Mentally ill wife

Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL 1080p 2 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: Ukraine Category / Genre: Comedy Director: Alexey Kiryushchenko Actors: Mikhail Policeymako, Mikhail Kukyuyuk, Stanislav Boklan, Vladimir Zelensky, Olga Zhukovtsova-Kiyashko , Sergey Kalantay, Evgeniy Koshevoi, Andrey Danilko, Lorena Kolibabchuk, Anastasia Chepelyuk. Rating of the Film Search:

Description of the series: The usual teacher of mathematics Vasily Goloborodko people, for his sharp remarks about the government, chose the Ukrainian president. He is an honest and decent person who lives in an ordinary apartment, he rides a bicycle to work and does not take bribes. But it turns out just a desire to make the people of the country happy and prosperous little. Against him is a parliament led by oligarchs. All bills and initiatives of the president are ignored. Of course, it was possible to achieve a positive shift, imprison several high-ranking officials for bribes. But in general, the situation in the country is depressing. From love to impeachment one step.

Mother’s Heart (2019) Download torrent

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Quality: WEB-DLRip 14 SeriyGod creation: 2019 Country: Ukraine Category / Genre: Romance Director: Alexander Itygilov Actors: Olesya Fattakhova Ilya Alekseev, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Fedor Lavrov, Olesya Zhurakovskaya Darya Tregubova Alla Maslennikov, Timothy Dmitrienko

Description: Doctors with difficulty save the life of a young patient who came to the surgical table with a gunshot wound. Recovering after a serious operation, the girl immediately begins to wonder about the fate of the child, who, she claims, was with her that evening. Soon it turned out that not only her daughter disappeared, but also her husband. Where could they go and whether the girl will be able to return her child back?

Private detective Magnum / Magnum
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Quality: WEBRip / WEBRip 720p / WEBRip 1080p 19 Series Year of creation: 2018 Country: USA Category / Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure Slogan: "He’ll have you at aloha" Director: Duan Clark, David Grossman, Karen Gaviola Actors: Jay Hernandez, Faith Faye, Son Gan, Stephen Hill, Brett Hicks, Zachary Knighton, Amy Hill, Perdita Weeks, Domenic Lombardozzi, Tim Keng

Description: The story of Tom Magnum, a veteran of the Vietnamese and Afghan wars, begins with the fact that a fabulously wealthy businessman in Hawaii invites the main character to a chic country mansion as a security chief. At first, Tom is entrusted with investigating intricate and sometimes funny affairs and incidents, but later the millionaire disappears, Magnum begins to consider himself the rightful owner of this luxurious estate. Butler Higgins and his daughter Juliet help him in everything. A beautiful sarcastic woman, a former agent of English intelligence. Together they will have to uncover many criminal cases and crimes in Hawaii.

Traitors / Traitors (2019) Download torrent

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Mentally ill wife

Quality: HDTVRip / HDTV 720p / HDTV 1080p 6 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: United Kingdom Category / Genre: Thriller Director: Dirble Walsh, Alex Winkler Actors: Albert Welling, Keely Howes, Simon Kunz, Brandon Pee Bell, Greg McHue, Emma Appleton, Matt Lauria, Robert Goodale, Michael Stulbarg, Jamie Blakely

Description: The events of the series take place in the post-war years, Britain is trying with all available forces and means to take a worthy place in the updated world order. 1945, a courageous and ambitious young woman Fif Symonds, takes a civil service, she was previously recruited and agreed to spy for the Americans, their goal is to stop England’s growing socialist ambitions that can play into the hands of the Soviet Union. In that difficult time, when information began to take possession of the world, Fif begins to think independently and play by her own rules.

Cool guys. New season / Season 12 (2019) Download torrent

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Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL 1080p 5 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: Russia Category / Genre: Comedy Director: Zhanna Kadnikova Actors: Anton Bogdanov, Nikolai Naumov, Stanislav Tlyashev, Marina Fedunkiv, Vladimir Selivanov, Igor Oznobikhin, Armen Bezhanyan, Valentina Mazunina, Zoya Berber, Maria Skornitskaya MovieSearch rating:

Description: Simple Perm boys – Kolyan, Anton and Vovan – have already achieved success and have become family people. But despite this, they still remain simple guys from the area. Although family life requires greater responsibility. Especially when you already have children. In the new season it is time to experience the joy of the birth of a new life for Vova and Vali. In Kolyan’s family, it is not he, but Ivanovich who is starting to squirm. The rest of the heroes of the series, too, will not let the viewer be bored, because the comic situations in which they find themselves simply cannot help but make us smile.

