Nature vs. Sociology Education

– Grigory Petrovich, you have been working with people of a special type, people with a complex of power – for 50 years already. What kind of people are these? What is “Power Complex”? What is the “Chief’s Complex”? What is the essence of this problem?

– When close relatives marry each other, the children from this marriage will be degenerates. This is an old, well-known fact. Therefore, the Church and prohibits marriages between relatives. Up to the sixth knee. If a group of religious leaders does the opposite and encourages such marriages and even prohibits marriages outside their sect, then this sect in 4-5 generations will be full of degenerates.

Do you know any sect that prohibits mixed marriages, and has been doing this for several thousand years? Right. We all know this sect.

Many degenerates have unusual qualities – such as an insatiable desire to dominate, an abnormal, just the same pathological desire to be always at the top. Many of them have a clear and insatiable thirst for power. These degenerates feel elected, elite (delusions of grandeur), but at the same time they also feel persecuted and persecuted (delusions of persecution). After all, “megalomania” and “persecution mania” are sisters. All this is truism. Kindergarten.

Now let’s talk about this problem at a higher level – at the level of higher sociology (degenerology), in the field of which I have been working for over 50 years.

Virtually all world leaders have a pronounced innate power complex. This complex is usually the result of repressed sadism, which, in turn, is associated with latent homosexuality.

Lenin’s latent homosexuality complex (“The Leader’s Complex”) was thoroughly studied by the CIA in the late 40s and early 50s. The code name of this highly classified scientific research was Harvard Project. It was there that, working in a group of researchers at the Harvard project, I first became acquainted with this topic. Any well-organized group of people who have knowledge of this taboo subject can find and promote future leaders to power as pawns in the world chess game. It goes without saying that the leaders of a degenerative sect, who know this problem well in their own skin and have been practicing this game for several thousand years, have a huge advantage over those who play without knowledge, without preparation, and even blindly.

We all saw on TV how 5-6 healers cannot cope with one puny madman. The energy produced by this madman is the best illustration of what truly irreducible energy a half-mad sadistic degenerate possessed by a lust for power possesses.

These people are like weapons of mass destruction. Today, many already know the basic principles of the atomic bomb, but only a very limited circle of initiates has the knowledge and skills necessary to produce nuclear weapons and, no less important, will be able to deliver a nuclear warhead to the target, using it to destroy state structures. The same applies to knowledge in the field of higher sociology, however, degenerates are more effective in destroying countries than nuclear weapons. They are almost as effective (but at the same time as dangerous) as biological weapons.

Degenerates usually hate normal people. After all, "the devil can not love and does not love those who love." Vile degenerates give a truly sadistic pleasure to watch as one half-crazed pervert leader, brought by them to power in one state, goes to war against another half-crazed sadist-pervert, brought by them to power at the head of another state, while millions and millions of normal people perish for the fun and sadistic pleasure of these leaders of the degenerative sect.

You want to ask me – how is this done? This is done through Freemasonry. Masons, Illuminati, Rotary and so on (the name is legion, for we are many – demons answered Him) all these clubs, where degenerates carefully observe the behavior of possible candidates and, when confirming the presence of strong homo-sadistic inclinations, begin to actively promote them authorities.

– How to find degenerates?

– Before answering this question, let us first understand what degeneration is.

First of all, I want to clarify that the term degenerate itself is used as a purely medical term, and not as an abusive word. Those of you who cannot bear to even mention this term (and I have seen quite a few of these in 50 years, especially in literary circles) can replace it with the word degenerate. They say it helps. I repeat: in the world around us, a silent, well-educated professor of aesthetics at a local university can be very degenerate.

So, degeneration is a natural process that has existed on earth for thousands of years. Degeneration is an integral part of the life cycle. Birth, adolescence, maturity, senile sunset, death. At the level of an individual person, this process is well known to all of us and does not need to be explained to anyone. Therefore, we are going to talk here about degeneration at the clan (family) level.

Many historians have long noticed that the life cycle of clans is very similar to the life cycle of an individual person. It seems that the Lord God (or Mother Nature, if you will) gives each clan a roughly equal length of time to live on our sinful earth.

When this clan has already passed the stage of maturity and entered the golden stage of the senile sunset, the Lord God (Mother Nature) gives him the first call. This call tells clan members that the time of the clan here on earth is coming to an end. This is expressed in the fact that the desire to continue the race through natural sexual relations is turned off.

If the clan listens to the voice of God and remains childless, or takes on foster children, then a golden age will await him. By this time, the clan usually reaches financial well-being and can already participate in various types of charity, such as – normal art, normal science, normal literature. The members of this clan quietly enjoy the golden sometimes senile sunset of this kind and, in the end, go to another world, leaving to people charities in memory of their good deeds.

