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Alexey Agafonov Astrological forecast for March 2019

New Moon March 6

New Moon is a monthly event. In terms of historical rhythms, the sounds of the new moon merge into a mosquito ringing. The uniqueness of the new moon can make it coincide either with a solar eclipse, or with some unique pattern of planets in the sky (in astrology, this is called the aspect configuration), or a connection with a star.

If the new moon accentuates the star, the myth associated with it comes into the world. It can manifest itself at various levels: from international to family and individual.

The upcoming new moon on March 6 is remarkable because it hits the star Achernar. Neptune passes through this star from spring 2018 to March 2019. The March New Moon completes this process, puts a certain point in it, so it is symbolically very significant.

Achernar is a star from the constellation Eridanus, which symbolizes the river flowing into the celestial ocean. According to other sources, Eridan is the name of the river in ancient Greek mythology, which flows in the underworld and serves as a border for souls who roam in Tartarus.

Also, this river is associated with the myth of Phaeton, the son of the sun god Helios from a simple woman. Phaethon claimed that he was the son of God, but other young men laughed at him. He wanted to prove that he was worthy of his father, and begged him for a heavenly chariot with fiery horses. Phaeton lost control, and the horses suffered.

On the ground began the strongest fires, Zeus, to stop the catastrophe, struck Phaethon with lightning, and he fell into the river Eridanus. The constellation is this river. In addition, it symbolizes the winding trail of the chariot.

Achernar is the brightest star in the constellation and one of the brightest stars in the sky (9th largest). This is the hottest and bluest star in the sky.

Her second name is Angel with a sword. It symbolizes the protection of higher powers, the way out of a difficult situation, divine justice.

The star is located at the mouth of the heavenly river – it is here that Eridanus flows into the ocean of heaven.

I also call her the star of Mozart, since she occupies an important position in his horoscope and reflects the myth of his life – the return to the earthly father and through him to the heavenly Father.

May december relationship

The past passage of Neptune in Eridan coincided with the tragic moment in the history of Russia – the beginning of the Crimean War. In it, Russia opposed coalitions from the British, French and Ottoman empires. The enemies of Russia decided to teach her for excessive ambitions (the theme of Phaeton). The main events unfolded in the Crimea and the Caucasus. We won in the Caucasus, temporarily lost in the Crimea and in the Black Sea in general. The culmination of the war was the defense of Sevastopol, an event as significant as the war of 1812. Tens of thousands of heroes went on an eternal voyage across the celestial ocean. These two events played an enormous role in the formation of national identity.

The Crimean War revealed the vulnerabilities of the state system of the Russian Empire, its industry, army, navy and roads. As a result, large-scale reforms of the 60s began, some of which had been waited since the 18th century.

One can only guess what turns of the world and Russian plots we managed to avoid on the current passage of Neptune through Achernar. This suggests a comparison of the problems and tasks of the Russian Empire in the middle of the XIX century and the current Russia, but we will leave it to the specialists. In addition, the epochs never repeat exactly, and the fabric of time is one, and the tremor is instantly transmitted over the web: a whole chorus of voices from past centuries answers to each song of the present day. Astrology demonstrates this very clearly: at the same time, cycles of different lengths, from 12-year-old to centuries-old, work.

The map of the new moon on March 6th seems to be stable, but makes it wary if it is built on Moscow coordinates: Mars and Uranus fall into the sector associated with unpleasant and dangerous events (VIII house). March may be hectic. Mercury is retrograde and in conjunction with the fierce star Sheat: the contracts will be delayed, or even frustrated, thinking will show aggression and conflict, returning the situation to the past, incidents at sea and in the air are not excluded.

In addition, the new moon is definitely Neptunian, that is, deceptive for some, and spirit-lifting for others. We can expect some symbolically significant event, a statement crowning the year of Neptune on Achernar.

A little digression: The green paper is like a mirror of the American revolution.

For example, in the USA, one of such events is the Oscar presentation, since the movie goes under Neptune. And a film like the Green Book (recognized as the best this year) is even more so. It is touching, but largely improbable.

