Nicotine in the brain

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On the results of the activities for three years under the leadership of Oleg Nikolaevich Yaroshenko

Nicotine in the brain

An ambulance fleet is being updated in the region.

Starting next year, the Irkutsk Region will begin receiving billions of rubles from the federal budget to fight cardiovascular and oncological diseases. In the region, the ambulance fleet will continue to be updated, health facilities will be reconstructed and built. Three years ago, one could only dream of such large-scale changes. Now it is a reality, and there are still more ambitious tasks ahead.

Recall that in 2013 – 2014, all municipal health care shifted to the regional level. Many hospitals and clinics new owner got, to put it mildly, not at its best.

“Having become acquainted with the objects transferred to the region, I made a disappointing conclusion: after a couple of years, hospitals with 40–50% wear and tear can come to the state of the famous Aleksandrovsky Central, in which it was inhuman to keep sick people,” Oleg Irkutsk Oblast Health Minister noted Yaroshenko.

The governor, the government and the Legislative Assembly of the region after the designation of the need to allocate additional budgetary funds were immediately supported.

The head of the Angara region, Sergey Levchenko, made a decision to gradually increase the costs of health care. In 2016, the Ministry developed five roadmaps aimed at solving specific problems. One of them is the completion of the reconstruction of Unit B of the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital. To upgrade the case allocated 237 million rubles. The work was monitored weekly and was performed according to the developed plan. After the overhaul was completed, another 234 million rubles was spent on the purchase of modern high-tech equipment. On the basis of the repaired building, four new subdivisions were created, including the department of oncohematology. Read more →

The plot of the Irkutsk Basic Medical College in the program "Your home doctor"

Alcohol is poison.

Today, everyone knows how strong the harm of alcohol is, but for some reason they still continue to use it in one or another quantity. Why this happens is a separate conversation, but here I will tell you how alcohol affects our mental and physical health. I believe that the more such articles, the more people will think, and stop drinking or at least limit the amount of alcohol. Because one thing is just to know that it is harmful to drink, another thing is to see it in all the ugly colors, which draw a picture about the terrible consequences of drinking alcohol. And this is really scary.

The most terrible, I think all the same effects on the psyche of the drinker. For man degrades and turns into an animal, he is simply no longer a man, he descended the evolutionary ladder a few steps down.

Alcohol poison for the body

The bitter truth is that alcohol is not a food product, as is commonly believed, but a narcotic poison. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. It is a drug, and this has long been recognized by scientists. It causes damage to virtually all internal organs and the body as a whole. If a person is healthy, then the destruction goes gradually and depends on the amount of alcohol and the duration of the effect. Therefore, when we are young, it is easier for us to endure another alcoholic feast, but if any organ is initially sick, alcohol will provoke it to worsen work. Usually, if a person is sick early than he does, he does not tolerate alcohol and he has to justify himself in drinking companies that he cannot drink, this is often the subject of ridicule. But if a person continues to use, the diseased organ sooner or later ceases to function at all, which usually leads to death. Where thin there and breaks. All this once again proves that alcohol, as the strongest poison, can only destroy the body and with good health it just happens more slowly. But sooner or later, any body or several at once, become useless, and the person turns into a disabled person. It just happens in some people at 30, in others in old age. Read more →

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