On the other hand, if this turns out to be a naughty clan,

They will try to deceive God by artificial insemination (finger made), by fake marriages – to sleep with my wife, and to imagine in my head that they sleep with a man, or with a dog, or with his own mother (“e. Your mother”), or deceive God so – the wife, with the permission of her degenerate husband (or without his permission), goes to the local pub and finds there for herself overnight an unsuspecting healthy normal guy. In the people, all this is called “on someone else’s. to enter paradise ”.

As you can see, the Russian people have known about such people for a long time and expressed their opinion about them in many obscure proverbs.

So, the members of this disobedient, godless clan begin, as a rule, to support and finance not degenerative charity, but degenerative charity: degenerative art, degenerative science, degenerative literature. At the same time, through the media, they will convince everyone that everything that they do is normal and that there is nothing wrong with that, and the one who does not accept this is a backward person and the enemy of world progress.

For such cunning ones, the Lord God (Mother Nature) soon gives a second call. They also add mental illness to abnormal sex life. If, after this, the clan continues to persist in its struggle with God, then the third and last call is heard for them in the form of birth defects, such as cachexia (Stalin’s short handle), horse’s foot (Goebbels), cleft lip, cleft palate, squint, further and the like. Under normal, primitive conditions, this guarantees the departure of the disobedient clan from the historical scene for one or two generations. Who, in his right mind, wants to marry a squint-eyed sadistic chrome and hunchback sexual pervert?

So degeneration has three stages:

1. Genital perversions 2. Mental diseases 3. Congenital defects

Now that we have already met with the three stages of degeneration, we can return to your question about how to find degenerates.

It is very easy to find them. One has only to look at the family tree of this clan.

If the family tree is healthy, if it has many new branches and many new, healthy shoots (healthy children), you have a normal and healthy clan in front of you. If this family tree dries out (many childless couples), if it has many dying branches (suicides, mental illnesses, abnormal children), then you look at the clan that has already entered the golden stage of sunset. All that remains for us to do is to determine what kind of a degenerate clan is, god-obedient or godless. This is also quite easy to do. Just take a close look at what this clan supports in the life around it. Does he spread the poison of decadence in art, science and literature, or does he struggle with it with all his strength and supports normal art, normal science and normal literature.

– What do you think, how many degenerates?

– Statistics for the third (3) stage of degeneration (birth defects) and statistics for the second (2) stage of degeneration (mental illness) is in the open press. You can find it yourself. Statistics for the first stage of degeneration (sexual perversions) is not so easy to find.

Let’s take the data published in the USA by Dr. Wittels and Dr. Kinsey. Dr. Wittels in his work The Sexual Life of American Women gives us the following statistics:

20% had reusable homosexual relationships with other women; 51% – dreamed of homosexual relationships with other women up to orgasm.

15% had reusable homosexual relationships with other women; 32% – dreamed of homosexual relationships with other women up to orgasm.

Well, how are things with men? Dr. Kinsey gives us the following statistics:

4% – had reusable homosexual relations with other men 33% – dreamed of homosexual relations with other men up to orgasm

Other scientific papers give us a slightly different scatter of data, but most of them are in the range of 33-50%. Thus – every third (every second) person enters the first stage of degeneration.

When these data were analyzed on a professional basis, a rather interesting picture turned out:

– 5% – peasantry (farmers); – 10% – workers (factory); – 50% are intellectuals; – 75% – workers of literature and art; – 90% are media workers.

This statistic gives us a new perspective on the old idea of ​​class struggle (on class struggle). However, the class struggle is not rich with the poor, but degenerates with normal people.

The New York Times newspaper published the results of a study conducted by a group of American scientists. They analyzed 78 of the greatest personalities in human history, and it turned out that:

– 37% had acute mental illness throughout their lives; – 83% were obvious psychopaths; – 10% were slightly psychopathic; – 7% were normal people.

When the study was narrowed down to the 35 greatest geniuses in the history of mankind, it turned out that:

– 40% suffered from acute mental illness; – 90% were psychopaths.

That is why in degeneration there are three Laws of 90%, three basic laws of Professor Igor Borisovich Kalmykov:

– 90% of all serious crimes are related to degeneration; – 90% of all diseases (except infectious) are associated with degeneration; – 90% of all geniuses in the history of mankind were degenerates.

I have been studying this subject for more than 50 years and, after all this time spent on research work, I came to the conclusion:

Degeneralogy must be studied by the state security services of all countries without exception. This is necessary so that we will never again go to war – a nation against a nation, for the sake of the fun and sadistic comfort of the leaders of a degenerative sect.

I also strongly recommend that the foundations of Degeneracy be necessarily introduced into the upper classes of schools and the first courses of universities, so that normal people know about the existence of a huge class of degenerates and can make the right choice in their youth to create a healthy family.

