List of irrational fears

Aries: “Get, fascist, grenade!”

"Revenge? What do you mean? Let me just kill you! ”- this is approximately the line of behavior of Aries in situations where someone hurts their feelings or dignity. This is explained simply: Aries – people are not petty, hidden turmoil and small bites are not for them, therefore a deep knockout awaits the offender. True, not immediately: anger Aries will have a very long and hard, but if you get angry – hold on and blame yourself. You can be beaten, and in far advanced cases – even survive from your work, study or residence.

Therefore, beware of more fire than Aries-boxers, Aries-chiefs, Aries-deans and teachers, as well as Aries-neighbors: think a thousand times before declaring war on them.

List of irrational fears

Doing shit Aries is like trying to play yourself as a bullfighter on a Spanish bullfight: bringing a powerful and powerful animal to white heat, any bullfighter will only be at a safe distance.

Tip: if you feel that this time specifically got Aries, stay away from him for at least a few days – despite the violent temperament, these bulls are slow and do not hold onto evil for a long time, so within a few days the relationship can be restored.

Taurus: everyone gets under the hand!

Bypass in the chamber of traumatology: – Sick, who is it you? – Wife. Skalkoy.- It is clear. And what about all the others? – Yes, I tried to get lost in the crowd …

"For me, all people are good by default, until they prove otherwise." Thinks so Taurus – a man by nature is good-natured and patient. You, just as in the case of Aries, will have to make a lot of effort to cause Taurus on the warpath. However, all subsequent events will clearly demonstrate that you have tried in vain: revenge will be long and sophisticated.

To the extreme, a bad reputation is what Taurus will create for you from the heart, wherever possible. Since the representatives of this zodiac sign, as a rule, have a wide circle of communication and not anyhow any authority, the sudden cooling to you of many common friends is a sure sign of the activity of an angry Taurus.

The reason – all in the same thoroughness and habit of doing everything conscientiously, which are the hallmark of this zodiac sign. In other words, if you want to gain an enemy for life, start doing bad things for Taurus.

Tip: try not to quarrel after all, but if a cat runs between you, accept the loss or be ready to beg forgiveness for a long time. Asking for intercession before Taurus from others is a frankly bad idea. Having borrowed a tooth on you, he will not spare your defenders either.


– I will tell everyone that your daughter is a walker! ”“ Nothing, that I have a son? ”“ Nothing! Your job – then wash off!

Hearing such a dialogue, you can not even doubt: one of its participants is surely Twin. Quarrel with Gemini – and you will inevitably be drawn into a war of compromising, the winner from which you will be very difficult, because the representatives of this zodiac sign are recognized kings of intrigue.

There are no more creative gossipers than twins and twins burning for revenge. A network of nagovorov, rumors and gossip is woven by them delicately and with taste: once having heard various “pleasures” about yourself, you will be amazed not so much about what they say about you, how much of that wild mixture of truth (once in a burst of frankness that you uttered) and virtuoso fiction, which will haunt you literally on the heels.

Tip: how can you not remember the famous postulate that if you want peace, get ready to fight? Therefore, restrain the flow of information, so carelessly you pour it into the ears of your Gemini interlocutors: some day it can all be used against you.

Crayfish: buy a ticket – go on foot. Let the conductor cry!

Cancer remains a big child until the end of his days, so his revenge is more like a childish trick: who else would have mercilessly dealt with the offender’s innocent dress, cutting him into pieces, or hiding the foreign passport of the spree spouse right away on the eve business trips?

Going to your birthday party, Crayfish can easily cancel a visit at the last moment, suddenly remembering that once, when you were still in the first grade, you didn’t let him write off the puzzle, and as a student you didn’t borrow ten to get a scholarship. And since you are so greedy, why should you wish a happy birthday? No, you will manage. And you will sit all evening with a sour mine, regretting the absence of the most important guest!

Here is another scenario: it seems to you that you are not guilty of anything, but your Cancer or Rakini persistently ignores your presence, as if you are not in the world at all, although yesterday’s romantic evening still stands before both. Do not conjecture and do not blame yourself: their highness fell on the wrong foot and just remembered your old school, and with it the need for revenge.

The crayfish shell is a bottomless repository of mysterious and often completely irrational fears, long-term offenses and complexes, from which they are periodically taken to the light of God, so that Cancer can revel in them until he gets bored.

It takes quite a bit of time – and now your representative of the crustacean class is sweet, cheerful and calm. Have you been forgiven? Well, what you … Just hid back in the shell of an insult (real or invented – it does not matter). Until next time.

However, be careful not to annoy Cancer in earnest: there will be no place for childish tricks here. The fall of a brick on the head, and at the most unexpected moment, is what will happen to you, if you hurt Cancer seriously.