Let me remind you that the film tells how in 1962, in the era of Martin Luther King and John Kennedy, that is, in the era of global change and the anti-racist revolution in the United States, the famous African American musician Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali) and his trio went on touring the United States, including the southern states, where racist sentiments were traditionally strong (sunny Aquarius Shirley hoped to rehabilitate southerners!) and hired a bouncer from the New York club (played by Vigo Mortensen) as a bodyguard driver.

The film repeatedly emphasizes the theme of the fight against racial inequality. Shirley mentions dating

On the way, they overcome a lot of obstacles and dangers and become lifelong friends. A refined musician and a doctor of theology, on the one hand, and a fight with a gentle soul and conservative values, on the other. Very dramatic. Tour such really were. Names are the same. But something inspires serious doubts. In the film, the musician is shown unhappy lonely drinking homosexual. But clever, talented, proud and courageous. However, drinking pianists is the same as drinking snipers, boxers or fencers. There are no good drinking pianists. Unlike wushu, there is no drunken style in pianism. This is a very exact art. Akin to ballet and jewelry. Requires constant training. And very elite. What was the real Don Shirley?

Donald Shirley – a completely unique personality. Creator of his direction. I’m glad I found out about him.

The original and its reflection in the movie:

His works in the author’s performance can be found on the Internet.

It feels great classical education, Russian piano school (at times it seems that you can hear Rachmaninov himself). This is a real virtuoso. In the US, he played his own jazz composition and processing of eurygrins, often with a jazz trio or ensemble, even a symphony orchestra, and in other countries mostly classical. His music is a very interesting synthesis of European piano romance (especially late: Rachmaninov), impressionism (Ravel) and jazz of great style (Gershwin). Don Shirley – scale creator and virtuoso performer caliber Cliburn. Those musical passages that we hear in the film are not comparable to the original compositions and paraphrases (masterly elaborations of already existing themes) by Don Shirley, neither in terms of the sophistication of melodies, nor in the complexity of harmony and texture. And the musical climax of the film – jazz improvisation in a roadside cafe, uniting the artist with the dancing people – raises especially strong doubts. Although … Aquarius … no, I still can not believe it. Even if something similar was, the quintessence of Shirley’s work is not at all in this.

Much about Don Shirley will be told by the fact that HE PLAYED ONLY ON STEINVEE. Like Rachmaninoff and Horowitz. It was not quite a typical figure among the jazz titans of its time. Estet, a musical gourmet, a magnificent classical pianist, a man of broad culture, a composer.

Shirley worked with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the United States National Symphony Orchestra, writing symphonies for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

May december relationship

He wrote organ symphonies, piano concertos, a cello concerto, three string quartets, one-act opera, compositions for organ, piano and violin, a symphonic poem based on the novel Finnegans Commemoration of James Joyce.

In general, Donald Shirley was unreal cool.

Mortensen’s hero is also a real person. Frank Anthony Vallelonga Sr., or Tony Leap, best known for his role as the criminal boss of Carmine Lupertazzi on the Clan Soprano series.

The original and its reflection in the movie:

From the bouncers, he grew to the headwaiter and actor, who played the minor roles of gangsters in 22 films and TV shows. The film’s screenplay Green Book was written by his son, who made a fantastic career in a dream factory. A loving son wrote such a script, and such an actor played his father that it’s impossible not to love his character. The Green Paper depicts a large, strong, reliable, brave American of Italian descent, devoid of racial prejudice, a man with a big heart from a simple area. The voice of the people. On the hero work past the role of Mortensen, from Aragorn to Captain Allatriste. In the film, he takes the suffering pianist under the wing, protects him, pulls him out of difficult situations, risks his life for him, teaches him with worldly wisdom and becomes his lifelong friend. They live long and go to another world with a difference of several days.

And this Christmas story has caused strong discontent among the relatives of Don Shirley.

They called the film a symphony of lies and white cream with black coffee. They were outraged that the film was not about a musician at all, but about his chauffeur. According to the relatives of the artist, the very basis of the film is incorrect. First, the musician and his driver were never not only friends, but even some close people. There was no familiarity, no familiarity, no informal communication. The driver remained the driver, the virtuoso – the virtuoso. It could not be otherwise. Yes, and their relationship did not last long: the pianist dismissed the driver, who shirked some responsibilities (for example, did not load suitcases into the car, did not wear a cap) and was, according to the same relatives of Shirley, a racist.