– How do you know, maybe you yourself degenerate?

– In the previous question, we talked about checking for degeneration on the family tree. This is a simple and relatively easy test self-test available for almost every one of us.

However, there are special cases. How to be orphaned foundlings who do not know their family history? How to be adopted children, to whom, in most cases, their degenerative adoptive parents do not talk about it (often they do not have this information themselves)? These adopted children will be fully convinced that they and their adoptive parents are one family.

Among the class of degenerates, there are so many all sorts of diabolical combinations that they themselves will break the leg of the devil. For example, did you know that degenerates take a huge number of adopted children? Hundreds of thousands a year. These adopted children will not live in marriages with real children of degenerates (we have already talked about abnormal sexual relations among degenerates).

When adopting their family, these adopted children will search, search, search among their degenerative friends and, eventually, find another partner who was also a normal, adopted child. These new families will be 100% normal, but everyone around them, including themselves, will be 100% convinced that they are degenerates too, for they will protect all the degenerative troubles of their parents and friends with foaming at the mouth. See how all at once complicated?

That is why in degeneration all the rules and axioms always speak about 90% and never say about 100%. For the children and grandchildren of these adoptive couples will scream:

Yes! We are 100% degenerate, in the second or even the third generation! However – look at us! We are normal! Our children are normal! How can you explain all this to us – you are our bosom friend?

Yes, very simple. Everyone can quickly make an easy self-test.

With those who fall into the third stage of degeneration (birth defects) and the second stage of degeneration (mental illness) everything seems to be clear.

It remains to be determined whether you are in the first stage of degeneration (sexual perversions).

In our progressive age, many sexual perversions under the pressure of degenerative propaganda in the mass media (mass dis-information) have become almost the norm. Position 69 is already recommended in US universities as a good contraceptive. Many of the class of normal people have already begun to do this. So how then can we check ourselves for sexual perversions?

Yes, very simple.

Try to do it in the normal way, as our fathers and grandfathers did from century to century, face to face – and the man at the top.

Repeatedly. Without cheating.

Do not try to imagine when you sleep with your wife, that you sleep with another man, or with a dog, or with your mother …

If the results of this self-test are positive, you have nothing to worry about. You just brainwashed degenerative propaganda and taught you to do stupid things. Even if the previous test of your family tree and gave a different result – it means that you just did not say that you – the adopted child, or your parents did not say – that they were adopted children.

If the result of the self-test of sexual perversions turned out to be negative, then God help you make the right choice. But we’ll talk about this later.

– Why not assume that we are all degenerates?

– Your question reminded me of a story about an old forgive God, who, before her death, expressed her whole life philosophy in one phrase:

The whole world – a mess, all the people – bl .. di

I think that many thieves, alcoholics and drug addicts could also formulate their view on life. They believe from the bottom of their hearts. They think the whole world is the same as they.

Of course, there are thieves, God forgive me, alcoholics and drug addicts. However, there are also many normal people. They build houses, roads, bridges and tunnels. Every day they transport thousands of people on airplanes, trains and buses. They fly into space. They constantly create. All family clans with a healthy family tree will be witnesses.

There are so many normal people that all the destructive energy of the class of degenerates has not been able to destroy them, although this war has been going on without stopping for thousands of years.

– What do you think about the International Monetary Fund?

– The structure of the power of the degenerative class in the west is almost the same as the structure of power of the Communist Party in the east.

Any Soviet organization, including the Movement for Peace and Economic Cooperation, had a lot of technical assistants. They were usually in the lower echelon of the structure, but all of these structures also included a certain number of high-quality proprietary communists in leadership positions.

Can you imagine any serious Soviet organization where non-party members would be in leadership positions?

The same applies to the Western counterpart of the Soviet Comintern – the homintern, this union of the international fraternity of homosexual degenerates.

Therefore, answering your question, I think that 90% of the leaders of the IMF should be proprietary degenerates. The rest of the members of this organization (ordinary technical staff) – I think I am trained well enough not to ask uncomfortable questions about criminal decisions and recommendations of their leaders.

– What do you think about Yeltsin and his team?

“All the debates about his activities are connected with the fact that people think that Yeltsin and the degenerates he has recruited all work together for the good of Russia.

This is a very dangerous fallacy.

Nature vs. Sociology Education

All of them – a gang of degenerates, planted to do what they are doing, and quite successfully. Their main task:

  • to drive the economy of the richest country of the world into a dead end, but as soon as possible
  • borrow as much money as you can at interest
  • squander them on stupid, useless projects
  • completely destroy the country’s defense potential
  • plunder all that is possible
  • and most importantly – to drive future generations into debt bondage for all time.

I think that they coped with the task quite successfully. And when the last Soviet nuclear submarine is cut, then you will recognize the true face of Western democracy, which has long been under the heel of the leaders of the degenerative sect.

