability and success largely determine the image and marketing strategy. In such conditions, relevance is one of the key characteristics of a visual image, and any design, logo, brand will inevitably lose it over time.

Arteko MC also does not stand still and in this connection the company made a restyling of the logo, so that it would fit the current trends.

Round-the-clock dispatching control center "Arteko".

In November 2013 the company was formed around the clock dispatch.

It includes a dispatcher with a shift schedule that allows you to quickly respond and receive applications 24 hours a day.

Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Russian Federation.

The Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Russian Federation moved to a new building. Since Arteko already provided maintenance and sanitation services, and the customers from the embassy were satisfied with the quality of the services provided, the management company Arteko was again invited to the new facility as a provider of these services. Read more …

The work of mobile technical teams.

The management company “Arteko” improves the model of servicing network clients by mobile technical teams. Despite the complexity associated with the large number of service points, we managed to achieve an efficient response to all planned and emergency applications. Read more …

CRE Special.

January 30 in the cafe "Jean-Jacques" on China Town with

New Year’s corporate party in the management of "Arteko".

Corporate holidays today are an integral part of the life of any company. About corporate parties make jokes or hesitate to even recall, so December 20, 2013. exactly at 17:00, the corporate holiday of the Arteko management company took place. The celebration was held at the highest level in the club-restaurant «BROWNBAR». The program of the holiday was chosen in the style of the youth stream of the 1960s “Dandies”.

Arteko management company is now on Instagram!

Dear friends, we are glad to inform you that now we are on Instagram!

You can not only read about our achievements on the site or in such popular soc. networks like FaceBook and Twitter, but also view interesting photos related to our company’s Instagram activities.

You can find our page by clicking on the link: http: //

Representatives of the Arteko management company are frequent visitors to the CRE First event, which is held twice a month for the release of Commercial Real Estate magazine. Read more …

Cleaning services from Arteko.

The company "Arteko" reports that it will provide cleaning services on the warehouse space of the company Adidas area of ​​

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