List of mental disorders

Documents submitted by applicants for judges

A citizen of the Russian Federation who applied to the qualification board of judges with a statement of recommendation for the vacant position of judge (see Statement), in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On the Status of Judges in the Russian Federation”, presents the following documents:

1) the original document proving the identity of the applicant as a citizen of the Russian Federation, or its certified copy;

2) a questionnaire containing biographical and other information about the applicant for the position of judge (see the Questionnaire);

3) documents (originals or certified copies) confirming higher legal education (with an insert), and if available, additional professional education, advanced training, academic degree and academic title;

4) originals of the work record, other documents confirming the applicant’s work activity, or their certified copies;

5) certified copies of certificates of tax registration of the applicant and his family members;

6) a document testifying to the applicant’s absence of diseases preventing the appointment of a judge: a medical certificate in the form 086-1 / y (the form was approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation of February 21, 2002 No. 61). (see Medical certificate).

7) a document confirming that the applicant is not registered at the drug treatment clinic at the place of registration in connection with treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse;

List of mental disorders

8) a document confirming that the applicant is not registered at a psycho-neurological dispensary at the place of registration in connection with the treatment of chronic and prolonged mental disorders;

9) information on the results of the qualification exam: certificate of passing the qualifying exam for the position of judge (for candidates who are not at the time of submission of documents to the current judges, and for judges who are retired for more than 3 years), an extract from the exam report;

10) characteristics from work places (services) for the last 5 years of labor (service) experience, and in the case of work (services) during a specified period (in whole or in part) not in the legal specialty also from work places (services) in the legal specialty for last five years of such work (service). The characteristics issued to judges should include, in particular, information on the number of cases reviewed, the quality of decisions taken, and when canceling or changing court decisions, when considering cases with violation of procedural law, the reasons for violation of procedural deadlines and cancellation or change of court decisions;

11) information about the income of the applicant for the position of a judge, about the property belonging to him by right of ownership, and obligations of a property nature (to be completed in the special software “BK Reference”);

List of mental disorders

12) information on the income of the spouse (spouse) and minor children of the applicant, on the property belonging to them under the right of ownership, and property obligations (to be completed in the special software “Certificate of BC”).

13) help lens (see. Lens);

14) three photos 3×4 cm (matte, black and white or color).

15) a receipt for placement on the site;

16) a receipt for non-participation in other competitions;

17) consent to SMS notification;

18) certificate of judicial performance indicators;

19) a copy of the military card (for men).

When drafting documents, use their forms, which are available on the website of the VKKS RF in subsection Document Forms. The current version of the special software of the BC Information is presented on the website of the President of the Russian Federation (http: //

All documents submitted in copies must be certified in the prescribed manner.

Documents are accepted at the addresses indicated in the announcements about the opening of a vacant position from the day of publication of the announcements in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, and announcements of the KKS of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation – also in the local media.

The application and documents of applicants submitted to the qualification board of judges after the last day of admission, will not be accepted.

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