– Can Russia have a normal government?

– Your question about the Russian government (or the government of any other state) led us to the second part of our conversation.

In the first part, we learned that there is a large class of degenerates – a fact absolutely unknown to most normal people. In the second part of this conversation, we learn that the class of degenerates is heterogeneous.

Degenerates are good, bad and nasty. More precisely – good degenerates, bad degenerates and vile degenerates of the human race.

Again, once again, I want to emphasize that the term degenerate is used by us as a purely medical term (degenerate) and should not be taken as an abusive word.

In higher sociology, the degenerate is a biological concept.

For example, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was such a good degenerate. His abnormal sex life and the absence of children are a clear indication of the degeneration of his kind. However, he wrote amazing musical works, was a quiet and well-mannered person. His music was not decadent and he did not encourage the poison of decadence in the art world. In addition, as I said, he had no children. All this allows us to classify him as good degenerates.

I see that you want to ask me – and what is the lack of children?

You see, even if the father and mother were good degenerates and did a lot of good in their lives constantly fighting the demons of degeneration, there is no guarantee that their children will continue this work. On the contrary – children of obvious degenerates, as a rule, completely destroy all the good things that their parents did, and moreover – they continue their destructive way to the very end. Remember the famous book of Ethel Lilian Voinich Gadfly? The father was the archbishop, and the son became a revolutionary and it all ended in tragedy. This is a typical story. That is why childlessness (celibacy) is a very important criterion for being placed into a category – a good degenerate.

Once you understand this for yourself, we can move on to your question about normal government.

So, can a person with normal, like all, leg muscles, participate and win the race?

Yes maybe. At the level of the school team. Yes, it can participate, and, perhaps, win at the city level. Yes, it can participate, but has no chance of winning at the country level. In the competition of the world level – he can not even participate, not to mention the victory.

Do you understand what I’m getting at here? Only a person with abnormally overdeveloped leg muscles can participate and has chances to win in competitions of union and world importance.

The same principles apply to freestyle wrestling. for power.

Only a person with an abnormally developed lust for power (a repressed sadistic homo-maniac) can win in a fight for power. This is the axiom of degenerology.

As they say in people – a certain substance always emerges to the very top.

So, the class of degenerates is not homogeneous. Degenerates are good, bad and nasty.

Good degenerates have always been, are and will be our friends and allies. In the government, they will always fight nasty degenerates, as the police are constantly fighting criminal elements.

Bad degenerates in the government – they will pretend that nothing is happening. They will not even try to stop the ugly degenerates during their attacks on the class of normal people.

Vile degenerates always start with an attack on good degenerates, because good degenerates, as a protective system of the body, can quickly recognize and neutralize the actions of vile degenerates. After the suppression of good degenerates in the government, vile degenerates, as a rule, immediately begin a full-scale war against the whole class of normal people.

In Marxist-Leninist philosophy, this process is called the law of the unity and struggle of opposites – as the engine of historical progress. Two thousand years before them, the Romans formulated this law like this: Similia Similibus Curantur

So – how to determine if there are good degenerates in the government?

Yes, in the same way we determine if we have a cat under the bed. We let the mouse in the room and the cat, if it exists, will jump out to catch this mouse.

Let’s run our mice …

How does the government respond to the gay rights movement? How does the government respond to the death penalty for criminals’ degenerates? How does the government protect the interests of the class of normal workers? How does the government protect the interests of the parasitic class of degenerates?

Simple questions. Simple answers. A simple test.

The same technique can be applied to any other structure: science, art, army, press, television, church.

This test will give you a clear picture of which departments in the organization are completely occupied by vile degenerates, which are in a state of stagnation under the guidance of bad degenerates and which are under the control of good degenerates who vigorously fight, save and save themselves, and at the same time the whole class of normal workers, from violent attacks nasty degenerates.

I am often asked – can there be normal people in power? My answer to this question is: theoretically, yes, but in practice, if a normal person comes into power, he will not stay there for long. Not for nothing do people say – to live with wolves – to howl like a wolf.

– What do you think about the fighters for the purity of blood?

– The Lord God hates racism in any form. The Lord God hates the very idea that some people can declare themselves chosen people. This is racism at its worst.

Read Douglas Reed. His monumental work Dispute about Zion (you can read it at the information site

Any person who tries to preserve the purity of the blood by banning mixed marriages on normal people of a different nationality runs the risk of speeding up the degeneration process of their nation. Especially if it is a small nation.

I emphasize once again – we are talking here about marriages between normal people.

– What do you think about marriages of degenerates and about the rebirth (creation) of the New Nation?

– Let’s imagine that someone will start to bring the members of the degenerative sect in one place, let’s say. to the island of Madagascar (and after all there was such a project in the late 30s, rummaging through the archives is very interesting.).