Phantom (2019) Download torrent

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Quality: WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p 11 Series Created in: 2019 Countries: Ukraine, Russia Category / Genre: Drama, detective, thriller Chief director: Sergey Sentsov Actors: Yuri Chursin, Pavel Maikov, Timofey Tribuntsov, Mikhail Kremer, Ian Gakharmanov, Mikhail Tarabukin, Liza Tolubeeva, Zoya Berber, Polina Sidikhina, Sergey Epishev, Alexander Galibin, Victor Proskurin

Description of the series: Somewhere in the clinic for people with mental disorders, a person undergoing rehabilitation is stuffed with the strongest drugs and has completely lost his memory. No one knows, including the doctor, who he really is and what his past is, they only know the name – Ivan, the patient has been with them at the hospital for a year. Then, under mysterious circumstances, the head of the clinic is killed, for carrying out investigative actions, operatives arrive at the scene, in one of them, Ivan recognizes a familiar person. Together they have to solve the murder. Suddenly, a spouse came to visit Ivan and said that his real name was Pavel – he is a successful entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical business.

Two girls on the rocks (2019) Download torrent

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Mentally ill wife

Quality: SATRip / WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p 16 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: Russia Category / Genre: Comedy Director: Konstantin Smirnov Actors: Gosha Kutsenko, Olga Kartunkova, Victor Bychkov, Natalia Bochkareva, Nikita Duvbanov, Vladimir Sychev, Arman Navasardyan, Alevtina Tukan

Description: Two girls from completely different social strata find themselves in the same position – they both need money. Olga Provincial begins to conquer the capital with the profession of a waitress. In the same cafe, a spoiled luxurious life is arranged, but Margo, who has lost all means. Girls do not immediately find a common language, but the need forces them to unite to find a way to a decent income. It remains only to find the initial capital.

Gogol (2019) Download torrent

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Quality: SATRip / WEB-DLRip / WEB-DL 720p 3 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: Russia Category / Genre: detective, adventure, drama Director: Yegor Baranov Actors: Sergey Badiuk, Julia Franz, Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Syty, Taisiya Vilkova, Jan Tsapnik, Martha Timofeeva, Artem Tkachenko, Evgeny Stychkin

Description: The terrible murders that take place in the village of Dykanka, in Poltava region, attract the attention of the Moscow investigator Yakov Guro, who arrived in this region with his young clerk Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. A 20-year-old writer soon meets a drowned woman who helps him get on the trail of the Black Horseman – the killer of young girls. Soon it turned out that Gogol himself had something to do with dark forces, because he was tormented by bouts of nightmarish visions. Together with Guro Nikolay Vasilyevich, you will have to study the past of these places in order to understand the reason for what is happening.

Sea Devils. Frontiers of the Motherland Season 1-2 (2018-2019) Download torrent

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Quality: SATRip / WEB-DLRip / WEBRip 1080p 2 Season 6 Series Year of creation: 2018-2019 Country: Russia Category / Genre: Adventure, Detective, Action, Crime Director: Maxim Brius, Alexander Kartokhin Actors: Anton Gulyaev, Anton Bagrov, Alexandra Bolshakova , Oleg Chernov, Daria Yurgens, Vitaly Biserov, Marina Domozhirova, Alexey Menshikov, Sergey Parshin, Mikhail Sakulin

Description: The structure of the work of unsurpassed professionals from the NERPA squadron has radically changed. They are forced to leave the territory of the northern frontiers. After all, from now on the scope of their activities – the entire territory of the country. Only one thing remains unchanged: courage, bravery and honor. All of these qualities have the Cat, Sarmat, Dana, Agatha, Oper, led by Batya, Bagheera and Bison. Their actions are honed to perfection. Only in this way will they be able to complete new, even more difficult tasks.

Mentally ill wife

Act / The Act (2019) Download torrent

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Quality: WEBRip / WEBRip 720p / WEBRip 1080p 3 Series Year of creation: 2019 Country: USA Category / Genre: Horror Slogan: “Everyone Will Know” Director: Adam Arkin, Laure de Clermont-Tonner, Stephen Pete Actors: Ginni Cameron, Bruno Rose, Brayhia Marshall, Chloe Sevigny, BettyLynn Allison, Patrisha Arquette, Joey King, Steve Coulter, Anna-Sophie Robb, Calam Worsi

Description: The whole country was amazed at the details of the Gypsy Rose trial, which is accused of killing its mother. But the details of the girl’s life make the judges condescending to her. After all, for many years her mentally ill mother forced the girl to pretend to be disabled, chained to the chair. Mother limited communication with her daughter to the outside world, severely punishing any mistake. Once the daughter simply could not stand such a life.

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