Tip: Despite the complexity of nature and the habit of self-digging, Raki is a kind, sympathetic and romantic people, and their ever-changing mood, like the “childish” revenge, is just a way to remind yourself and make you swear again in love and devotion. Therefore, be patient and generous – they will thank you with the same kind of affection.

Leo: how to develop the features of a paranoid?

If for some reason you need to shake your mental health, start quarreling with By the lion. Don’t count on the bloody fight right away – at first, they will only preempt you with a paw in advance: for example, they will poison your action with a poisonous message, showing everyone around you that you are completely miserable and take you seriously – it’s not at all royal.

If you want to continue this safari – continue, but then you have to regret, and very much. By inflicting lethal resentment on Leo, you will not just become his enemy. You will become his toy, with which he will start playing his games, slowly turning you into a mental patient.

Using his many connections, he himself and his claw (that is, his finger) will not move to punish you. What for? Not royal this thing. For him, vendetta will be handled by others – examiners at the institute, personnel managers at interviews, small and large officials in all kinds of licensing instances, or simply any hooligan individuals in dark doorways.

Breaking your head over what is happening, running on psychics with the aim of removing damage and shying away from every shadow, you will understand at some point: the cause of your current misfortunes is in a long-standing quarrel with Leo or Lioness.

List of irrational fears

However, awareness of the essence of the accomplished and your deep repentance will not be a solution to the problem, for the Lions are big cats that will not stop until they completely drive their prey. Therefore, the result of the lion’s revenge will be the development of your persistent paranoid inclinations, when you will see the machinations of Leo even where they cannot be in principle.

Tip: Leo is a serious opponent, so avoid protracted conflicts with him, unless you are inveterate intriguer or hardened adventurer.

Maiden: do not wake famously …

Pathologically vindictive Virgo – a phenomenon from the category of "can not be!", Since revenge is not inherent in it. However, it can be pushed to the act of revenge, if you get it well. True, it is difficult to call these “girlish” scratches in revenge, but in some cases they can also be felt and painful if the situation has any special significance for you.

The end of the banking day. Are you going to get a loan immediately, and a loan officer is the same Maiden whom you often blame for slowness? Oh yes, you will receive a loan. Nearly. But they will do it damn long, at the end of slightly tangled tsiferki or small letters. Oh, what a pity … We’ll have to redo everything, but today – in any way. Come back tomorrow. You will know how to unnerve the young ladies!

Is your love for Metallica or Nirvana more pronounced after midnight? A neighbor-Aries will sometime break your cheekbone for it, a neighbor-Ruck will stop talking to you, a neighbor-Leo will take care that you will not be given any credit at the institute and taken to the army. And what about the Virgin? Virgo will simply write a complaint to you – to the district police officer, to the chair of the house committee or to the European Court of Human Rights.

Such are the Virgos – people, in general, peaceful and non-conflict.

Tip: even from such a sweet creature you can expect trouble. So try not to quarrel, otherwise Virgo will not miss her finest hour.

Libra: Rose’s war will not

– Fool! – Fool himself!

And everything, the conflict can be considered settled, if you had a quarrel with Libra. No wonder they – a symbol of moderation and balance of character, so the war Rose from the representatives of this sign you are unlikely to wait. Scales take offense – just spit, but revenge … For this they are too restrained, or something.

A small verbal duel or an easy return kick in the form of surrender is practically all that Libra is capable of. Sophisticated gossip, perennial enmity, assault – not their ways of revenge.

True, Libra sometimes it can also be great to spoil the mood of the abuser – for example, leaving an unflattering comment about him in the right place or using his authority in authority, without having signed a vacation right now. Something makes them related to Virgos – it’s not for nothing that these signs stand side by side in the Zodiac system.

Tip: despite the great peacefulness and restraint of Libra, still do not wake representatives of other signs in them (you never know – parental genes can kick up!) – and you will always have a calm and constructive person around, that in our muddled age is not the last thing.

Scorpio: poison with honey

The sting of Scorpio is a cruel thing if you have crossed this spider-like road somewhere. The process of emitting poison in your direction will be accompanied by intrigues, to which Scorpions – big hunters, which sometimes makes them look like Gemini.

True, unlike Gemini, the representatives of this sign are not so merciless and reckless in their revenge – they are able to stop at some point and sincerely regret their skillful sacrifice, immediately apologizing or saying many warm words of consolation.

After a deadly dose of scorpion poison, the words of sympathy are perceived almost as honey flows, which can very much smooth out an unpleasant situation and cause sincere repentance to the offender. What is not the continuation of intrigue?