There will be degenerates from the United States, from Russia, Canada, Ethiopia, Iraq, England, France. Sooner or later they will start marrying each other. What do you think will be the result of these marriages? Normal children?

Here is my answer to your question about marriages between members of the degenerative sect and the creation of a New Nation of workers.

A completely different problem arises in mixed marriages between members of the degenerative sect and the local (native) population.

You see – it is difficult for degenerates to continue their race. Hence the name – Degenerates, Geeks. Their sexual habits are very well described in Russian mat. After all, they literally do everything about what adolescents in doorways are saying (mating) mindlessly. Thus, if a degenerate decides to marry a local native, a normal woman will not be able to participate in his pathological orgies for a long time. Only a freshly baked local degenerate native will satisfy his needs.

Remember we talked about the effect of the suction sponge and the effect of the worldwide gutter? A degenerative sect, like a sponge, constantly absorbs all the freshly baked local native degenerates. They work as a worldwide gutter, constantly collecting garbage from all nations of the world.

Most mixed marriages between members of the degenerative sect and the local native population are marriages between two degenerates — old and new (freshly baked).

The only way out of this vicious cycle is childlessness or adoptive children, but this is a topic for another conversation.

– How about religion?

– I am a Russian baptized person and, like most Russian people, I consider myself an Orthodox. However, I do not understand some difficult passages from the Jewish Old Testament. Many theologians believe that these places were simply inserted there by the Jewish Levite priests.

Why? And you read the book of Douglas Reed Dispute about Zion where he compares the texts of the Old Testament and the texts of the New Testament. Here is what he writes there:

… After the life of Jesus Christ, the Old Testament was translated with the New Testament of St. Jerome in Latin, and both began to be considered the Church emanating from equal divine authority, as part of the same Scripture.

TORAH (Old Testament)

“And the Lord said to me. This day I will instill horror in front of you and fear in front of you to all nations under the sky, that they will hear about you, and they will tremble, and will be in fear of you. And because he loved your fathers, he chose their seed after them. to drive out the nations before you, which are bigger and stronger than you, that you may enter, to give you their land to inherit.

And when the Lord your God betrays them to you, you will beat them, and destroy them completely; and you will not make an agreement with them, nor will you show them mercy; nor marry with them. and destroy their altars, and smash their idols. For you are a holy people under the Lord your God; and the Lord your God has chosen you to be a special people under him, over all the nations that face the earth. And you will devour all the nations whom the Lord your God will betray you; your eyes will not have pity for them. But the Lord your God will betray them to you, and will destroy them with powerful destruction until they are destroyed.

And he will deliver their kings into your hand, and you shall destroy their name from under heaven; No one will stand against you until you have eradicated them. Every place that your foot sets in will be yours. even to the farthest seas will be your shores. And from the cities of these nations, which the Lord your God will give you for a heritage, do not leave in life nothing that breathes. (Deuteronomy)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of the Lord. You have heard that it was said that you should love your neighbors and hate your enemies. But I tell you, love your enemies. Do not collect treasures on earth. what is the use of a man if he takes possession of the whole world, but loses his soul?

Love the Lord your God. this is the first and great commandment; and the second is the same: love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments stand all the laws and prophets. Your Lord alone, Christ, and all of you are brothers. Whoever wants to be exalted will be degraded. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees. for you are the children of those who killed the prophets. This teaching of the kingdom of heaven be preached to all the world as a testimony to all nations.

God who created the whole world and everything in it. and made all the nations of one blood. Know that the salvation of the Lord is sent to non-Jews, and they will hear it. For the promise that he will own the whole world was not given to Abraham, nor to his seed, according to the law, but only by righteous faith.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do. ”(Gospel, Acts and Messages).

As you can see, religion is a complex and controversial topic, as is, indeed, degeneration, therefore, as a rule, I try not to engage in discussions on religious topics. I can only add that my favorite prayer is the Prayer of the Last Optina Elders. Here it is (from memory):

Lord, give me peace of mind to meet everything that the coming day will bring. Let me wholly surrender to Your Holy Will. In every hour of this day, guide and support me in everything. Whatever news I receive during the day, teach me to accept them with a calm soul and firm conviction that all is Your Holy Will. In all my words and deeds, guide my thoughts and feelings. In all unforeseen cases – do not let me forget that everything is revealed by You. Teach me to act directly and intelligently with each member of my family, without embarrassing or distressing anyone. Lord, give me the strength to bear the fatigue of the coming day and all its events. Lead my will and teach me to pray, believe, hope, endure, forgive and love. Amen.

– I meant religion as an object of study.

