List of autoimmune disorders

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List of autoimmune disorders

Mihai Chikszentmihai, Philip Latter, Christine Weinkaouff Duranzo – Running in the stream. How to enjoy sports and improve results

Amonashvili Paata – Sick doctor


Prozorov Timur – Veles book

Zhou Yiliang – Tantric Buddhism (Book 1)

The first part of this publication presents a classic study of the emergence and development of the Tantric Buddhist school in China based on the translation of the biographies of its founders: Shubhakarasimha. Valjrabodhi and Amoghawajra. Various aspects of mystical skills, historical events and personalities are set out in detailed comments and applications. The second part contains a translation of one of the most important treatises of Mahayana, “On the awakening of true vision” (Mahayana sraddhotpadd sastra), which formed the basis of the philosophical and ideological systems of a number of Buddhist schools, including the esoteric. The third part is a translation of the only independent treatise of Amoghawajra – a practicing yoga diary.

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Amy Hermann – See and See

How often we do not pay attention to the little things that we notice out of the corner of our eyes, and so we leave forgotten, somewhere in the farthest corner of the memory … But what will happen if we learn to use our perception rationally and pay attention to these little things, so that , at any time to remove them from memory? The creator of the amazing program "The Art of Perception", Amy Herman, explains how to maximize and train your attention to trifles – attention that can sometimes bring millions, save human lives or make a scientific discovery. Considering works of art, one can develop skills of perception and communication, the ability to separate facts from opinions, find useful information even where it would not seem to be possible, and notice the most important thing in any life circumstances.

Highest Yoga Vasishthi. Book Four. Sthiti Prakarana. About existence

Jay Weidner – Cosmic Disclosure – Spiritual beliefs of distant worlds. Interview with Jason Rice

I would say that the most important aspect of the alien groups I encountered was communication and faith in cooperation with the environment and the community. They were more interested, cared for and focused on life in the present moment, work in “here and now”.

Lawrence Steinberg – Transitional Age. Do not miss the moment


Valyansky Sergey, Kalyuzhny Dmitry – Another Russian History

The book presents the original, quite revolutionary version of the history of Russia. Based on theory

List of autoimmune disorders

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Susan Blum, Michel Bender – Immune System Recovery Program. Practical course of treatment of autoimmune diseases in four stages

David D. Burns – Mood Therapy. A clinically proven way to beat depression without pills

Readers may be interested in a short story about the evolution of cognitive therapy. Soon after I, an enthusiastic student of traditional psychoanalytic psychiatry, began my career, I began to study empirical data in support of Freud’s theory and the available methods of treating depression. Despite the fact that the data obtained during the search turned out to be rather fragile, they served as the basis for a new, verifiable theory of the causes of emotional disorders. This study revealed that a person who is depressed perceives himself as a “loser”, a worthless person, doomed to frustration, deprivation, humiliation and failures. Further experiments showed a noticeable – and often striking – difference between self-esteem, expectations and the ambitions of a person in depression, on the one hand, and his real achievements, on the other.

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Dan Brühle – Just breathe. Calm Harmony. Health. Success

Joe Vitale – Wake up a millionaire in yourself. Manifesto of wealth and prosperity

By definition, zoterika is a secret knowledge that is transmitted within a very narrow circle of people. In fact, everything that has appeared in the public domain is no longer an esoteric, but an exoteric. Therefore, it is more correct to call this site not the “esoteric library”, but a warehouse of exoteric literature, but bearing in mind how many years the texts provided here have been esoteric, we will nevertheless dwell on the term EZOTERIKA. If you are interested in a particular esoteric term, take a look at the Esoteric Encyclopedia.

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