So soulmate

The script will help brighten up any party. Participation can take 10-15 people. Interesting, fun contests will give a number of positive emotions and good memories. There is no time limit for the script. The script is suitable for both the office and the restaurant, the main thing is that the room is spacious. Between contests and toasts you can announce musical pauses.

Characters: Leading, Santa Claus.

Details: gifts for competitions, several letters, diplomas, balloons, threads, scotch, markers, large box, funny glasses, several hats, huge size pants, false noses, wigs, large dress of bright colors, family pants, gifts for the lottery and predictions, lottery tickets, a bag, balls with numbers, coins, bank, ribbons, gifts in Santa Claus bag.

Host: Good evening to all friends! I am glad to see you all, Waiting for a magical time, There will be a holiday, a loud laugh! There will be gifts, food, I promise you a good evening, I wish you all the mood, I begin our holiday

(There is a knock. Grandfather Frost of a slightly battered appearance flies into the hall)

Santa Claus: Opachki, but where did it bring me then?

Host: Hello. I hasten to inform you that you are at a very important event that is taking place (__________ address).

Santa Claus: How so? Should I be in Paris, or where are they still like frogs? And where is my staff and bag? Who took my stuff?

Host: Grandpa, you probably sit down, okay? We have a corporate party, people want a holiday, what are all the beautiful, smart. And when the holiday is over, we will definitely help you find it.

Santa Claus: Honey, I have no time! You see, I still need to go to Tokyo, Milan, London, and somewhere else!

Host: Unfortunately, I can not help, we have everything calculated by the minute!

Santa Claus: And at the end of the evening?

Host: I will see what we can do for you! In the meantime, I suggest you sit down at a festive table, and plunge into our festive atmosphere!

Father Frost: No, I’m still wandering for a while, Maybe I’ll remember what I’m waiting for, The road is waiting for me, I’ll come to all of you!

(Santa Claus disappears behind the door)

Host: Friends, my dear, I propose to fill glasses, Year, leaving us to spend, Sadly, but it is necessary. I offer to drink, For hopes, dreams, And for the fact that we do not lose values, Raise their glasses together, I wish, so that the past you let go!

(Everyone raises their glasses and drinks for the outgoing year)

Host: I am sure that you have a lot of pleasant memories of the past year. I propose to list them. Just remember that it is important to name all the funniest, most interesting and funny events that happened to your team during the year. Whoever remembers more, will receive a wonderful prize, who will not be able to name anything, is eliminated.

(The winner of the competition receives an honorary diploma, or diploma)

Host: How many interesting and surprising things happened to you this year. It seems to me that you have become more united and more friendly during all this time. Your team is one family, which every day becomes stronger. That is, for your unity, originality, I propose to raise glasses!

Host: I want to offer you a fascinating activity that will once again be proof of your cohesion, brightness and creativity. So, attention "Dance Boom"!

So soulmate

The host invites 3 couples. The task is simple – to dance. But this should not just be a dance, couples dancing under 4 different motives: “tango”, “madam”, “gypsy”, “lezginka”. Who is better to dance, he will receive a prize. Winners are determined by the audience. "

(There is a knock. Santa Claus flies in)

Santa Claus: Hello again! Well, what my staff did not see? And the bag?

(Everyone shakes their head. Santa Claus leaves)

Host: Strange it. Okay. My dear, we smoothly passed on to the third toast, which means that we will raise glasses for the wonderful feeling repeatedly sung by the poets for love! In the New Year, I want each of you to feel the influence of love spells. So that everyone has a soul mate and soul mate that will warm you in cold winter evenings. For the love of my friends!

Host: The time for congratulations has come, Let good rules everywhere, You will not be stingy with words, Let everything be fine!

(The competition for the best New Year’s toast begins. The winner gets a symbolic prize)

Host: As you have already noticed, there is not enough Snow Maiden at our holiday, apparently our scattered Grandfather Frost has lost her, so I invite our dear men to blind her!

So soulmate (Competition "Blind me" is announced. Two male teams are chosen. The task of each of the balloons is to sculpt a female sculpture. The balloons can be inflated and not. The duration of the competition is 3 minutes. The winning team receives a prize. Competition requisites: balloons, threads, scotch markers)

Host: What are all of you great, just great sculptors! Friends, I propose to raise glasses, for the talent of these beautiful men, who gave us two whole Snow Maidens!

Host: My dear, I ask everyone to stand around! I want to dress you all up a little! Of course, you all look great, but still something is missing.

(The “Clothing” contest begins. Various funny, ridiculous things are arranged in a large box. Music is turned on. The presenter passes the box to the participants. When the music stops abruptly, the one who holds the box will have to randomly pull out any item and put it on. Things You can not shoot for 20-30 minutes. If you wish, you can choose another fun contest. Contest requisites: a big box, funny glasses, a few hats, huge pants, noses, wigs, a big dress of bright colors, family pants, etc. number of things d Must be equal to the number of participants)

Host: What are you all now fashionable, bright, interesting! I propose to devote this toast to your extraordinary, so that it appears not only in clothes, but in your business ideas!

Host: I have good news for you! Our amazing evening hosts a win-win, magic lottery, the lots of which will bring you much joy and happiness! Those who wish to participate must sing a New Year’s song!

(Lotteries can be small chocolates, notepads, pens, pencils, charms. You can also buy several small puzzles. The main thing is to pack everything in identical boxes and write a New Year’s prediction for each lot. To participate in the lottery, you will need to buy a ticket at the beginning of the evening. Then the presenter will get balls with numbers out of the bag. Whose number coincided is the prize)

Host: I hope everyone was pleased with their gifts. And now, I suggest you check your accuracy!

Competition "Coin"Two pairs of participants are selected. In a pair of man and woman. Men tie a tin can to the belt (you can cut a plastic bottle). A woman is given 10 coins. The woman moves away a little and throws coins, the task of the man is to collect them in the bank. The winner is the pair that collects more coins. Details of the competition: coins, banks, ribbons (banks will be attached to them).

Host: You do not have a team, but a solid find! And deft, and apt, and talented! I want to wish you to always remain so!

(There is a knock, Santa Claus flies in with a bag and a staff)

Father Frost: I found all my good, And I came to you on a holiday, I am ready to dance with you, To lift toasts with you! The New Year is not far off, you are to give out gifts!

Host: Grandpa, sit down at the table.

Father Frost: That you are a granddaughter, I have already seen each other, I want to dance! But, I will not dance alone, my assistants would not hurt me!

Host: Helpers? What for?

Santa Claus: I want to put on a beautiful dance. Synchronous. Do not worry, I will choose!

(Several employees are selected. The music is turned on, the girls’ task is to repeat the movements behind Santa Claus. The one who gets better will get a prize)

Santa Claus: He danced and got drunk, It’s time to give me presents, And for this to happen, I have to say congratulations!

(Employees take turns congratulating)

Host: New Year is already on the way, It’s time for us all to meet, And with the past you need to say goodbye, And open all the doors for the new! My dear, I suggest you step over the outgoing year and enter into the New!

(A ribbon is tied between two chairs. All participants of the corporate party should join hands and cross the ribbon)

Host: Our evening is coming to an end, I wish you all good luck, happiness, To be fulfilled, what you want, In this coming year! Let prosperity and patience be, you success in future affairs, Creative inspiration, mood, And don’t be afraid to get lost in your dreams !

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