My love is unconditional

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My love is unconditional

Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko – the legendary actress, about her already written articles, ex-husbands and lovers give interviews, the only daughter shares her childhood memories. It will take years, and everything related to Lyudmila Gurchenko It will also excite people’s minds, information hunger is insatiable – I want to know more and more about this film star. In this article I have collected all sorts of photos of this actress, there were quite a few of them and they are just amazing.

Lyudmila Gurchenko for a long time remained attractive, old age slowly creeping up to her.

In this photo you see Lyudmila Gurchenko as she was at the end of her life. A series of plastic surgeries turned her face into a mask. Great actress was far away 70 years, but to recognize that beauty and youth leave her forever she stubbornly did not want.

Pay attention to this photo Lyudmila Gurchenko, in her youth, this actress drew herself very thick, expressive arrows, to old age, this habit returned. But still much better than this beauty are thin, elegant arrows!

And in this photo Lyudmila Gurchenko still young, charming, chubby. At that time, her eyebrows were still hers, not drawn. And no monkey grimaces. But then Lyudmila Markovna was not a simple naive girl. AT 18 years she popped out to marry the director Vasily Sergeevich Orda.

On the picture Vasily Ordynsky – first husband Lyudmila Gurchenko

The spouse was older than his wife on 12 years old. The difference is small. But by Lyudmila Gurchenko there was no love, just a young, unknown actress, I wanted to get a director as a husband. It seemed that the main roles will be, and life will improve. When Gurchenko understood that in order to get into the film with her husband to the director – his consent was not enough, she did not hesitate to give up her Horde and was free again and for Vasily Sergeevich it was a blow, after which he did not immediately recover. The marriage lasted for exactly one year, and he did not like to mention this episode of his life in the interview, nor even she.

And in this photo Lyudmile Gurchenko 27 years old, famous magazine cover "Soviet screen". On that moment Lucy rarely flashed into the cinema, and these were difficult years for her, a time when youth, health, talent allowed to shoot a lot, but there were no offers. BUT Lyudmila Gurchenko was already married a second time, her daughter was growing up Masha.

Marry your second husband Boris Andronikashvili Lyudmila Gurchenko left when she was 23 years together spouses lived only 2 of the year. Boris Andronikashvili was a walker to the left, often cheating on his pretty wife. Gurchenko I did not tolerate such a scornful attitude towards myself and left my beloved Boris, although she loved her husband strongly and sincerely. Masha Andronikashvili she was born with a cleft lip, her hair was light, but with age the Georgian roots made themselves felt. To date, Mary Koroleva (exactly that last name Masha took after her marriage, and it happened in her 18 years) grow a chic mustache and beard, no wonder grandmother Mary’s on the paternal side is the Georgian princess.

On this photo Boris Andronikashvili with film partner Otarova widow. Boris Andronikashvili starred in just two films.

In this photo, the mother Boris AndronikashviliKira, grandmother holds her granddaughter Mashenka. Total through some 50 yo Mary’s the same gorgeous mustache will grow up, but her grandmother will not live to this point; she died when her granddaughter was only one year old.

On this photo Maria Koroleva, here to her 56 years, but she does not care about her appearance at all, unlike her smart mother, who has been very careful about herself all her life. Maria he doesn’t pluck out his mustache and beard, smokes, besides the famous heiress lacks a dozen teeth in his mouth.

And look at this photo: left Lyudmila Gurchenko, her daughter on the right Maria Koroleva. Masha could well be well-groomed, though not elegant, but quite attractive lady. Lyudmila Gurchenko resigned to the fact that her daughter is mediocre, untidy, rude and uncouth. But grievances accumulated after the grandson Mark (a son Mary’s) died at the age of sixteen from a drug overdose, Lyudmila Markovna could not communicate with her daughter. Grievances accumulated over the years against each other, spread out on opposite sides for the long term the seemingly dearest people. They are heaven and earth. And even if you take into account that Lyudmila Gurchenko was a very difficult character to understand Mary Koroleva very hard. But here Lyudmile Gurchenko it is quite possible to sympathize, this woman was deeply disillusioned with motherhood, no longer wanted to give birth, did dozens of abortions from her husbands and lovers. Lyudmila Gurchenko she was a purely creative person, most likely she shouldn’t give birth at all, that was her mistake, but on the other hand, if she had a more sensitive, talented, ambitious, strong-tempered daughter or son, everything could have gone differently. The relationship of parents and children is often a very difficult topic, rarely in families there is an idyll. But if we take this particular family, then if I were such a daughter — poor study, indifference to everything, untidiness, lack of interests — my mother would have pressed me more than Gurchenko on his Masha. If I have a daughter like that Maria – for me it would be a tragedy – to try to interest my child in something, instill in her a taste for the beautiful and get this mustached creation at the exit … Disappointment. Still, I can not say that mother’s love is unconditional. Yes – there is an instinct, you love your child with everyone, but love can be bitter, non-reciprocal, destructive or bright, all-consuming, bringing peace and endless joy. In motherhood lYudmila Gurchenko joy was at least. Forgive me Maria Koroleva and her heirs, but I write as I feel, being the mother of two daughters.

And in this photo quite young Lyudmila Gurchenko, without makeup, with their eyebrows, with plump cheeks. Looking at this girl, it is difficult to assume that she becomes a beauty, will be famous for the whole Soviet Union, six times married married!

And in this photo Lyudmila Gurchenko bared to shoot in a magazine "Caravan of stories".

On this photo Lyudmila Gurchenko and Aslan Akhmadov. This Azerbaijani was the last love Lyudmila Markovna. The age difference was 38 years, hardly between these two was something more than a light veil, but nevertheless both inspired each other. Aslan Akhmadov made it so that Gurchenko started talking again, and again she felt needed and interesting. After death Lyudmila Gurchenko Aslan Akhmadov organized a photo exhibition called "My Lucy".

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