Relations Builder Questions

For the builder, it is customary to build a new brick house. With an excavator, Stepan Dug a pit in the field, Big piles were driven into the ground, And now the cement interferes, Evenly puts the bricks – The wind won’t find cracks. Bricks from the ground Stepan Lift handy crane. So the new house is ready, It’s time to launch the cats!

Relations Builder Questions

Who knows how to build a house? So that we were comfortable in it, So that it was warm and durable. The builder knows for sure. He builds schools and hospitals, multi-story chains. Brick lays behind the brick, And grows a new house.

All professions very much. They can not all be counted. Not everywhere work is visible. At least get up, even sit down.

There is such a profession. All her affairs are visible. There were weeds, pits. And now they are at home.

Passing il pass, Something makes the people. And very few people. Smartly go back and forth.

Driving through the year – My God, here is the beauty! Here is a beautiful palace! Well this is a miracle, wonders!

No such work is more visible And you can not hide anywhere. What a builder will build for us, It will be forever!

A new house is being built on the next street. Quickly grows floor by floor. Work builders fun and together. By the time they need to build a tall house. How many professions are there! Mason, painter, crane operator, driver, porter and carpenter, Plasterer and carpenter … Do not count everyone! Will settlers soon enter the house.

Autumn rain pours, Winter is ahead. Glory to those who build Warm houses! Who is their hard work Gives the country Who built the school And you and me!

Just in time he will build: Skyscraper and stadium. Kindergarten and hospital, Stores a string. Even the house, I tell you, Where my family lives, (and other residents) Built – builders!

He builds behind the house – the house And in the heat and in the cold. How do we call this new city?

If anyone still does not know, I will reveal to you a secret: An amazing neighbor lives in our house.

He does not look like a hero, Growth is small and too thin, But he builds such houses, As for the sky, they get it.

Behind the brick brick – That has grown a new house. As many as one hundred apartments of excellent Located immediately in it.

The new settlers are very happy, Thanks everyone says, And also for the post office, school, store and kindergarten.

He does not look like a hero And they don’t write books about him, But then he builds a city, The one we live in!

Papa knows the whole area, he is a master. With his brigade, he builds a brick house.

The house among other houses And slimmer and higher. They say that before the clouds House will reach the roof.

The two of us and my sister On a green meadow Two-storey building a house With windows, with a balcony.

Dad came to us yesterday, He looked around as it should, And he said: “Good. Nice team! ”.

Build a house or factory, Who is building leads? Who is in charge of everything, who does not sit in one place? Chief civil engineer, All works manager.

Let not the parents be angry, That the Builders will be smeared, For whoever builds, He is worth something!

It does not matter that so far This house is made of sand!

Drum rain on the roofs. Do not let us walk. But we will not be bored, We will have fun playing.

We will become builders And build a new house. First of all, go ahead and familiarize yourself with the drawing.

Driving dump trucks, load bricks. They will be prompted cubes. – Begin, strong men!

And now we build walls Above our growth. Lifting crane call, Let them put us a window.

In the end we put the roof … Ah! What a beauty! The house is built, everyone is happy, And the game is over.

A builder cares a little, – Because something is building something, – That is a hospital, then a kindergarten, then a plant, There and here, everything is digging for the foundation.

And in winter chilled and scorching summer Builders have a hot time. In the rain, sad and in the wind, Every day, seven days a week, in the morning.

But houses are growing and floors are getting stronger, Life is improving for someone every year, “A person must live with dignity!” – The builder’s commandment is like that.

There, at a construction site, a huge crane Raises tons of slabs of reinforced concrete into the sky. The welders melt the iron, Plasterer walls rule, Mason lays brick, Painters will paint the vault. The brigadier is following everything, And the foreman is in charge, To build for the people Both apartments and factories!

We broke a camp under the stars And nailed the nails to the pole. Our flashlight, which spread slightly Gutalin’s blackness. On granite rough slabs We carefully put the Levels and theodolites, We put picks and crowbars. And while the comrades argue, I thought with a pipe at my mouth: Tomorrow morning we will build a city, Call this city – A Dream. In this hive of crystal there will be no cage-like rooms. In the echoing halls, gay people Will seldom be sad and sick. We will smash the gardens and Become over them like a comet’s tail, persecuted by the unearthly winds, Fly a blue stratostat. Grateful memory of the descendant! You will worship us to the ground. We are in heavy traveling knapsacks. For you, this happiness was carried! Without hesitating neither to the left nor to the right, We looked at the work in the face, And puffed up herbs From the hearts of our dead fathers … Here, dressed in a tarpaulin jacket, On the pavement at each wall, Shel and I, the nameless builder of Amazing this country.