– Religion, as a subject of study …

As I said, degeneration is an integral part of the life cycle. This process has been going on for thousands of years. Just before it was called differently. When a new, freshly baked degenerate first begins to understand that he is different from other people (from normal people) – he has a choice. He can be a good degenerate, a bad degenerate, or a vile geek.

Let’s take a look at this with a simple example.

When a young sadistic homosexual begins to sense for the first time the presence of degeneration demons (the urge to dominate, to attack, to kill) – he can:

1. Join the local street gang (or organize your own) and start robbing and killing local normal people.

2. Enroll in the school MIA. Become a cop and start killing and attacking members of local criminal gangs.

Do you see the difference? The same is true of religion.

If a young homosexual senses the presence of the destructive demons of degeneration, he can enter into any monastic fraternity, where brothers, as a rule, very experienced in matters of degeneration, will help him fight these demons. After all, the monastic brotherhoods have thousands of years of experience in dealing with this evil. You know what I’m talking about here – fasting, prayer, hard physical labor, silence, and most importantly – celibacy (celibacy).

Only those of the brothers who will pass a long-term test in the fight against the demons of degeneration, are moving to more responsible positions in the church hierarchy (at least – this was the case before). Oh, they know something – what we are talking about here. They all felt it in their own skin. The priests of most religions are very well versed in the laws of degeneration and therefore try to help the local, freshly baked, native degenerates make the right decision. Make the right choice between God and the devil.

When a priest listens to confession – he pays little attention to minor sins, but as soon as he discovers any signs of degenerative behavior – he immediately begins a detailed conversation with the teenager and at the same time strongly recommends him to join the local fraternity.

I repeat once again – all this is a big simplification, but I think it will help you to outline the general outlines of the problem and the ways to solve it.

On the other hand, a homo-teenager may join degenerate clubs (Illuminati, Freemasons, Rotary and

It will be disgusting.

What then is bad?

It will be bad when this teenager does not follow God (her brothers), does not follow the leaders of the degenerative sect (it will be disgusting), but will try to deceive the Lord God himself by marrying a normal woman and thus completely destroy all her dreams of a happy family and about healthy children.

Remember well – the choice is always yours. You always have a choice.

– It turns out some gloomy hopelessness. We have not left a single chance. Rapidly degenerating humanity is rolling down the mountain into the inevitable abyss. It turns out that there is no way out, that we are all damned by God.

– What do you mean! Just the opposite! I have always considered higher sociology a life-affirming science, full of optimism and faith in the victory of Good.

Of course, the merciless statistics that claim that every second (third) person is infected to some extent with degenerativeness are simply overwhelming at first. Somehow I can not believe it, I want to doubt, I want to say that all this is one big misunderstanding. But this is only at first glance.

If you take the statistics of the world’s population on the subject of aging, then I think that no one will be horrified by the fact that about one third of the population will be categorized as young people, one third will be mature and one third will be people who show obvious signs of aging. . Old age does not shock and frighten us. Nobody scolds the Lord God for the fact that any person will eventually grow old. This is a natural process. Degeneration is also a natural process. As the aging of individual people occurs, so does the aging of the clans.

Higher sociology has never considered degenerates to be God outcast people. Like none of you, I hope, does not consider old people to be God’s outcast people.

Children are not to blame for the fact that some degenerate parents, instead of fulfilling the will of God and preserving the dignity of gray hair, are engaged in artificial insemination and other nasty things.

Higher sociology asserts that each degenerate is responsible only for his personal choice, and not for the choice of his parents. Therefore, instead of being cursed by God, one should say – cursed by their godless parents.

To speed up, slow down or cure the degeneration is to some extent possible, and in this – the system of spiritual values ​​can play a significant role.

For example, those whom we call "god-fighting", denying the covenants of Christ and living for their own pleasure, as a rule, soon fall into the circle of vicious people and artificially increase the number of degenerates, fulfilling the commandments of the leaders of the degenerative sect about reproduction by any means.

Those whom we call “God-obedient” fulfill the covenants of Christ and, through self-restraint, localize this evil.

Therefore, Degeneration is primary (it is from parents), and Theomachist is secondary (it is your personal choice).

Degeneration should never be blamed on the carrier who received it from their parents. Conquest is the conscious personal choice of the carrier of degeneration, with all the ensuing consequences. Ethical, financial and legal.

To make it easier for you to understand this process, replace the word degeneration with the word AIDS and then much will become clear to you. The man is not to blame, that he was born of parents of speed throwers. If he lives humanly, thinking about other people, he will be able to somehow localize this evil and stop the chain of grief and suffering. If he begins to live for his own pleasure, then he will still be disturbed by a bunch of people, and those, in turn, will give another population of children sick with this disease. With the natural course of things, all these Spidonos will soon die out, but if their financial support is shifted to the healthy part of the population, they will survive and spread this infection further for a long time.