Oddly enough, the Scorpions get the most from their closest circle – relatives and best friends: here our “avengers” can sometimes really cross the border. What are they counting on? A well-known thing is the loyalty of loved ones. It’s amazing how everything gets away with them: the seemingly deadly insults and poisonous bites should put an end to further relations, but the charm of Scorpios is so great that everything always says goodbye to them.

Who is able to successfully withstand poisonous injections? Of course, only the alter ego of Scorpions are Gemini: being themselves not anyhow some schemers and sores, they quickly develop lifelong immunity against the scorpion venom, passing all the attacks of their opponents past their ears.

Tip: if you are particularly sensitive to ridicule and public discussion of your shortcomings and actions, it is better to refrain from conflicts with Scorpio, even if you know that then he (or she) will literally lick you from head to toe and will apologize for your poisonous trick for a long time. However, you are Gemini, then Scorpio may not be good enough for himself.

Sagittarius: show must go on!

Revenge Streltsov can be similar to the morning Streltsa penalty only in one case: if it occurs in public. Sagittarius absolutely need spectators and sympathizers, to whom, with all eloquence, it is necessary to convey the idea that the offender is the rarest bastard and scoundrel, who deserves a public execution on the square.

One on one Sagittarius quickly loses the whole fuse, but waiting for a convenient opportunity to get even with the abuser can take a long time: sometimes the punishment catches up with a sinner who has long forgotten about the quarrel after a few months or even years. But the duration of the act of revenge can be directly proportional to the period of waiting for retribution – the longer Sagittarius waited in his hour, the sweeter and more refined the revenge will be, stretched into several episodes.

Sagittarius is amazingly vindictive – the only way to explain the fact that the punishment for their actions sometimes happens after a long time.

Tip: deprive Sagittarius of the opportunity to make a public auto-da-fe over you if you know that there is a sin. Remember that these are not Aries, for which the most important thing is not to catch the eye immediately after the perfect trick, so you may have to keep your distance for the rest of your life.

Capricorn: quarrel – no buzz!

Do you know what bore revenge is? If not, then urgently meet and manage to quarrel with Capricorn. You really have to sweat with him until you kill all the pots and finally spit it out – Capricorn completely devoid of any violence and inclination to intrigue.

In other words, revenge as such will not be: you will not get a physiognomy, as Aries would have done, will not dispel crazy gossip in the manner of Gemini, will not be publicly denounced as Sagittarius likes to do.

You just do not shine where the Capricorn settled down and managed to get accustomed. If this is a branch of a large and promising company, in which you dream of working and seem to be suitable in all respects, but Capricorn holds some position there, get ready: you will suddenly be denied a vacancy.

If you are a neighbor of Capricorn and are trying to turn his life into hell, you will first be admonished, asked and persuaded to behave decently. Of course, this will be done in a boring goat-skinned manner – without raising your voice and leading carefully thought-out arguments.

Do not react – well, someday you will be summoned on a subpoena or the district police officer will step up. And it will be so indefinitely, because tediousness has no limits.

Tip: if you like passionate squabbles, intrigues and interesting events, do not quarrel with Capricorn – you are unlikely to see any acutely pronounced reaction.

Aquarius: well, we do not know how to quarrel!

Another not very interesting zodiac sign in terms of revenge. If a Aquarius suddenly did you disgust, do not flatter yourself: most likely, it happened. As they say – nothing personal. This section of the story about the methods of revenge, to which these or other signs of the zodiac most often resort, will be unusually short: there is practically nothing to say about Aquarius – the avengers get absolutely nothing from them.

However, this does not mean that you can quarrel with them with absolute impunity: the genre and the degree of feedback can greatly depend on who are the parents of Aquarius. Genes, you know …

Tip: just live in peace with these people – you see, there are very few such souls in the world.

Fish: Revenge – the dish is cold and not too spicy.

The offense inflicted on the fish leaves its mark for a long time, so it creates a reciprocal desire to annoy the abuser. This is done in a "slippery" fish style, following the example of Gemini: they heard a ringing, but no one knows where he is, but for some reason the offender feels extremely uncomfortable after that.

Such is Pisces ’cold revenge: they do not speak very well of you here and there, occasionally alternating sobs with insignificant details describing your behavior“ not comme il faut ”, but no one will ever hear the specific accusations. Slippery …

Nevertheless, the impression of you through diligence. Fish it may not turn out to be the most rosy: it can be poisonous like Scorpio, elocution like Gemini, or do you big and small bureaucratic dirty tricks in the style of Virgo and Sagittarius.

The only thing that really comforts you is that you will definitely remain whole, you will not survive from their homes and will not be brought to justice. In the light of today’s life, a quarrel with Fish and her revenge looks quite harmless.

Tip: do not quarrel. Still missing you slipping out of the blue.

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