Astrological confirmation of a possible conflict between the musician and the driver – the opposition of Mars Tony Lipa to Saturn and the moon of Don Shirley, a very difficult aspect for relationships.

Secondly, they say, the pianist was a completely different person, energetic, optimistic, fantastically talented in many areas. He did not drink and was not a loner, the large family was one. For his brother in the early years, Don Shirley replaced his father. Nephews simply adored him.

That is, a film about the real Don Shirley would have turned out quite different.

It is especially interesting for us that he studied at the Leningrad Conservatory.

So my doubts were justified. Although I liked the movie. The issue is relevant. Magnificent actors from the proposed material made the maximum possible. They are not to blame for the fact that the Hollywood standard (in the jazz sense of the word) sounded again.

In fact, the revolutionary processes of struggle for racial equality in the United States began much earlier than the 60s of the twentieth century and have not ended so far. And Hollywood reflects them in its own way. Including in the film, where a simple white chauffeur rescues a refined African American creator. Say what you like, non-standard turn!

Let’s go back to the map of the new moon.

Neptune suggests that false news, ambivalent situations, scandals in the world will increase. However, like romantics, and sublime ideas, and higher justice, incomprehensible to us (Angel with a sword!).

Since Neptune is associated with the Great Water, and Achernar symbolizes the mouth of the river, strong floods are likely this spring that will affect large masses of people, and especially where rivers flow into the seas and oceans. But in what regions this will happen, it is impossible to find out from this map alone. Astrology answers the question when, rather than the question where.

The good news is a strong Jupiter on the point of foundation and real estate in the Moscow map of the new moon. Perhaps something will be built in Russia, or some ideology will be proclaimed, or a vivid event will occur in religious life.

According to the ideas of traditional astrology, this new moon describes the life of the people in the coming astrological year (from April 2019). Since the Moon (people) is in conjunction with Neptune, it will be a year of growing religiosity in some areas and bad habits – in others, it will be a year of miracles and a year of illusions. In fact, it is very interesting how the connection will affect the attitude and behavior of people’s ideals and dreams. See for a year.

Map of the new moon on Moscow

Ingression of the Sun in Aries

The second astrological event of March – and also important – the entry of the Sun in the sign of Aries. The tradition believes that the map of ingression, built on the metropolitan coordinates, describes the coming year for a given country.

Consider a map built on Moscow. Different programs give different Asz, but agree that he is in Sagittarius.

Ingression of the Sun in Aries

Jupiter in this case controls the year, and it is strong and favorable. Jupiter symbolizes the expansion of prospects, international relations, religious, ideological processes. In all these areas, he promises good development.

There are many other contradictory indications in the Sun’s ingression map in Aries, I will write about it separately. Judging by it, this year will be very important for Russia and generally favorable. However, the common for the whole world problems of relations between the authorities and the people, the popularity of rulers and the protection of ordinary people from terrorism and the difficult living conditions in Russia will be especially noticeable and important.

Uranus finally changes sign

Finally, the third event of March is the final transition of Uranus into the sign of Taurus until July 2025. Probably, over the years there will be major changes in the global financial system, discoveries will be made in biology, in the system of human nutrition and in resource saving. In particular, the accumulators of electric energy will be opened and will receive mass use, which will give impetus to the development of transport operating without fuel. This will have a serious impact on the aviation and automotive industries (new types of engines will be developed) and on the structure of the economy and the international weight of fuel-exporting countries. Probable and profound changes in the energy sector, in the very way of energy production, and they are long overdue. In general, there will be a lot of surprises in different areas. We follow the significant events in March. They will illuminate the future, like flashes of lightning – the landscape of a stormy night.

May december relationship

Mercury muddies the water

Mercury goes on Pisces, connects three times with Neptune (February 19 – March 24 – April 2) and in addition from March 6 to March 29 goes retrograde. Be carefull!

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