Therefore, the first recommendation of higher sociology is to put all degenerate families on cost accounting. For a family row. There is nothing for them to rob healthy people to continue their pederastic fun.

The second recommendation is to remove the legal responsibility of the children of degenerate families in relation to actions towards their parents (and vice versa). Debt good turn deserves another. Let amiciously figure out in the family circle – who is there to whom and what should.

It is then that the parents will understand the importance of Christian education in the family. After all, being alone with the infidel children during these fights is not very pleasant.

The truth must be amended to the fact that many parents of the degenerates did not know all this.

Vile degenerates, having seized the mass media, completely block this information revealing them. After getting acquainted with higher sociology, all these parents, as a rule, feel deceived and betrayed by degenerative propaganda, and I understand them very well. Therefore, we call on all honest and good degenerates, all deceived and duped by the media people – stand shoulder to shoulder with normal people and bark directly and openly to the whole world to fool us, enough of this grief and suffering.

Vile degenerates – out of the media, out of the education system, out of art, out of the church.

The first sign of the new era, the first sign of the end of the 300-year process of decomposition and decay of Christian culture, the first indicator that our government finally turned out to be – should be an immediate and tireless warning of all segments of the population through all media about the dangers posed by degenerates.

All those patriots who sidestep this vital question remind me of pseudo-doctors, who with a smart look spend hours discussing another diet for a seriously ill person, instead of figuring out the nature of the microbe or virus that caused the disease, and urgently, not yet late, prescribe him the necessary antibiotics.

– What is your opinion about Freemasonry?

– Illuminati, Schreiners, Masons, Theosophists, Anthroposophists, etc., and others (we are legion, for we are many – demons answered Him) – these are clubs created for people who feel elected, special, disadvantaged and persecuted by the bureaucracy, church Academy or any other normal state structure. All of them are just waiting in the wings to get even and get revenge.

Nature vs. Sociology Education

Depending on the profession, they join this or that degenerative club. Of course, there will always be curious onlookers fools who will serve as a cover, screen, decoration. The true goal of these degenerate clubs is to identify active homo-maniacs who will stop at nothing to get through to power.

Remember – power is the strongest drug.

– Are there any good masons?

– Of course there are among the Masons and good people. There are even patriots of their country. Normal people are in any organization. And among the communists, and among the fascists, and among the Zionists, and among the masons. After all, many of them are there unknowingly. By ignorance of the foundations of higher sociology. If they become familiar with higher sociology, then they should already behave differently.

From my many years of experience, I can say that any person who does not accept the basic principles of higher sociology, as a rule, is a person with a bad conscience,

Of course, it is possible to disagree with certain details, with historical assessments of some personalities given in higher sociology. Monarchists may not like my attitude to Peter I and Nicholas II. Orthodox may not like my attitude to the homosexual-bishop of Yekaterinburg Nikon, to the homosexual-bishop of Korsun Guria, and to the homosexual-metropolitan Nikodim (Rotov). Patriots – to the national patriots Limonov, Shtilmarkku, Zhirinovsky. Communists – to Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. But who knows, I did not please anyone.

However, normal people understand that this is not the main thing. Normal people will simply miss all these, not entirely pleasant places for them, but they will understand the essence of the problem and for this knowledge they will be ready to forgive the author for his “attacks” on their little idols.

You know that the apostle Paul was at one time a very good and energetic Pharisee. He was even a member of the Jewish Sanhedrin (this was when he was still an orthodox Jew named Saul). At that time, he hated and persecuted Christians with all his heart as enemies of the truth (in his understanding). When he met with the teachings of Christ, he changed his views and with the same zeal and diligence began to fight for the new truth.

But the shepherds of Godin, having met with Christ and having heard Him, told the Teacher — go away from us. You stop us from feeding our pigs.

If a mason is looking for the truth and is really trying to help people, then he, like a member of the Sanhedrin Saul, can be at first mistaken and do evil, thinking that he is doing good. And it will not be his fault, but the fault of those who deceived him. But there are people who do not care about finding the truth. There are people who need only personal gain, because for them – their pigs are more expensive. These are the ones that will remain in Freemasonry even after reading all my lectures on higher sociology.

– What is your opinion about ANTI-SEMITES and their struggle with the Jews?

– The largest Semitic people on earth are the Arabs. Therefore, those who are hostile to the Arabs are the true anti-Semites. Those who are engaged in oppressing the Arabs, I repeat – this is the most numerous tribe of Semites in the world, all those who squeeze Arabs from centuries-old lands, and there are anti-Semites in the square,

And those who call themselves Jews, firstly, make up less than one hundredth part of the entire Semitic population, and secondly, most likely, they have no relation to the Semites at all, being a people of Turkic-Khazar origin.