Fluffy flakes Heaped up; To them new buildings In the forests have risen.

Rising quickly Rows of bricks – Like a song of creation And the power of people.

From clay, cement and stone slabs Here the house arise The other day to come.

At first it is as if Dumb in appearance, As if in diapers A child lies.

He is in the lace of the forest, Rafters on it, Without flesh and blood It is still a house.

But I know that the bulk of the Stones will come to life, Her blood will begin to play, Life will flourish in her.

And the people that will soon settle here, With the glory, the Builder will remember the work.

We decided to build the city, the House was laid out of bricks. But alone we can hardly call home a city. It takes ten or twenty. Well have to try. We build houses, and now the City is growing before our eyes. Only without water and light. From the homes of those there is no use. The current and water on the network need to hold buildings. And in order to warm the house in winter, we will build a thermal power station side by side. With her hot water Will always be in the city. To celebrate the housewarming And to celebrate the fun, People go to the STORE, And there is no him here. We will not upset the townspeople, we will build stores in an instant. Just what to trade in them, Where to get the products? Bring the goods a lot, You can, if there is a ROAD. But, in order to carry everything along it, We need gasoline for cars, So we will follow the highway. We will build a gasoline column. They brought goods here, People came to the store, But they do not know how to be. There is no money to buy everything. To earn money, the city needs factories, factories and combines – you can not live without them, guys. Who does not produce, He quickly go around the world. And in order to issue a salary, It is necessary to build a BANK nearby. In the bank of money, hoo, So as not to rob it, We build wicked policemen for policeman SITUATIONS, And for those who have risked everything, the COURT and the solid PRISON, After all, there are no criminals among good citizens honest. Well, if suddenly the villain Ranit is in a city of people, so that they have where to be treated, it is necessary to build a HOSPITAL. Kohl brought the patient, There his doctors will save. But to hurt much less often Fresh air helps. To be able to breathe everything to them, We will plant the city – Beauty and good for the sake of All we will plant trees. There will be a lot of aunts and uncles IN THE PARKS to walk in pairs, To fall in love and marry, So, the REGISTRY OFFICE will be useful for them, RESTAURANT, to mark everything, And when children are born, Every dad will be happy To take them to the KINDERGARTEN. We will also build a SCHOOL, SPORTS PLATFORM for football, AND A HOUSE OF CREATIVITY, so that everyone could do it himself. Umnikov save from boredom, They built the House of Science, Planetarium and Museum With the whole exposition. And we also need, probably, a CIRCUS, THEATER, and a CONCERT HALL, It is interesting sometimes for the whole family to go there. But not politely, guys, Go to a concert shaggy. We need to build us a HAIRDRESSER there, BEAUTY SALON … and by the way Let them build, whoever wants. To open them in the city, Small business should be. We build for him an early MULTIPLEFISH building. And now it’s time to understand, How to manage all this. So that all on time and together performed what is needed, And for any important measures There must be a mayor in the city. In the center of the city hall we will build, We will open all the doors to it. Immediately, someone ran in the door With a shout: "There is a fire in the city!" We were so busy with everything, What they forgot about the main thing – FIRE PART NEEDED! Once needed, so here it is! With a howl, not sparing the tire, The cars rush out of it, To win the battle at night or in the afternoon with fire. The flames were quickly extinguished, the city was not allowed to eat. Residents shout "Hurray!". And it’s time for the builders to leave where we will soon be building a NEW CITY.

This profession is honorable, the Builder is a drummer of labor! The more effort in the work, The stronger, stronger the house! Cars, high cranes, Work with the soul, man! So that everything turned out perfectly, And the buildings were all century! Let the plan be carried out exactly And the matter always arises, We wish health, because the force, the Builder is very necessary! Family happiness, so important, For the heart of homeliness, Success and bold decisions! Good luck, good luck!

Relations Builder Questions

One of the oldest professions Worthily meets its holiday, the Builders of life, how here they are Worthy, honorable and important.

To build a beautiful house, Create a creation in the wilderness, Give the necessary knowledge of knowledge And the creative impulse of the soul

To direct all their aspirations For creation on Earth And turn them into those creations, That leave a trace for themselves.

We create a project and build, Having invested a particle from us, tripling our possibilities, We dare and create, loving.

We are building a monument in life, so that descendants in a century could say about it: “Worthy! No wonder a man lived a life. ”

His profession is a builder, And let the people be proud of him, After all, he is not just a resident in life, He is a creator and a poet.

And that poem in the style of buildings Built as a rhyme of lines, From the Mind of knowledge gained, The Prophet brought them from the Creator.

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