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We are located at: metro Novoslobodskaya, st. Krasnoproletarskaya, house 16, 5 minutes from the metro

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Dance School in Moscow – a place with a cheerful, cozy and homely atmosphere, with different dance styles for men and women. For 10 years in our studio (first dance studio) they meet and talk, fall in love and travel together and most importantly dance. For us, the leaders of Olka and Dimka, for our entire team of students and teachers: a dance school is a second home.

School of thought

The first dance school is a big friendly team, join you!

Dancing in Moscow for different levels from beginners, who for the first time and to the older ones, who have been dancing for many years. There are show groups with productions of numbers. Our teachers are laid out at all 200 percent. They put their whole soul into the lessons. We know how to raise the "morale" and energize.

School of thought

Choose and sign up for the first free lesson: pair dances (salsa, bachata, kizomba), solo (reggaeton, female style, fitness and stretching, oriental dancing).

We have a lot of men involved, here you can dance brutally and courageously. Pair dancing is an example of a relationship between a man and a woman.

The salsa school in Moscow is an ideal opportunity not only to move away from problems, but also to pay attention to yourself and your thoughts. Where, if not in dance, you have the opportunity to go into your own world, to plunge into notes of peace and harmony, to enjoy every moment of life, whirling in the rhythm of hot and passionate Latin American dance. It is these dances that can turn the head, it is not just a set of movements or competition, but the whole art of controlling oneself and one’s body, socially improving and developing.

The dance school offers everyone to try free dance lessons in Moscow, and decide whether you like this hobby or not. Perhaps you have come across or viewed performances by professional performers and you have the impression that mastering the “language of dance” requires talent or hard work. NOT! It is absolutely unimportant what kind of dance training you have in general and whether there is any experience in this style. Everyone can learn to move beautifully with us regardless of age and position in society, position and so on.

Salsa dance school

Of all the diversity of Latin American dances, one of the leading positions is occupied by salsa-style performances. This is not just dancing – here you can open up, move for your own pleasure and meet interesting people. The cozy and friendly atmosphere contributes to inner harmony. Dance directions Salsa and Bachata will help you to relax after a busy day and forget about everything.

In our salsa dance school You will find new acquaintances and will enjoy life in a new way – which will become bright and rich. New hobby will bring in your life a lot of interesting and exciting. You can plunge into the world of dance at any age.

Only qualified specialists and experts will work with you. Our reputation is a guarantee of your peace of mind. Feel welcome, don’t let your fears overcome you. Leave behind modesty and uncertainty, step towards your dream, because music and dancing are the idyll of your inner world. Opening the First Dance School (1 dance school) – you will never have the thought that you made the wrong choice. We, in turn, will teach you the art of dance – to soar in the rhythm of salsa – it really fascinates and makes your head spin.

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