By the way, the overwhelming majority of Semites are Muslims, and normal Muslims (namely normal ones, not fanatic fanatics who are in any religion – both in Islam and Christianity) always spoke respectfully about Christ and always considered Him to be God’s God.

The Jews, of course, never recognized Christ, but always persecuted and, in the end, crucified Him on the cross.

So who then is closer to us in spirit? Semites Arabs or malicious anti-Semites Jews?

– Do you think there is a worldwide conspiracy?

– Is there a worldwide conspiracy? You see, degenerates, like the plague germs, kill a healthy organism, but they themselves die with it. Degenerates, like the AIDS virus, attack and destroy the body’s defense systems, leading it to death.

Do microbes have a conspiracy to kill a healthy body? Do viruses have a plan for attacking and destroying its defense systems? I do not think that germs with viruses have any kind of worldwide conspiracy against healthy people. They destroy and kill by nature. They are simply unable to do anything else. They have such a nature.

However, if someone places containers with plague microbes in strategic places – at subway stations, at train stations, at airports (to infect and destroy as many people as possible), do they have any plans? If someone puts degenerates on strategic posts in the press, on television, in the education system, in the army, in the church – do they have any plan?

Answer me this question.

– What do you see as the main task of your lectures on higher sociology?

– The first main task of my lectures on higher sociology is taking care of normal people, taking care of preserving the gene pool of all nations of the world, taking care of creating healthy families,

The second main task of my lectures on higher sociology is to take care of degenerates,

Our main opponents in the struggle for the souls of degenerates are the leaders of the sect of hereditary degenerates who deliberately distorted the foundations of one of the world’s oldest religions and created in lieu of their false teaching – the misanthropic theory of the chosen people, set forth in the racist laws of Shulchan Aruch, Talmud and Kabbalah.

– Can degenerates have children?

– Higher sociology asserts that if a person has any signs of degeneration (and their classification is just beginning and the exact criteria have not yet been worked out), this does not mean that he should immediately stop his kin and go to the monastery.

The fact is that the degeneration is stretched for several generations and, if in this generation you are not completely clear whether you are degenerate or not, then you can provide a solution to this problem for the next generation, but with obligatory familiarization with the essence of higher sociology.

That is, if you have any problems, but you are not sure about the degree of your degeneracy, then you can pass the solution to this problem to your children.

If the children grow up and feel like obvious degenerates,

In short, if you are not sure of the degree of your degeneration, of your degree of harm to society, then you can provide this solution to your children.

If they turn out to be obvious degenerates, then acquaintance with higher sociology will help them to control their behavior and sometimes even become real saints. But, if they, after acquaintance with higher sociology, slander and distribute all this degenerative abomination, then the organs notified to parents in advance about their degenerative offspring will then help to minimize their harmful activity.

– What do you think, is comrade X degenerate?

– Before answering this question, I want to appeal to all my readers, to all TV viewers, because I hope that now, during publicity and restructuring, all my lectures will finally be shown on Russian television – not for nothing that we shot them on 36 videotapes for 2 hours each.

My dear friends are all normal people of the earth, all good and honest degenerates, all honest monks and priests. Please read my books again carefully.

And if even one of the readers is aware of himself as a degenerate, he will always have a choice: he can become a good degenerate, a bad degenerate, or a vile geek.

On the other hand, many members of the degenerative sect falsely think that they, too, are degenerates. After all, many of them were adopted children, or their parents were adopted children.

In any case, 90% of the greatest people in human history were degenerate. So what do you want to say that Comrade X from the same company?

Please be very careful with degenerates and degeneration.

As I warned earlier, higher sociology is a very effective weapon, as effective as a biological one, but at the same time it is just as dangerous. You will not experiment at home with plague microbes after one or two lessons in the bio-laboratory.

Learn this science. Thoughtfully. Caution. Ponder what you read for a long time and in no case be in a hurry with the conclusions.

Personally, I begin to consider a person as a bio-negative degenerate only after he himself proves it in practice. Repeatedly. As a rule – the average person needs to demonstrate 5-6 degenerative signs in order to be enrolled in the category of degenerates.

Even if he himself shouts at all intersections that he is 100% degenerate, but at the same time he will fight with the demons of degeneration, will fight with other bio-negative degenerates – he will still remain our friend and ally.

And another tip – I received hundreds of letters from my readers from around the world. From Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Israel, England, France, USA, Germany, Japan. And in almost all letters there is one very interesting observation: my readers gave my books to all their friends like a litmus test, and silently looked at their reaction. The result was always the same – they lost half of their so-called friends.

Thus, by observing the reaction to this conversation, to my books, to my web page, you can quite independently draw your conclusions about Comrade X and many other comrades.

“Or consider the tree good and its fruit good; or make the tree thin, and its fruit thin; for the tree is known by its fruit ”(

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